13 Memorable Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Celebrating at home can be a special way to incorporate new and creative traditions to your Mother’s Day. Moms, grandmothers, nanas, aunties, and everyone else that evokes that motherly influence in your life, will appreciate the love throughout these easy things to do at home on Mother’s Day. Make this one of mom’s favorite celebrations of the year.

Make Mom a Special Meal

The kids can make mom her meals for the day. Serve up breakfast in bed, lunch, dinner and/ or sweet treats. Or maybe just one special meal. Mom not living with you? Drop off a homemade feast on her porch if she’s in the area.

Get a Meal Delivered

Have mom’s favorite restaurant delivered or get carryout. Mom will appreciate a night off from kitchen duty and some delicious food. If your mom lives out of town arrange for her favorite local restaurant to deliver her favorite spread. Also, take advantage of local services like Send a Friend Lasagna.

Let mom take the night off from kitchen duty with a delivery service

Make a Special Video

Gather up the kids, your siblings, the grandkids and have them contribute to a gratitude video. Each can make a video or voice recording professing their love and admiration for their mom, grandma, nana, auntie. Gift the compilation on Mother’s Day for an unforgettable experience.

Give her a Raincheck

If May doesn’t mesh well with your family’s calendar why not reschedule Mother’s Day? Adopt another countries’ Mother’s Day and celebrate then; for example Costa Rica celebrates August 15 and Argentina is celebrating October 18. 

Take her to the Movies

Outside! Set up a projector and use the garage door as a screen to host an outdoor movie experience. Pop some popcorn and snuggle up in the back of the truck or on lawn chairs. Make sure you find mom’s favorite movie or old home videos to watch.

Celebrate Mother's Day with handprint flowers or original art

Handmade Gifts

Take advantage of the little ones living with you. Employ them to make handmade gifts for all the mother figures in their lives. Grandma, auntie, and mom will swoon over handprint flower bouquets.


Host a Family Zoom

Family can’t get together and celebrate right now? Why not host a Zoom party? Everyone can bake, have dinner or play games together while being apart. Check out our list of 12 Fun Activities You Can do on a Zoom Chat.

Celebrate Mother's Day from far away with a Zoom call

Send a Gift

Send flowers, gifts, or baskets of goodies. A couple of my favorite local companies are Once Upon A Party  offering wine, coffee, and cookie basket options. And AR Workshop in McCordsville which offers take and make wood kits in a huge variety of themes certain to meet your momma’s style.

Pamper Her

When is the last time mom has been pampered? Make a DIY home spa complete with a bubble bath and face mask. Paint her nails for her or rub her feet. You could also buy her a gift card from her salon or day spa to use at a later date!

Help Around the House

Help mom check some things off her outdoor to-do list. This works if mom lives with you or across town. You could mow, weed, prune, plant flowers, mulch, paint, build flower boxes or bird houses, repair a fence or gate, or build her a swing or trellis she can enjoy for years to come. The options are endless! I’m sure even a mom in an apartment or nursing home would enjoy a potted plant or two. If your mom lives further away, have seeds, new garden tools, or a birdhouse delivered to her.

Give mom maid service for the day

Give her some “Me” Time

Give mom the day off and she will be thrilled. Have the kids make a card then take the kids away. Hike for a few hours so mom can relax by herself. Let her do whatever she wants—read a book, garden, nap, or binge watch a trashy show. Just give her a few hours of alone time and she’ll love you all the more. Sometimes alone time is the best gift without a price tag.

Gift a Subscription

Subscription boxes are very popular. Find one that fits mom’s personality from wine or beer, to books and magazines, to clothes and makeup-of-the-month clubs. Subscribe her to her favorite magazine, or finally splurge on Hulu. The options are countless and hit all different price points.

Show Mom the Love

Give her a hug, if you can, or just tell her she means the world to you. Moms are known to be fairly flexible and as long as we get a day (okay maybe an hour or two) or an acknowledgement of some sort, we don’t care what we do or when we do it. Put a little effort into it and mom will be happy because we love you no matter what. We are after all, mothers.

Awesome ways to celebrate Mother's Day including cleaning the house for her. Celebrate Mother's Day with DIY floral bouquets From a spa day to fingerpainted hand prints check out these fun ways to celebrate mothers day

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