we purchased our yearly family gift to ourselves, an annual entrance permit to all Indiana State Parks

Indiana State Parks Annual Entrance Permit

Our family is gearing up for our every two year visit our third favorite Indiana State Park (more on that at a later date). In preparation we purchased our yearly family gift to ourselves, an annual entrance permit to all Indiana State Parks.

The annual vehicle pass is $50 for residents and $70 for non residents. The Indiana State Parks Pass is valid from January 1st to December 31st not matter when you buy it. So, to get the best value for your money, buy it and use it now! You can buy online or in person at any park entrance gate.

We use ours when we go hiking, take the dog for an exploration trip, go on picnics, bike rides, stay at the inns and go camping. Generally it will cost about $5 for your vehicle to enter a state park, this baby pays for itself in about 6 visits. Look at all of the Indiana State Parks listed below! All of this can be yours!

State Parks and Reservoirs

•Brookville Lake
•Brown County
•Cagles Mill Lake (Lieber SRA)
•Cecil M. Harden Lake (Raccoon SRA)
•Chain O’ Lakes
•Clifty Falls
•Falls of the Ohio
•Fort Harrison
•Hardy Lake
•Indiana Dunes
•J. E. Roush Lake
•McCormick’s Creek
•Mississinewa Lake
•Monroe Lake
•Mounds (Anderson)
•O’Bannon Woods
•Patoka Lake
•Potato Creek
•Redbird State Recreation Area
•Salamonie Lake
•Spring Mill
•Summit Lake
•Tippecanoe River
•Turkey Run
•Whitewater Memorial

13 thoughts on “Indiana State Parks Annual Entrance Permit”

    1. Hi Ian, this article was written in 2012. Just some advice about using Google, sometimes you’ll come across older articles. Have a great day!

  1. Hi, Katy, this is Ginger Murphy with Indiana State Parks. We appreciate you noting that our Indiana State Parks are great places to be outdoors with kids – indeed they are! We offer lots of programs, places to hike and picnic, playgrounds, nature centers and much more to explore.

    Just one note – our annual passes for in-state vehicles are $50, not $36. We had someone come to one of our offices and they were disappointed because they saw the $36 price here and that is not accurate. The annual pass price has been $50 for several years, so we’re not sure where your number came from. If you’ll let us know where you found that amount, we’ll try to correct it.

    Annual passes are a great bargain – daily entrance is $7/car so if you plan to visit with your kids at least 8 times, you’ve paid for the annual pass.

    People interested in Indiana State Parks and find out more info at http://www.stateparks.IN.gov.

    1. Hi Ginger, Thanks! This article is from 2012 and at that time that was how much it cost. The internet lives forever! 🙂 We do not share or promote old articles so they found it on their own, we have many current articles but this is clearly not one of them.

    2. How stupid DNR officials are. You raised the pass from $36 to $50 and all you did was hurt the ones that live on a tight budget. By raising it to $50 I’m sure now you bring in less money. Now I’m wonder if your going to raise it again because of the inflation, lol. A park pass has nothing to do with inflation. It’s amazing. Now you have to charge people $50 for an annual pass just so they can walk around nature unbelievable

      1. Hi Ron, this change went into place around 2015. Also, you’re barking up the wrong tree. We aren’t DNR, we aren’t associated AND they won’t ever see this.

  2. Hi Katy,

    As you acknowledged, Internet content can live forever, depending on the practices of the host. As such, there’s a couple things that the author / website manager should consider:

    1) Put a date on all articles. Without it, readers won’t know when the article was written.

    2) Remove or update articles that users have found to be misleading.


    1. Hi Mark, The pass is good January – December the year that you purchase it, no matter when you buy it. It will cost the same if you buy it in January or if you buy it in December.

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