Where to Take Dance Lessons in Central Indiana

Dance is a beautiful vessel of self expression in all ages and stages. From early walkers to budding young adults, your children will benefit greatly from movement through dance. There are many different styles of dance to learn, as well as much to be learned through this art form. Balance, creativity, self expression, and emotional regulation are just some of the benefits gained from dancing. I know it can be overwhelming to find the perfect dance studio for your child, as there are many factors to consider when selecting. We’ve taken the work out of choosing with a list of great places around town and what they offer!

Thanks to En Pointe Indiana Ballet for helping us compile this list.

En Pointe Indiana Ballet

En Pointe is a premier ballet school located in Noblesville. They pride themselves on offering high quality instruction starting at age 3, through pre professional level dancing. Their offerings include ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, and more! They are known in the community for their performances put on around the city, including performing at the Circle of Lights. Many of their dancers have gone on to perform around the world and pursue careers in dance.

Wishes Dance Studio

You will find Wishes Dance Studio in Fishers, with a wide variety of class options available. Ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop are some of their offerings. Classes start with a parent as young as 18 months, and go through high school. Classes are offered most days of the week including during the day, after school, and weekends, which is a convenient option for busy families! Wishes is known for Disney themed performances and an annual Spring Recital available for dancers to participate in.

Indy Dance Academy

Located on the northside of Indianapolis, Indy Dance Academy is a great option for dance classes. They offer a wide selection of dancing styles including ballet, jazz, and tap, incorporating different styles of technique and choreography. Their classes start as young as 9 months old with a parent, and continue through 12th grade. They offer five private studios which allow for multiple classes to be held simultaneously. This is a great option if you want to enroll multiple children of different ages.

Dance Class Studio Company

Dance Class Studio is located in Carmel, and offers classes at their studio starting at age 2, and continuing through adulthood! They offer a variety of styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, and lyrical. They also have a performance company where dancers can travel and compete with the studio in different dancing competitions around the country. Their programming is very family friendly and great for new dancers and experienced dancers alike.

Academy of Dance Arts

The Academy of Dance Arts is located in Fishers, and offers classes starting at 3 years old with their preschool creative program. They offer a variety of dance styles in their classes including tap, lyrical, modern, and ballet. This dance studio has been around over 20 years and has many dedicated teachers there eager to work with your child. They also offer summer camps and summer dance intensives.

Tenacity Dance Company

Tenacity Dance Company is an award winning dance studio located in Indianapolis. They offer competitive and recreational dance classes consisting of a variety of genres such as jazz, tap, hip hop, and even tumbling. Their instructors have worked all over the country, and they pride themselves on giving a big city dance experience right here in Indianapolis. Classes start at 18 months old and continue through high school.

Dance Creations Academy

Dance Creations Academy is based out of Indianapolis, and classes are available starting at age 18 months, and continuing through adulthood. They have recreational classes as well as competition based with their traveling performance company. This studio has been around over 25 years and offers a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz. They even have princess themed dance classes for preschool aged children to enjoy.

Tippy Toes School of Dance

Tippy Toes School of Dance is located on the southside of Indianapolis, near Greenwood and Southport. The studio has been around since 1980 and specializes in preschool dancing. They are passionate about instilling the love of dance in children and making the experience fun. Starting at 15 months old, you can start taking preschool dance classes. They also offer a special needs dance class for all ages. Your child will be paired up with a patient and older established dancer as they participate successfully in class. Tippy Toes believes that dance is for everyone, and we agree!

Dance Legacy Dance Studio

Dance Legacy Dance Studio is located on the southside in Brownsburg, and offers classes starting at 18 months old, and continuing through high school. They have recreational classes, as well as competitive dance for more serious students. Dance Legacy offers several genres of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling for little ones. They are a unique studio, as they also offer karate and self defense classes starting at age 6 as part of their programming.

Infinity Dance Academy

Infinity Dance Academy is located in Plainfield and offers classes starting at age 3 and continuing through high school. Their mission is to develop a love of dance while simultaneously helping your child’s self esteem and confidence grow. They offer tumbling, ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz classes. Infinity Dance offers a recreational program as well as a competitive dance option depending on your child’s age and dance interest. Whether you want to have fun dancing or become a champion, they have something for you!

No matter what side of town you live on, you will find dance studios that are passionate about teaching and ready to meet your kiddos! The greater Indianapolis area is booming with opportunities to explore the arts and get plugged into an amazing dance studio.

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