Christmas Nights of Lights Drive Thru Light Show at the Fairgrounds | 2023

Christmas Nights of Lights is the coolest light show to hit Indianapolis during the holiday season. It’s back for 2023 after taking the title of BEST drive-through light show in Indy. Over one million lights will illuminate the Indiana State Fairgrounds as visitors drive through the synchronized light show. We have a promo code for you!

Through November 19, 2023, use the promo code CHEER for a $10 discount for ticket purchases. Additionally, each use of this code results in a $5 donation to the Riley Cheer Guild to provide toys for children who are hospitalized during the holiday season! Buy your discounted Christmas Nights of Lights admission now.

Christmas Nights of Lights

Christmas Nights of Lights is sure to become your favorite family tradition, and that’s great because Triton Light Shows has a multi-year commitment to return to the Indiana State Fairgrounds again and again! This isn’t the first time that this family company has brought joy to families—Indianapolis is their third location. It’s been extremely popular, rivaling the company’s Coney Island light show in Cincinnati, Ohio, and their famous Christmas Nights of Lights in Mobile, Alabama.

Illuminate up your experience even more with our Christmas Nights of Lights Scavenger Hunt. 


Largest Synchronized Light Show in Indy

This drive-through holiday light show is a little different from other drive-through shows in our area in that it offers a synchronized experience with all of the lights as a part of a musical mix that you’ll play over your car radio. Other commercial light shows in Indy have not been fully synchronized to music in the past.

What’s next? We would LOVE to see the Thriller Lights of Nights Halloween-themed light show come to Indy as well. Both Mobile and Cincinnati have this show and it’s a great addition to fall fun in the area.

How much is admission for the light show?

Just as it was last year, tickets must be purchased in advance, online. No cash is accepted at the booth. Tickets will be honored in two-time slots. Guests will enter the show anytime between 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm. With the reservation system, wait times are usually under an hour.

The cost is $30 per carload, for up to 8 people; $50 per carload, for 9-15 people, and $75 per carload, for 16-35 people.

Carload Passes and Group Passes only apply to single vehicles. It’s also important to note, that there is a height restriction of 11 ft. at the entrance tunnel, which means they cannot accommodate RVs or large buses.

What are the dates and times for Christmas Nights of Lights?

The light show will kick off on November 10, 2023, and run through December 31, 2023.

Christmas Nights of Lights will take place rain, shine, and snow!

How long is the light show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds?

The full song selection lasts for about 30 minutes, with a variety of both traditional and newer Christmas music. Visitors are welcome to take their time and progress at their own pace using caution.

Tips for attending Christmas Nights of Lights

During the busiest hours, you may experience a bit of a wait. To avoid the crowds, plan your visit early in the season or on a weekday. If you really want to visit on a weekend, try arriving after 9 pm. Any cars still in line at the time of closing WILL be permitted to enter and enjoy the show. ​

Make a quick stop at the portable toilets at the beginning of the show.

Bring snacks and something to drink.

Print out our scavenger hunt for even more in the car fun for your family.

Know how to turn off your headlights—Google how-to if you must!

Tour buses with more than a 35-person capacity or limos will not be admitted, as those vehicles are unable to drive safely through the show. Vehicles over 11’ tall will not be able to access the light show, due to height restrictions at the entrance.

For more information, visit the event website.

What Gate Do I Use for Christmas Nights of Lights?

Enter the Christmas Nights of Lights through Gate 12 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1698 E 42nd Street.

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22 thoughts on “Christmas Nights of Lights Drive Thru Light Show at the Fairgrounds | 2023”

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  9. I am tell you that the wait and swirling of multiple turns before you even get to the lights is ridiculous. You are in line 3 hours before reaching lights in a maze. This is the worse. They need to have this organized a lot better. You spend all your time driving in a line. Never again for me

    1. The organization is fine, it’s the popularity that is the problem. It’s not like they can get more cars through any quicker. When we went in November on a week night, we didn’t wait in line for even a second. A weekend, 2 weeks before Christmas is bound to be busy. And that’s the case with any holiday event.

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  11. We went last year and it was awesome!

    They should have a fast lane that you pay extra for to skip the line. I know what 2-3 hrs of my time is worth. Maybe have a kick back to the indy with kids site. 😉

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