Christmas Lights List for Indianapolis and Central Indiana | 2020

Looking for Indianapolis area Christmas light displays? We have your Indy area Christmas and holiday light displays, including Hamilton county, Morgan county, Hendricks county and Marion county.

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Best Christmas Lights in Indianapolis

Christmas Nights of Lights {Indiana State Fairgrounds}
Where: 1202 E 38th St, Indianapolis
Cost: $7 per person/$30 carload max
Preview/tickets/more info.

Winterlights at Newfields
A walk thru commercial light display at Newfields (formerly Indianapolis Museum of Art).
Where: 4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis
Cost: $15 and up per person. Advanced ticket purchase required
Preview/tickets/more info.

East Side Lights
Over 5000 lights spread across 256 Channels, including 8 RGB Floodlights, and 200 RGB Pixels that play 13 songs which lasts about 25-28 minutes
Where: 7519 Davis Ln, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Stop 11 Road
Lots of lights!
Where: 334 E Stop 11 Rd, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Corner of Edgewood
Giant display of inflatables and lights.
Where: State Road 135 and Edgewood, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Yellowstone Lights
Synchronized musical and light display. Tune in to 98.9
Where: 6733 Yellowstone Pkwy, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Neighbor of Southside Christmas
Synchronized lights. Same neighborhood as the former Southside Christmas and many lights were given to them from SSC. Tune in t0 88.9
Where: 7104 Bel Moore Circle, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Lynn Drive Lights
Pretty, lots of stuff to look at. Music playing if you roll down your windows or get out.
Where: 8152 Lynn Drive, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Tulip Drive Lights
A mechanical Santa and sleigh rides across the top and there are hundreds of figures lit up in the yard in sections. Music is playing outside.
Where: 2405 Tulip Dr S, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Linden Drive Lights
Over 100,000 lights with music.
Where: 6415 Linden Dr., Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Corner of Banta
Very pretty lights in the front and back yards.
Where: Corner of Madison and Banta Road, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Lights at the Brickyard, Indianapolis Motor Speedway
A drive-thru light show on the famous IMS Indy 500 track.
Where: 4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis
Cost: $30 and up
Preview/tickets/more info.

Christmas at the Zoo
The zoo comes to life at night with brilliant light displays and animal encounters.
Where: 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis
Cost: $18.45 Adult, $13.95 Children 2-12. Members free.
Preview/tickets/more info.

Best Christmas Lights in Midtown Indy

Willow Spring Lights
Many homes in this neighborhood are lit up. This one is spectacular and has music synchronization.
Where: 530 Willow Spring Rd, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Jersey Street Lights
Gorgeous residential light display.
Where: 5423 New Jersey Street, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Gladden Drive
Beautiful residential light display.
Where: 6065 Gladden Dr, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Santa Claus House
Home simply decorated with lights to look like Santa’s face.
Where:5609 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Broadway Lights
So many lights and other decor.
Where: 5334 Broadway, Indianapolis (Approx address)
Cost: Free

Best Christmas Lights in Johnson County/South Side

Lights on Canary Creek Drive
A very pretty residential light display that’s a favorite for Franklin families.
Where: 1050 Canary Creek Drive, Franklin
Cost: Free

Lights on Easton Point
Beautiful light display on a family home in Greenwood. You’ll see some unique decorations.
Where: 1223 Easton Point Dr., Greenwood
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Lights on Niagara Lane
Where: 1250 Niagara Lane, Franklin
Cost: Free

Oak Meadows Subdivision Christmas Lights
This subdivision rolls out the lights and powers up to share holiday cheer. Located in Greenwood, just off Averitt Road, about halfway between Smith Valley Road and Main Street. Both sides of the neighborhood feature beautiful lights on the homes and all of the trees are lit up. Drive through the neighborhood to see.
Where: 485 Grey Oak Lane, Greenwood and most of the Oak Meadows subdivision.
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Middle Street Lights
Every year we love driving through this display. It’s so hard to describe and we appreciate it so much! Santa visits with children once a year and Santa letters are collected in a box. I would call this the “Reynolds Farm of the South Side.” Blink and you’ll miss Middle Street, so keep your eyes peeled as you drive down Main Street.
Where: 51 South Middle Street, Greenwood
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Mallory Parkway Lights
Gingerbread house decor with lots of lights, music playing outside.
Where: 597 Mallory Parkway, Franklin
Cost: Free

Darlene Drive Lights
Lighted synchronized display. Tune to 106.5 for music.
Where: 5993 Darlene Drive, Greenwood
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Runyon Road Lights
This home has so many decorations! You’ll love it!
Where: 786 South Runyon Road, Greenwood
Cost: Free

Holiday House aka Christmas Tree House
Known as the Christmas Tree House or the Greenwood Holiday House, the inside and outside of this home are open for all to come see. More than 60 decorated Christmas trees are INSIDE the house!
632 Locust Grove Lane, Greenwood
Cost: Free, donations accepted
Preview this display (video).

