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(PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of verifying all of these and we’ll add even more as they are submitted.)

Looking for Indianapolis area Christmas light displays? We have your Indy area Christmas and holiday light displays, including Hamilton county, Morgan county, Hendricks county and Marion county.

Christmas decorations are my thing. I’m not saying I’m “good at decorating,” but I sure can spot a great display, a pretty tree and something that makes people smile. If you know my online history, I was internet famous for a quick minute when I was an outdoor Christmas decor consultant for a popular talk show, a few magazines, some newspapers, national news stories and some radio shows. It was fun and it’s carried over into other areas of my life and career.

Some of the displays listed are just simple extravagance, with no bells and whistles. Some have music, some have animation and some are just still with thousands of lights. At times you may come upon a house and say, “That’s all?” Some of my friends do that. I do not. I can almost always see why someone recommended stopping there. Each family has invested time and money to entertain you and to please your eyes. So, please keep sending those tips and keep all of these things in mind as you travel the roads to take it all in!

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East Side of Indy Christmas Light Displays

7519 Davis Ln, IndianapolisIndianapolisOver 5000 lights spread across 256 Channels, including 8 RGB Floodlights, and 200 RGB Pixels that play 13 songs which lasts about 25-28 minutesUnverified
7657 W 500N, McCordsvilleMcCordsvilleTons of lights!Unverified

West Side of Indy Christmas Light Displays

Ellis Park - 600 E Main St, DanvilleDanville$5 Monday - Thursday $10 Friday - SundayVerified for 2018
Brownsburg Town Hall - 61 North Green Street, BrownsburgBrownsburgSynchronized light show with music on the radio.Verified for 2018
7831 Indiana 267, BrownsburgBrownsburgBeautiful lights. Drive by only.Verified for 2018
2125 N . Fisher Ave., SpeedwaySpeedwayHouse with A LOT of lights! A LOT!Unverified
Log Run Lights, 9209 Log Run Dr S, IndianapolisIndianapolisAmazing display of lights in the Clermont area. Drive thru or get out and walk through.Verified for 2018
4908 West 21st Street, IndianapolisIndianapolisCute light display that includes the Peanuts characters.Verified for 2018
2217 North Auburn Street, Indianapolis, INIndianapolisPretty lights.Verified for 2018
1916 Winton Avenue, Indianapolis, INIndianapolisPretty light display.Verified for 2018
2101 & 2105 Fisher Avenue, Speedway, INSpeedwayNeighboring houses with lots of pretty lights.Verified for 2018
2125 Fisher Avenue, Speedway, INSpeedwayAmazing amount of lights in a beautiful display.Verified for 2018
2301 Fisher Avenue, Speedway, INSpeedwayLots of lights.Verified for 2018
The Koffman house 5185 Country Road 600 E., Brownsburg, INBrownsburgTune into 98.1. for a synchronized light show.Verified for 2018 (Thanks, Chrissy M!)

North Side of Indy/Midtown Christmas Light Displays

530 Willow Spring Rd, IndianapolisIndianapolisMany homes in this neighborhood are lit up. This one is spectacular and has music synchronization.Verified for 2018
5423 New Jersey Street, IndianapolisIndianapolisGorgeous Residential Light Display.Verified for 2018
6065 Gladden Dr, IndianapolisIndianapolisBeautiful residential light display.Verified for 2018
5609 N. Pennsylvania Street, IndianapolisIndianapolisSanta Claus House.Verified for 2018
5334 Broadway, Indianapolis (Approx address)IndianapolisSo many lights and other decor.Verified for 2018
960 Arrowood Dr., CarmelCarmelSo many lights! Beautiful!Unverified
Reynolds Farm Equipment - 12501 Reynolds Drive, FishersFishersIndy area favorite, commercial property display, free admission. Canned food donations welcome. Santa will visit with kids on specific nights.Verified for 2018
Jones Family Light Display, 11720 Gatwick View Dr, FishersFishersLots of lights, local favorite.Verified for 2018
8440 Harrison Pkwy, FishersFishersSynchronized Light DisplayVerified for 2018
11877 Belle Plaine Blvd, FishersFishersLots of lights! Beautiful details.Verified for 2018
12032 Cholla Drive, FishersFishersLights!Verified for 2018
14125 Avalon East Drive, FishersFishersTune in to 100.1 for a 7 minute synchronized light show. Sunday-Thursday 6 PM-10 PM & Friday and Saturday 6 PM-11 PM.Verified for 2018
700 W Mulberry Jefferson Rd, Mulberry (Approx address)MulberryWay north about 45 minutes from downtown Indy. One of the best synchronized light shows around.Unverified
Power's House in Sheridan - 6893 N 1000 E, SheridanSheridanPopular favorite for local residents of SheridanVerified for 2018
6539 Hunters Ridge North, ZionsvilleZionsvilleDaily 5:30-9:30pm. Music is playing outside. Roll down your windows!Unverified
14502 Adios Pass, CarmelCarmelLots of lights. Beautiful!Verified for 2018
11513 East 116th Street, FishersFishersBeautiful tree. Drive by only. Unsafe to stop.Verified for 2018
10948 Hidden Hollow, FishersFishersLots of lights!Verified for 2018
14125 Avalon E Dr, FishersFishersSynchronized light show. Custom made light features.Verified for 2018
12827 Milton Road, FishersFishersSo many decorations and lights!Verified for 2018
12889 Silbury Hill Way, FishersFishersBeautiful decor, lots of lights. This whole street is decked out.Verified for 2018
13028 Avon Cross Way, FishersFishersSynchronize light show! Lots of lightsVerified for 2018
14376 Liverpool Place, FishersFishersLots of lights and character inflatablesVerified for 2018
14318 Camelot House Way, FishersFishersLots of lights and pretty decor.Verified for 2018
12985 Silbury Hill Way, FishersFishersFun decor, lights. Great neighborhood.Verified for 2018
11710 Gatwick View Drive, FishersFishersLots of lights. Located next door to Indy favorite, Jones Family Christmas Light DisplayVerified for 2018

South Side of Indy Christmas Light Displays

7104 Bel Moore Circle, IndianapolisIndianapolisSynchronized lights. Same neighborhood as Southside Christmas. Tune in t0 88.9Unverified
334 E Stop 11 Rd, IndianapolisIndianapolisLots of lights!Unverified
State Road 135 and Edgewood, IndianapolisIndianapolisGiant display of inflatables and lights.Unverified
6733 Yellowstone Pkwy, IndianapolisIndianapolisSynchronized musical and light display. Tune in to 98.9Unverified
5993 Darlene Drive, GreenwoodGreenwoodLighted synchronized display. Tune to 106.5 for music.Verified for 2018
1223 Easton Point Dr., GreenwoodGreenwoodBeautiful display. Some unique decorations.Verified for 2018
786 South Runyon Road, GreenwoodGreenwoodSo.Many.Decorations!Unverified
The Grinch House 1010 Royal Oaks Court, GreenwoodGreenwoodBeautiful, handmade decorations.Verified for 2018
485 Grey Oak Lane, Greenwood and most of the Oak Meadows subdivision in Greenwood (just off Averitt Road, about halfway between Smith Valley Road and Main Street.)GreenwoodBoth sides of the neighborhood feature beautiful lights on the homes and all of the trees are lit up. Drive through the neighborhood to see. Verified for 2018
51 South Middle Street (off of Main Street), GreenwoodGreenwoodEvery year we love driving through this display. It's so hard to describe and we appreciate it so much! Santa visits with children once a year. Santa letters are collected in a box. I would call this the "Reynolds Farm of the South Side."Verified for 2018
8152 Lynn Drive, IndianapolisIndianapolisPretty, lots of stuff to look at. Music playing if you roll down your windows or get out.Unverified
2405 Tulip Dr S, IndianapolisIndianapolisA mechanical Santa and sleigh rides across the top and there are hundreds of figures lit up in the yard in sections. Music is playing outside.Unverified
Jimmy Nash Park Martinsville City Park, North Home Avenue, MartinsvilleMartinsvilleDrive through display with a lot of lights and decorations. Free. Lights are on each evening from 6-10 pm through January 6. There are lots of lights and a sleigh that you can use for family photos as well! The new automatic gate at the park does close at 10 pm, but if you are still in the park when it closes, just pull up and it should automatically open for you.Verified for 2018
597 Mallory Parkway, FranklinFranklinGingerbread house decor with lots of lights, music playing outside.Unverified
6415 Linden Dr., Indianapolis IndianapolisOver 100,000 lights with music.Unverified
South Runyon Road and Olive Branch, Greenwood (approx)GreenwoodSo many decorations!Unverified
1050 Canary Creek Drive, FranklinFranklinPretty lights.Unverified
Corner of Madison and Banta Road, IndianapolisIndianapolisVery pretty lights in the front and back yards.Unverified
1250 Niagara Lane, FranklinFranklinUnverified
Christmas Tree House/Holiday House, 632 Locust Grove Lane, GreenwoodGreenwoodKnown as the Christmas Tree House or the Greenwood Holiday House, the inside and outside of this home are open for all to come see. More than 60 decorated Christmas trees are INSIDE the house!Verified for 2018