Fishers Holiday Lights Map & Guide | Where to See Christmas Lights

The Indy with Kids team is no stranger to finding the best Christmas light displays in Indiana, and around the world for that matter! We’ve spent over 14 years curating a list that’s been referenced in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, the Chicago Tribune and beyond. So you know that when you’re looking at lists of residential holiday light displays, Indy with Kids has the original. If you don’t see your favorite light display listed, send a message to us and we’ll fix that right away!

Where to Find Holiday Lights in Fishers

Plan your route with our interactive Google Map. Find Christmas Lights Near Me:

Two Musical Light Shows on Harrison

With two homes in the same neighborhood with synchronized light shows. This Fishers community is a hot spot for holiday light spotting.
8305 Harrison Parkway, Fishers
8440 Harrison Parkway, Fishers

Picket Fence Light Show

With over 10,000 lights synced to music, this residential Christmas light show is sure to put you in the holiday mood! Visit Monday – Thursday, 6 pm – 9 pm, Friday & Saturday, 6 pm – 10 pm. Tune in to 100.1 on your radio to hear the songs that make this synchronized show pop. This show is active for 2020.
10889 Picket Fence Place, Fishers

Lights in Windermere

This neighborhood is a gem when it comes to holiday lights. The house on Windermere Boulevard is just a good starting point, drive the whole community for a great view!
11047 Windermere Blvd, Fishers

Gilmour Drive Holiday Light Show

This musical light show is accompanied by music, so get ready to tune your radio so you can enjoy it in surround sound.
13239 Gilmour Drive, Fishers

Gatwick Lights in Fishers

Lots of lights on this house. This Christmas light display is on for 2020.
11710 Gatwick View Drive, Fishers

Belle Plaine Lights

Lots of lights! Beautiful details.
11877 Belle Plaine Blvd, Fishers

Avalon Lights

This synchronized light show with custom made light features is one of a kind! Tune in to 100.1 for a 7 minute synchronized light show. Sunday-Thursday 6 PM-10 PM & Friday and Saturday 6 PM-11 PM. This show will kick off around December 6, 2020.
14125 Avalon East Drive, Fishers

Sutton’s Light Show

This beautiful family home is dressed to the nines and has the lights ready to party to the music.
14431 Cotton Blossom Drive, Fishers

Misty Hollow Holiday Light Display

Lots of lights and inflatables. You’ll also find the leg lamp made famous by The Christmas Story movie.
10664 Misty Hollow Lane, Fishers

Milton Road in Avalon

So many decorations and lights! Enjoy this whole neighborhood, the neighbors go all out because of a friendly neighborhood competition. This light display is on for 2020!
12827 Milton Road, Fishers

Silbury Hill in Avalon

Beautiful decor, lots of lights. This whole street is decked out and often times you’ll see limos and buses touring this community during the holidays. This holiday light display is active for 2020.
12889 Silbury Hill Way, Fishers

Fun decor and beautiful lights. Great neighborhood and a favorite for families to visit. You’ll see this light display in 2020!
12985 Silbury Hill Way, Fishers

Synchronized Light Show on Touchdown Drive

Tune your radio to the channel listed in the yard and get ready for a bright show of lights and holiday music!
12774 Touchdown Drive, Fishers

Avon Cross in Avalon

This fun synchronized light show has lots of lights. Tune to 88.9 for music on your radio. Be sure to visit the rest of the neighborhood for more Christmas light shows and displays. This holiday light show is now playing!
13028 Avon Cross Way, Fishers

Liverpool in Avalon

Lots of lights and character inflatables on this front lawn! Children will love seeing some of their favorites. This residential light display is on!
14376 Liverpool Place, Fishers

Welchel Drive Synchronized Light Show

Tune your radio to 88.3 and enjoy this colorful light show on a corner property. The show runs daily, 5-10pm and is now playing for 2020.
15661 Whelchel Drive, Fishers

Cholla Drive Lights

Lots of lights! Fun to look at. Awaiting verification that lights are on for 2020.
12032 Cholla Drive, Fishers

Gingerbread House in the Sunblest Neighborhood

These holiday lights dress this home up like a gingerbread house.
815 Sunblest Boulevard, Fishers

Camelot in Avalon

Lots of lights and pretty decor make this static light display a favorite to drive by. Awaiting verification that lights are on for 2020.
14318 Camelot House Way, Fishers

Hidden Hollow Lights

Beautiful exterior decor and lots of lights put this decorated home on the list. Awaiting verification that lights are on for 2020.
10948 Hidden Hollow, Fishers

Choose Joy Light Strand Street Lights

The cul-de-sac neighbors on Bent Tree joined together to get their street visitor ready! Check out the cool “Choose Joy” light strung across the street.
10073 Bent Tree Lane, Fishers

Bent Tree Lane Synchronized Light Show

This home is one of many on this street that’s full of twinkling lights and decor. This musical light show has lots of lights and pretty things.
10078 Bent Tree Lane, Fishers

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  1. Unbelievable Christmas display on Oxford Drive in the North Harbour subdivision Northeast of Noblesville town square. Oxford Drive is in between North Harbour Drive and Roxbury Lane.

  2. would sure be nice to be able to copy this list so i don’t have to be on my phone while driving to find these places. such a waste of a beautiful site.

    1. You are welcome to click on our driving map that will guide you via Google maps. We do not want people to copy the list. Instead, we prefer that you share it. Enjoy the driving map!

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