Runyon Road & Olive Branch Lights
This home display has so many lights to enjoy.
South Runyon Road and Olive Branch, Greenwood
Cost: Free

Grinch House Christmas Lights
Beautiful, handmade decorations with the Dr. Seuss theme.
Where: 1010 Royal Oaks Court, Greenwood
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Tecumseh Way Bargersville Lights
Where: 3199 Tecumseh Way, Bargersville
Cost: Free

Best Christmas Lights in Hamilton County (Carmel)

Arrowood Drive Lights
So many lights! Beautiful!
Where: 960 Arrowood Dr., Carmel
Cost: Free

Best Christmas Lights in Hamilton County (Fishers)

Jones Family Light Display
Lots of lights, local favorite.
Where: 11720 Gatwick View Dr, Fishers
Cost: Free

Adios Pass Lights
Lots of lights. Beautiful!
Where: 14502 Adios Pass, Carmel
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Gatwick Lights
Lots of lights. Located next door to Indy favorite, Jones Family Christmas Light Display
Where: 11710 Gatwick View Drive, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Belle Plaine Lights
Lots of lights! Beautiful details.
Where: 11877 Belle Plaine Blvd, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Cholla Drive Lights
Lots of lights!
Where: 12032 Cholla Drive, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Avalon Lights
Synchronized light show. Custom made light features. Tune in to 100.1 for a 7 minute synchronized light show. Sunday-Thursday 6 PM-10 PM & Friday and Saturday 6 PM-11 PM.
Where: 14125 Avalon East Drive, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Milton Road in Avalon
So many decorations and lights!
Where: 12827 Milton Road, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Silbury Hill in Avalon
Beautiful decor, lots of lights. This whole street is decked out.
Where: 12889 Silbury Hill Way, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Fun decor, lights. Great neighborhood.
Where: 12985 Silbury Hill Way, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Avon Cross in Avalon
Where: 13028 Avon Cross Way, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Liverpool in Avalon
Lots of lights and character inflatables
Where: 14376 Liverpool Place, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Camelot in Avalon
Lots of lights and pretty decor.
Where: 14318 Camelot House Way, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Beautiful Tree on 116th
Beautiful tree. Drive by only. Unsafe to stop.
Where: 11513 East 116th Street, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Hidden Hollow Lightsfwast
Lots of lights
Where: 10948 Hidden Hollow, Fishers
Cost: Free
Preview this display.

Best Christmas Lights on the West Side of Indy

Ellis Park Winterland Light Display
November 29, 2019 – December 28, 2019
Where: 600 E Main St, Danville
Cost: $5-10 per car

Brownsburg Town Hall Lights
Lights adorn the town hall and are synchronized to music played on your personal car radio.
Where: 61 North Green Street, Brownsburg
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Lights on 267
Beautiful lights. Drive by only.
Where: 7831 Indiana 267, Brownsburg
Cost: Free
Preview display

The Koffman House
Tune into 98.1. for a synchronized light show.
Where: 5185 Country Road 600 E., Brownsburg
Cost: Free

Fisher Avenue Lights
House with A LOT of lights! A LOT!
Where: 2125 N . Fisher Ave., Speedway
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Log Run Lights
Amazing display of lights in the Clermont area. Drive thru or get out and walk through. We’ve heard that this year there’s a Santa Mailbox, so bring your letters!
Where: 9209 Log Run Dr S, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display

West 21st Street Lights
Cute light display that includes the Peanuts characters.
Where: 4908 West 21st Street, Indianapolis
Cost: Free

Lights on Auburn
Pretty lights
Where: 2217 North Auburn Street, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Winton Avenue Lights
Pretty light display!
Where: 1916 Winton Avenue, Indianapolis
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Fisher Avenue Lights
Neighboring houses with lots of pretty lights.
Where: 2101 & 2105 Fisher Avenue, Speedway
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Happy Holidays on Fisher
Amazing amount of lights in a beautiful display.
Where: 2125 Fisher Avenue, Speedway
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Fisher Avenue Lights
Lots of lights and some inflatables. Quite a few houses on this street are lit up.
Where: 2301 Fisher Avenue, Speedway
Cost: Free
Preview this display

Looking for more holiday fun in Hendricks County? We’ve got you covered.

Best Christmas Lights on the East Side of Indy

McCordsville Lights
Lots of pretty lights.
Where: 7657 W 500N, McCordsville
Cost: Free

We’ve put together a great list of holiday events and activities in Greenfield and Hancock County.

