Fall Camping can be so much better than summer camping for many reasons.

Four Things That Make Camping Better in the Fall

Did you run out of time to get that last camping trip in this summer? Didn’t get to go at all? Fall Camping can be so much better than summer camping for many reasons.

Bugs be Gone. It’s been darn near too cold for mosquitoes, flies and other pests and I love that! We’ve packed up our bug spray for the season and I’m not complaining. Bringing along our puppy dog Pixy is even more pleasant now that there are fewer fleas and ticks roaming the campsites — although, I NEVER feel completely safe from ticks.

Say Goodbye to Sweat! I hate sweating! HATE IT! Add sweating to the mixture of sunblock and bug spray and camping is a a hot, sticky, stinky mess! With temperatures around 50-70 degrees during the day, you might find the perfect weekend for camping is in September. One caveat: you cannot always plan on being able to find the perfect weekend for popular water attractions – water parks, lakes, rivers, etc. Many of them are closed, cold and not manned by a lifeguard. We learned our lesson at Indiana Dunes last September.

Fewer distractions in your schedule. Our summer time always seems to fill up so fast so it never seems like we really get the time to spend a weekend away without worry about coming back home for some event or chore. In the fall, things seem simpler and a little more calm.

The scenery can’t be beat! The things that you see in the fall are quite different from the summer time. More animals might be out preparing for the coming winter months, trees and bushes have begun to firework into oranges and reds and yellows and autumn blooming plants are at it!

Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean that outdoor adventures are over. Check out some Indiana campsites today. You won’t even have to venture too far from home for many of them! Some State Parks and other locations offer a lot of fall activities and even some Halloween options.

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