Diggerland Construction Themed Amusement Park & The Water Main Waterpark

All of my kids love the character theme parks, but there was something about Diggerland that made my heart get so excited. I have had four girls. All of them doll loving, princess dress-up-ing, pink adorned girls. Then I had one little boy. I know there’s a nature vs. nurture argument, but when he was a baby, he really took to anything with wheels more than any other kiddo in our family. He flipped strollers over, got his fingers run over by office chairs — anything to spin some wheels around. Don’t get me wrong, he loves wearing heels and dressing up like a fairy princess as much as the next kid, but wheels, those are his jam. So I decide that when all of the kids are old enough to walk, we’ll head to New Jersey and check out the ONLY construction theme park in the U.S.

Diggerland Theme Park in New Jersey

Diggerland in West Berlin, New Jersey (about 10 hours from Indy) is a dream come true for ALL of my kids! The moment you enter Diggerland, kids (and adults) are handed the keys and allowed behind the wheel of all of the really cool construction equipment that they’ve seen used on city projects, on the farm and other places. The well trained team at Diggerland has safety top of mind as they help kids and their adults learn how to use the heavy equipment. The machines are all specially engineered real machines with modifications made to keep you safe.

Sometimes, you or your children will operate the “rides”, like the diggers, tractors, skid-steers, drum rollers, backhoes, farm tractors, rugged riders and more. Other times, you’ll ride along and a tour operator will navigate the machinery like the Ruxor Off Road Vehicle and the Army Battle Truck. There are fun amusement park rides like the Excavator Express train ride, Sky Shuttle and Spin Dizzy. You can’t skip the giant dump truck where you’ll sit in a seat, fasten your seatbelt and be “dumped” as the truck raises up high and vibrates to shake out the cargo.

With over 40 rides and attractions included in your ticket price, Diggerland is at least one full day of fun.

Best Age to Visit Diggerland

So often we think of there being an ideal age for everything with our kids, but like many other theme parks with rides, it’s all about the height. Children who aren’t at least 36″ will not be able to ride on most of the attractions, for this reason they are not charged admission. Sometimes, children under 42″ but above 35″ will be able to ride along with an adult or sit on their lap, but the best time to visit Diggerland is when your children are 42″ tall or more. There will still be some rides that require kids to be 48″ or taller to operate, but for the most part, they can do everything!

The Water Main Construction Themed Water Park

This two aquatic park is fantastic way to stay cool throughout your visit to Diggerland. There are slides, a swim vortex, a splash park that’s perfectly themed, a pool and the popular Wibit inflatable obstacle course.

Food at Diggerland

You are not allowed to bring your own food and beverage to Diggerland, these must be purchased at the park. However, you can bring a reusable water bottle and refill this at drinking fountains. Park dining options include The Lunch Pail and the Fork Lift Cafe, both serving up typical theme park food such as hot dogs, pizza, grilled cheese, meatballs subs and nachos. There’s also the Munch Box which has ice cream and other treats. There’s a new cafe located inside the Water Main Aqua Park.

XL Heavy Machine Experience for Adults

For an extra fee, adults age 18 years and older can operate the REALLY heavy machinery and work with full sized excavators, loaders and dozers. This includes one on one training and then you’ll be let loose. But don’t worry, you’ll have a 2 way radio and be able to communicate and receive instruction from a team members. When we visited, we watched someone crush a car with the excavator. It was fantastic to watch!

We cannot wait to take our family back to Diggerland. After our first incredible visit, we vowed to return when all four of our children are tall enough to ride and drive.

Tickets for Diggerland start at $32.95 and season passes are available for less than $70. You admission includes both Diggerland and The Water Main Aquatic Park. You can often find Diggerland ticket discounts on Groupon.


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