Best Christmas Lights in Zionsville

Hunters Ridge Lights
Daily 5:30-9:30pm. Music is playing outside. Roll down your windows!
Where: 6539 Hunters Ridge North, Zionsville
Cost: Free

Best Christmas Lights in Morgan County

Jimmy Nash Park, Martinsville City Park
Drive through display with a lot of lights and decorations. Free. Lights are on each evening from 6-10 pm through January 6. There are lots of lights and a sleigh that you can use for family photos as well! The new automatic gate at the park does close at 10 pm, but if you are still in the park when it closes, just pull up and the gate should automatically open for you.
Where: North Home Avenue, Martinsville
Cost: Free

Sheridan Indiana Light Displays

Power Christmas Lights in Sheridan
Popular favorite for local residents of Sheridan.
Where: 6893 N 1000 E, Sheridan
Cost: Free

Other Popular Indiana Christmas Light Displays

Mulberry Lights
Way north about 45 minutes from downtown Indy. One of the best synchronized light shows around.
Where: 700 W Mulberry Jefferson Rd, Mulberry (Approx address)
Cost: Free

Christmas decorations are my thing. I’m not saying I’m “good at decorating,” but I sure can spot a great display, a pretty tree and something that makes people smile. If you know my online history, I was internet famous for a quick minute when I was an outdoor Christmas decor consultant for a popular talk show, a few magazines, some newspapers, national news stories and some radio shows. It was fun and it’s carried over into other areas of my life and career.

Some of the displays listed are just simple extravagance, with no bells and whistles. Some have music, some have animation and some are just still with thousands of lights. At times you may come upon a house and say, “That’s all?” Some of my friends do that. I do not. I can almost always see why someone recommended stopping there. Each family has invested time and money to entertain you and to please your eyes. So, please keep sending those tips and keep all of these things in mind as you travel the roads to take it all in!

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  1. Hi Katy,

    I was wondering if you were planning on having a 2018 Indianapolis Christmas Lights list and if so, when would it come out.


    Todd Chapman

  2. I have a very nice display of lights and would love to be added to the list. It’s quite the display. This is my 2nd year decorating sense I bought my house in belleville. The address is 6169 S County Road 121 E Clayton Indiana 46118. Its actually Bellvie Indiana right on US 40 going west 4 miles outside Plainfield turn left at Martin’s auto Garage and its halfway down the street on left. Thank You

  3. Hello

    I drove by a house yesterday in Break-O-Day addition in New Whiteland that was very cute and well decorated. I use this list every year I want to take my daughter out to look at lights and think this house should be on the list. It is located on 556 Sunny Lane and is in New Whiteland Break-O-Day addition and is house worth looking at.

  4. Hello Katy

    My name is Ashley and every year I put out Christmas lights for my mom at her house in New Whiteland. She has an in home day care and the kids love it but I mostly do it for my mom because I know she loves it. I would like to have her house added to the list of houses to see this year if possible. She lives at 556 Sunny Lane, New Whiteland in the Break-O-Day addition. It would mean a lot if her house was on this list of houses for people to drive by and see all the work that went into putting everything together.

    Thank you in advance

  5. I found another very light set up on the Southside. No music or anything, just a lot of pretty lights. Almost looks like a gingerbread house.

    7055 Sandlewood Drive, Indianapolis

  6. Melanie & Sergio Negrin

    We welcome you to come by our home on Lexington Court in Zionsville. Display includes lots of lights and figures, plus hand crafted items and a mail box to leave your letters to Santa. This year we have several sections – Santa’s village, Santa’s zoo, Snowman village, and Nativity. All 4 sides of the house are decorated. Come say “hi.”

  7. Can’t wait to check the south side locations out! I highly recommend checking out the amazing light display in Cloverdale, IN. It’s free to the public, Santa will be there, hot cocoa, cookies and more!!

      1. Yes they have a Facebook page. Their business is called RTM/Retired Military Unique Country Gifts and Garden Shop. The owners are Mike and Vicki Price they are so kind and have created great opportunities for family memories!

  8. Hello, our house is on your list and I would be more than happy to send a picture and/or video if is able to be linked to our address!

  9. Katy Mann I was wondering if I could get my house listed on the list. It is called Lights on Oyster Key I can send a video of the display lights and music and wooden cut outs.

      1. Thank you for letting me add my house! I have an entire yard full of Christmas this is my 8th year and I add things every year. This is my first year with lights to music. I sent you an email with address and sample video. Show is about 25min and I will add a few more songs closer to Christmas.

  10. Matt Quasebarth


    Thank you for putting this list together every year. Its become a christmas tradition for us. We appreciate all they work that goes into keeping this up and going.

    Best Wishes

  11. Why have you built your web page in a way that does not allow for us to copy and plot on a map the locations of these listing?

    1. Hi Rick, we experience a very large amount of thievery of our content so this is a safety net that we had to implement to cut back on small fraction of that. Instead, we worked hard to build you a map so you can navigate.

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