Real Life At Home Virtual Learning Spaces For Kids

Do you feel a lack of control when it comes to your children’s education? Across the country, many students kicked off their school year within virtual models or e-learning. Families grabbed control where it was available and assembled at-home learning spaces for children <–you can see ours here.

The spaces are as unique as the children who will use them and made use of various available spaces in homes. From dining room tables to the front lawn, parents have fashioned beautiful spaces for their learners with what they had available.

Check out our Day in the Life VLOG of our family participating in e-learning with four children.

Virtual Learning Spaces and Study Spaces for Kids

We asked local parents to share the learning spaces they’ve assembled for their at-home students. If you’d like to share your space, let us know in the comments below!

Inspiration for Kids E-Learning Desk Spaces


Designed to be used by a 1st grader and a 3rd grader, these sisters started their school year with virtual learning. In addition to their individual spaces, the fireplace mantel has shared supplies including fidget toys and chewy necklaces. The children’s clothes are laid out to get dressed like a regular school day (though not uniforms) and personal iPads are put away until school is over at 3 PM.

– Windi, Indianapolis

The desk from The Container Store is great because it grows with the child by adding taller drawer systems. It started out low enough for a toddler and has a lot of storage. This SitRite kids’ desk chair was originally purchased for an adult because it’s also marketed to shorter adults. Third Grader Annika, kicked off the school year with e-learning from the family loft area, also called “The Snug.”
– Kirstie, Indianapolis

Julie’s son is 12 and will be using his learning space for virtual meetings with teachers through the school. Julie plans on using the educational posters for added lessons and the shelves can be used as a locker-type storage space. This room is located in their home right off the living room and is typically used as an in-home gym/workout space.
– Julie, Columbus

This beautiful space is in the carriage house above the garage and until now, it was used as an office for the family owned construction company. Now it’s the weekday home to a learning pod of 8 children that is led by a former preschool teacher. The children are a mix of 5th grade and Pre-K students. Also in the space, a library room and bathroom.
– Bethany, Indianapolis

This space is close to the kitchen so adults are nearby for help. There’s natural lighting from a window but also, an outlet for adding a lamp and charging devices. Stephanie put her children’s learning space together as a homework station and fully intends to use it when her 7 year old’s school goes virtual. Everything from the desk and shelves to magazine holders (with paper and folders) are all upcycled from the local “buy nothing” page.
– Stephanie, Lawrence

A thrifted desk customized and updated with brass cat drawer pulls is the centerpiece for a second grader. She’ll started the school year in a virtual setting, attending classes from her pretty in pink space. School books are stored in a plastic box next to the desk and the pink mini fridge will keep her fueled during the afternoon stretches. Tip from mom: If you use an adult-sized chair for little bodies, you might want to consider adding a pillow.
– Rachael, Indianapolis

Two of the students using this e-learning desk space are entering kindergarten and 1st grade. Several children from their IPS  Montessori school will be joining them for a learning pod as they work through online classes. The children, ages 5-7 years old are all accustomed to working at various locations throughout the classroom, including a rug on the floor. While some of the environment has been replicated for them, it will be a challenge to not have full access to their favorite materials.
– Deidre, Indianapolis

“This space is for my 3rd grader. In line with the Montessori philosophy, he’s used to having a lot of space to move around and make choices on what work to do throughout the day. We’re trying to build in lots of flexibility in seating. anticipating that he’ll move to other spaces throughout the house (and outside!) depending on what he’s working on.”
– Melissa, Indianapolis

Amanda’s family didn’t have a lot of room to give up in their bungalow, so they went vertical and raised her daughter’s bed to make room. It’s full time at-home learning for this second grader. Important details for a bedroom study space include good lighting, proximity to an outlet for charging electronic devices and a cozy vibe.
– Amanda, Indianapolis

A virtual learning space for an 8 year old should have some tools for calming an excited brain. In this desk area, you’ll find smelly slime, a squish ball and a stretchy wiggler. Essential school supplies are stored in paper bins and a pencil holder — one for his main class and the other for related arts. Easy access gives him the option to grab them and go so he can move around and replicate the flexible seating options he’s used to at school. The desk will serve as a starting point and a home base, but it’s very likely that he’ll change spots by moving his bean bag chair around. The art above his desk is meant to get him feeling creative and motivated. “We also put a little book of motivations there, which we’ll use alongside our occasional chill-zone podcasts and morning check-in walks.”
– Kirsten, Indianapolis

Art: @johnnyglucose, @andywarhol_archive, @kyleragsdale, @matthew_eickhoff, @penelope_dullaghan

What’s better for an outdoor learning pod than a yard? Several children, PreK though 2nd grade will gather during the week to complete virtual lessons through their schools. All of the children are enrolled in Montessori and Reggio schools. They’ll spend as much time outdoors as possible and on rainy days, move to a garage that’s been converted into an open air learning space.
– Jennie, Indianapolis

This super organized 7th grader typically works from this bedroom desk space and now he’ll work on his virtual school lessons here too. Not yet pictured is an updated lamp, a multi-level tap-touch ring lamp that will help with lighting during his screen time with teachers and classmates.
– Lori, Indianapolis

Samantha is an only child who kicked off her 1st grade year with e-learning. She is sweet and funny, wildly creative and very social and is used to learning in a Montessori environment. Her desk space is a repurposed entertainment center. It has just the right amount of storage for her school supplies and is the perfect desk height for the little mushroom stool and other flexible seating. Samantha’s school setup is a spot behind the couch in the family living room. It has a lot of light and overlooks the back patio and garden. Her newfound love for organization is rewarded with a brand new rainbow pencil holder.
– Amy, Indianapolis

The students using this large space are ages 13, 9, 4 & 2 years old. They will be participating in the online bridge program through their public school. After one quarter of learning online, they are supposed to integrate back into the classroom, assuming schools are open at that time. – Lacey, Columbus

This family desk set-up serves as a virtual learning station for two children. The 5th grade and 1st grade duo is set up and ready for any virtual learning transitions due to school closures or quarantining. Each child is set up with a charging station, supply box, iPad, white board and headphones. There are folders on the wall to help with staying organized, a snack box and even a schedule so the children know what to do and when. Educational posters and art work complete the space.
– Dannielle, Noblesville

First grader, Theodore and preschooler, Harrison typically attend a Spanish Immersion school program, so their mom has worked hard to incorporate Spanish in to their home classroom. With the gap in ages between the two children, it was important to have centers and manipulative objects for both ages. Three year old Harrison is being homeschooled for preschool and six year old Theodore is attending school for the first nine weeks before participating in virtual learning while his family isolates for the arrival of a new baby. After a rough e-learning experience in the spring, mom learned how important it was for them to have space and organization for learning. The area is set up in their basement playroom and made up with items found at IKEA, Dollar Tree and
– Molly, Indianapolis

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