My parents have only a few family portraits and they aren’t in any of them. Why? Because family photos are a pain and they had to spend so much time standing behind the photographer demanding that we smile, sit up straight, chin down, tilt head, you know the drill. Family photos are a pain! When Lulu was an infant we had a photo sitting for our church photo directory…Ughhhhh! We had to go back a second time at a later date and not because it was fun…

The day I went to the hospital to have baby Scout, we meet up with Cindy (Cindy Johnson Family Photography) at West Side Park in Greenwood. From the moment we said hello, I was so impressed with the way that Cindy spoke to Lulu and was able to get her to do anything she said. We were running around outside, looking at all of the trees, the plants, dancing in the grass, blowing on dandelions, listening to the creek, sitting on chairs and benches, running towards one another, laughing, giggling and smiling…the whole time. Seriously! I broke a sweat because it’s Indiana and I was 9 months pregnant but any other time I’d say that the experience was stress and sweat free!

A few days later we asked Cindy to come to our home and photograph our newborn baby and take our family photos again to record the welcoming home of baby Scout. We were comfortable, the girls were happy and even the two year old temper tantrums ended up looking great on film (see pouty ballerina picture). Cindy was able to work magic and somehow make our house look clean! Ha ha ha!

If you are thinking about family photos, one year photos, newborn photos, birthday photos, Christmas card photos or just because photos, give Cindy a call. Cindy Johnson Family Photography (317-919-4836)

Our photo sessions were provided gratis or at a discounted rate. However, I would never recommend any product or service to you that I wasn’t truly satisfied with.