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Indy Monthly Magic ShowLast night my family had the pleasure of attending the June Indy Monthly Magic show at Theatre on the Square. This month’s show was the fifth edition of Barely Legal, the show performed exclusively by young magicians. The average age of the performers last night was 15. We enjoyed the magic of Anthony Stockton (Joliet, IL), Nathan Colwell (Sherville, IN), Brendon Ware (Greenfield, IN), and Eli Marten (Toldeo, OH). We also enjoyed the pre-show magic of Anthony Boler right at our table. All of the young men were top-notch performers who kept the audience engaged throughout the show.

While the performers were young in years, they were big on talent. There were floating tables, unexplainable card tricks, and slight of hand action that dropped jaws. We laughed, we oohhed and we ahhhhed. My children were even called up on stage to participate in the on the square

The show was about two hours long with a 10 minute intermission. With a 7:30pm start time, it was a late night, but one that older children can handle (at least in the summer). Children around the age of 7 and older would probably do just fine. It’s a casual and intimate atmosphere, so the performers were very accessible after the show. My daughter left the show with a newfound interest in her magic kit, and my son left talking about the straight jacket escape we had just witnessed.

This monthly event happens on the first Tuesday of every month (check the website for exact show dates and schedule exceptions). Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children under 16. Family packs of tickets (2 adults and 2 children) is available for $55. See the Indy Magic Monthly website for more details.

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