All of my kids love the character theme parks, but there was something about Diggerland that made my heart get so excited. I have had four girls. All of them doll loving, princess dress-up-ing, pink adorned girls. Then I had one little boy. And I know there’s a nature vs. nurture argument, but he REALLY took to anything with wheels more than any other kiddo in our family. He flipped strollers over, got his fingers run over by office chairs — anything to spin some wheels around. Don’t get me wrong, he loves wearing heels and dressing up like a fairy as much as the next kid, but wheels, those are his jam.

Diggerland in West Berlin, New Jersey (about 10 hours away by car) was a dream come true for ALL of my kids! They were handed the keys and allowed behind the wheel of all of the really cool construction equipment that they’ve seen used on city projects, on the farm and other places. They took a ride in an Army Battle Truck, they were spun around on a carousel fashioned with backhoe scoops and they were dumped (while fastened in) from the back of dump truck.

More info about the park, lodging, food and our video when we return from our big Atlantic Road Trip.