Indianapolis Area Chalk Art Festivals | 2019

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Sidewalk chalk is a huge staple at our house during the warm months. It’s on the shopping list right up there with toilet paper, bread and milk. Our sidewalk and driveway are welcoming seas of scribbles, scrawls and mostly indecipherable things.

Chalk Art Festivals in Indianapolis

I love talking my children to participate in the Indy area Chalk Art Festivals. We’re big fans of the annual events at both: Hamilton Town Center (June 15, 2019) and Garfield Park (TBA). This year we’re going to check out the Chalk Art event at the Indiana State Museum.

How to Participate in the Chalk Art Event

Sometimes we pull up a square and create our own mural on the ground and other times we just walk around and admire what everyone else has created.

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Great Chalk Out at the Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum invites families to get creative on the sidewalks around the museum! “Buy” a large square to decorate for $10 or a small square for $5. Chalk can be purchased for $3. The competition will take place inside if it rains. Prizes will be awarded for: Best Family Art; Best Child Art (age 7 and younger), Best Youth Art (ages 8-15) and Best Adult Art (ages 16+).


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Hamilton Town Center Chalk Art Festival

Hamilton Town Center also offers a festival on June 15th from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. where professional and amateur artists line the streets of the Center with beautiful chalk art creations. This event also features face painting, vendor booths, food for sale, a kid zone and even more fun!

Garfield Park Chalk Art Festival

The annual event at Garfield Park offers the chance for park-goers to participate in creating art on the sidewalks of the park. All ages are welcome, and you can even register for the chalk art competition!

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