15 Best Instant Pot Recipes

15 Best Instant Pot Recipes

I was really late to the Instant Pot party. It seemed like a fad gadget that I didn’t need—taking up valuable kitchen real estate only to be forgotten and tossed much like the juicer. But one can only see so many Instant Pot Instagrams before you start to covet the tender meat and short cook times of your friends’ dinners.

When I finally got my Instant Pot I started with rice. And it was good. Like really good.

All of the buttons are a little overwhelming and I wouldn’t say I’m a great cook to begin with. But with a little courage and help from the Instant Pot Trailblazers on the Internet, we’ve been able to try out many amazing recipes.

So here are 15 favorites from some of our favorite bloggers, farmers, and families.

Hoosier farming families continue working hard to produce the food you and your family enjoy every day. Thank you to our local soybean and corn farmers for sharing their favorite recipes. You can learn more about Indiana farmers and farming at The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Butter Beef Instant Pot RecipeInstant Pot Butter Beef

Do you ever feel like you have to sacrifice healthy for flavorful? Or, if you like then your kids won’t? Well, this 5 ingredient recipe proves those statements wrong. The Butter Beef recipe is low-card and KETO-friendly. And soon to be a new family favorite.

Recipe and photo by www.beyerbeware.net

Tavern SandwichInstant Pot Tavern Sandwiches

Tavern Sandwiches are a lot like Sloppy Joes with one very special ingredient. I’m not sure what makes it so wonderful, but this recipe is defintely a crowd favorite.

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifecooks.com


Instant Pot Chicken Tzatziki BowlsInstant Pot Chicken Tzatziki Bowls

Farmer’s Market season is just around the corner and this recipe is a great for those Indiana tomatoes and cucumbers. Not only a refreshing summer meal, it’s also only 30 minutes to make. Take the rest of your summer evening off!

Recipe and photo by www.fencerowtofencerow.com


Instant Pot Creamy ChickenInstant Pot Creamy Herb Chicken

My kids love pasta of all sorts, so we eat it a lot. For my own sanity, I switch it up a lot. This recipe is almost like a Chicken Alfredo—just as creamy and flavorful, but not too rich.

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifecooks.com

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese with HamInstant Pot Mac and Cheese with Ham

I love Mac and Cheese in all forms. I’m typically not picky, but with the discovery of this 10 minute receipt, we skip the box stuff. And with the ham, it’s actually a main dish (we pair it with broccoli).

Recipe and photo by www.beyerbeware.net

Instant Pot Shredded Beef BarbecueInstant Pot Shredded Beef Barbecue

Beef is one of those meats that needs a longer cook time to ensure the meat is tender. But this recipe makes up for that with 4 ingredients and virtually no prep. Just dump and go! Recipe and photo by www.theseoldcookbooks.com.

Instant Pot Buttery ChickenInstant Pot Buttery Chicken

Cooking chicken is scary. I’m always afraid I won’t cook it enough or I’ll cook it to the point of jerky. The Instant Pot takes out a lot of guess work, but this recipe is so juicy and flavorful. Put it over rice–did I mention how easy rice is to cook too?

Recipe and photo by www.theseoldcookbooks.com.

Best Instant Pot Pulled PorkInstant Pot Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is an absolute staple in my meal planning. It’s very versatile–we eat it on buns, in tacos, or sometimes just on a plate with a fork! I also love that we get at least two meals out of this recipe, or make it for a crowd!

Recipe and photo by plowingthroughlife.com.


 Instant Pot Chicken and Bacon CarbonaraInstant Pot Chicken and Bacon Carbonara

Did someone say bacon? Bacon seems to make everything better. This easy recipe only takes about 35 minutes and tastes a lot like the chicken carbonara at Olive Garden.

Recipe and photo by plowingthroughlife.com.

Farmhouse Instant Pot Loaded LasagnaFarmhouse Instant Pot Loaded Lasagna

Everyone loves an easier way to get dinner done. And this old fave is so easy in the Instant Pot. Customize it with your own favorite veggies and meats, or some fancy farm-fresh cheeses for a meal the whole family will enjoy.

Recipe and photo by plowingthroughlife.com.


nstant Pot Chicken, Rice and PeasInstant Pot Chicken Rice and peas

My family loves a good casserole. It’s a hug from your stomach on a cold day. It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to feed my family and have them eat it too!

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifefeeds.com.

Instant Pot Spaghetti

I’ve mentioned that my kids love spaghetti and we eat it at least every other week. Spaghetti is easy but this recipe makes it even easier. I like that I don’t get the sauce splatters all over my kitchen and the prep is relatively hands-off. My kids like that the noodles seem to have a little more of that spaghetti flavor. We call that a win-win din-din!

Recipe and photo by www.thebackroadlife.com.

Instant Pot Meatloaf and Mashed PotatoesInstant Pot Meatloaf

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes just bring me right back to my childhood. It’s the type of comfort food for me. Surprisingly enough,  I’ve discovered my kids like it too. But the best part of this recipe is it’s all done at once in the Instant Pot. A lot less prep and a lot less dirty dishes.

Recipe and photo by www.thebackroadlife.com.


Instant Pot Lasagna SoupInstant Pot Lasagna Soup

My kids usually don’t love the idea of soup. But call it pasta and they can’t get enough. The bow-tie pasta makes it especially festive for the little ones. And this recipe proves, it can taste good and look fun too!

Recipe and photo by www.chasing-saturdays.com.


Instant Pot Honey-BBQ RibsInstant Pot Honey BBQ Ribs

My family loves ribs. It one of our summer cookout staples. But with this Instant Pot recipe, you can have tender Ribs all year long and in a fraction of the time. Just think, you could be eating ribs in a little more than an hour from now.

Recipe and photo by www.myfearlesskitchen.com.

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