NinjaZone Academy in Geist and Westfield

What is NinjaZone and the ninja sport?

Carmel-based NinjaZone is taught in over 240 locations internationally, serving over 80,000 children aged 3-13. Parents love the character and athletic building, kid love the athletic fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and freestyle movement.

NinjaZone programs have always shared gym space with gymnastics, parkour, or cheer classes – until now. The NinjaZone Academy in Grand Park and Geist are the very first of their kind, offering Ninja classes in a specialized environment. These innovative, stand-alone facilities incorporate state of the art technology, expert trained coaches, and personalized instruction to ensure students build fundamental core athletic skills through early positive experiences.

  • Children begin their NinjaZone Academy experience in “Ninja School,” a set of three introductory classes, designed to allow children to try out the program prior to enrollment.
  • Ninja School is an introduction to the fundamentals of Ninja Sport where children learn essentials of safety, learn cool tricks and skills, and experience “The Rig!”, NinjaZone’s unique obstacle and climbing system.

NinjaZone Academy for Kids

Follow along as Indy with Kids editor, Tori and her son navigate the amazing extracurricular sport of NINJA! She’s blogging every month and sharing weekly on Instagram. Or, go see for yourself, NinjaZone offers great pricing on intro classes.

Demo Class at NinjaZone Academy

Tori visits NinjaZone for the first time with her six year old son, Mears. She’s sharing what she loves about the academy and the classes. Spoiler alert: they love it and Mears is now enrolled in NinjaZone.

What to expect during your first NinjaZone Class

Mears is officially a ninja! Tori shares exactly what to expect during your first NinjaZone class at the NinjaZone Academy.

Summer Camp at NinjaZone Academy

NinjaZone Academy offers a fun summer day camp option for kids ages 3-11 years old living in the Indianapolis, Geist, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers areas.

Parents Night Out at NinjaZone Academy

Parent’s Night Out is Kid’s Night in at NinjaZone Academy! Adults can drop their children off for a few hours of open gym fun that’s supervised. Members and non-members are welcome, please register in advance.

NinjaZone as a Christmas Gift or Other Gift

Classes and membership at NinjaZone Academy are a great holiday gift or birthday gift. Children and pre-teens will learn valuable life skills while mastering the sport of ninja.

Character Development at NinjaZone Academy

It’s not just flips, and kicks and chops. The character development of each student is just as important—it might be even more important. Tori shares about the successes and triumphs that Mears is experiencing at NinjaZone Academy, in and out of the gym.

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