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Hoosier farming families continue working hard to produce the food you and your family enjoy every day. Each week we’ll share the stories of these farmers, along with recipes and crafts for your favorite #FoodieKids.

Earth Day

This Wednesday is Earth Day! Farmers celebrate Earth Day every day! Since 1980, farmers have been working to reduce their carbon footprint while still producing safe and affordable food.

Farmer Profile

Carrie Vollmer Sanders and FamilyCarrie Vollmer-Sanders is a sixth-generation farmer based in Angola, Indiana, where she and her husband Ryan grow corn, soybeans and what. She is also the mother of two boys.

Maintaining their land is important to Carrie and her family so they employ many different conservation practices. Carrie and her husband apply several different conservation methods, from planting cover crops to installing grass buffers. In addition to her work on the farm, Carrie serves as the Agriculture Engagement Strategy Director for The Nature Conservancy.

In both of her careers, Carrie meticulously applies her passion for conservation. Whether she’s pursuing innovative cover crop trials on her farm, or serving as a key collaborator for The Nature Conservancy, Carrie is helping to advance conservation practices and grow partnerships that enables farmers across the country to make a lasting impact in the sustainability of their farms.

To learn more about Carrie click here.

Farmer Friday Virtual PLAYdate at Llama Farm

Recipe: Instant Pot Ham and Beans

My kids love ham and beans with cornbread and this amazing recipe from our friends at These Old Cookbooks have this Instant Pot recipe so it’s no longer an all day affair!

Craft: Earth Day Cookies

These Earth Day cookies are a fun way to celebrate Earth Day indoors with your family. This simple recipe was provided by the Farmwife Crafts, but you can also use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

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