As we walked through the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis the day before the big time change, my husband and I wondered how the time change takes place on the giant water clock in the atrium. For our family, the Children’s Museum water clock is what pops into our head as we talk about clocks and time, it’s the icon that comes to mind when we think of the museum, and it’s one of our two meeting places within the museum.

Want to know how time is changed on the water clock? What do you think happens? Do you think it’s paused until the correct time? That was my guess.

I asked my friend Jenny because she has the inside scoop:

“The clock has a computer panel tied to it where we can change the time, then our staff manually adds or subtracts water on the minutes or hour side using solenoid valves located below the floor. The clock does adjust itself every 30 minutes and 6 hours based on the computer clock, but when it’s a whole hour changing you have to manually add or subtract water. We will adjust the Water Clock Sunday morning before we open.”

Jenny also had a video to share that shows how the water clock works: