Santa Mailboxes are all over Central Indiana

I’m so excited for Christmas! My excitement doesn’t come from the presents (those are nice too) — I love all of the magic! People just seem nicer and happier, there are fun and exciting things to do, traditions to keep going, so much to look forward to!

One of our favorite magical moments comes from the simple joy of sending a letter to Santa Claus. We carefully craft our letters one night (new reader/writers in our family.) The next evening, we deposit our letters into the Santa mailbox closest to our home. The magic continues! A week or two later, the kids receive a letter in the mail from Santa!

Indianapolis Santa Mailbox Locations

The US Postal Service has installed the official Santa Letter Mailbox on the Circle in Downtown Indianapolis! All letters must be deposited by December 21st (the mailbox will be removed.) You’ll find the mailbox on the east side of the Circle, facing Market street. Santa will send a response for each letter that has a return address.
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Fishers Santa Mailbox Locations

The Fishers Parks and Recreation Office (11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers) AND Town Hall (1 Muncipal Drive, Fishers) both offer Santa Mailboxes through December 10th, 2018, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
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Greenwood Santa Mailbox Locations

Greenwood Park Mall – Santa’s mailbox is near the Santa display in the Von Maur court. If the letter has a return address, Santa will write back!

A private home in Greenwood has a Santa Letters Mailbox. At the end of Middle Street in Greenwood, off of Main Street, there is an AMAZING Christmas light display. There is a Santa Mailbox. The mailbox accepts letters but there is no indication that a letter is returned.

Carmel Santa Mailbox Locations

The Carmel Santa Mailbox is near Santa’s house in the Carmel Art and Design District. Letters will be received December 9th through December 19th.

Greenfield Santa Mailbox Locations

The Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department offers a Santa Mailbox (through December 8th) at the Patricia Elmore Center (280 North Apple Street). Santa Claus will reply to each letter that he receives. All letters must include a self addressed stamped envelope so Santa can get to each child as soon as possible. This program is only for 4th grade and younger and all letters must be received by 4:00 PM on December 8. The building is open 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.
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Other Indy Area Santa Mailbox Locations

The Macy’s Believe Campaign – No replies sent from Santa, but Macy’s department store will donate $1 for each letter to Santa received in their Santa Mailboxes in store or via their website.
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North Pole Postmark – Did you know, you Santa can write letters to your children, then put the letter in a stamped, sealed and addressed envelope. Put this envelope inside of another envelope addressed to:
North Pole Postmark
Postmaster 4141 Postmark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998  by December 10th. The letters will then be mailed to your children complete with a North Pole postmark!