Hammock Rentals in Indianapolis

“Hammock Time” is a fun opportunity for visitors to rent a hammock and enjoy a relaxing visit to White River State Park. Hammocks can be rented at the Visitor Center for a time period of up to four hours and placed in a number of designated areas throughout White River State Park.

Hammock Rental for Indy Date Night

Taking a nap on a date might not sound glorious, until you become a parent, then you get it. We spent a few hours lounging beneath the trees, sharing our hopes and dreams. Share a hammock (if you fall below the weight limit) or get your own and relax across from one another. Hammock rental is the perfect Indy date night activity.

Hammock Rental with Kids

My kids think hammocks are a giant swing and they enjoy laying in them and swinging one another. We recently took all four kids on an outing to White River State Park and rented two hammocks. I wish we had rented four or more. Everyone wanted to lay in the hammock. The cool breeze and the shade from the trees kept us comfortable and I could imagine this being the perfect nap time space for kids and adults.


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