5 Things Moms and Dads Love about Kings Island

We’re getting to that point in our family where our kids, despite being born within 6 years of one another, need to experience different levels of adventure than their younger or older counterparts. What a challenge!

When Kings Island invited us to visit the park, their treat, we were so excited! When we told our children that we were taking them to Kings Island for their first visit, our eight year old squealed so loudly that I thought my ear drums might burst. Our younger ones, ages 2, almost 4, & 6, were a little confused and had questions about this “island” and the king that ruled it. We couldn’t wait to show them what amazing looks like.

Here are five things that moms and dads will LOVE when visiting Kings Island with their children;

A day at Kings Island is like a mini vacation from the stress of always taking care of everything for everyone.

Leave your entire day to the professionals — delicious food and snacks are available throughout the park. You can even take advantage of all day dining plans and no one will ever go hungry, I promise!

Purchase a souvenir bottle and enjoy free refills every 15 minutes, all day long.

Sometimes, parents don’t end up in a lot of photos with our kids during a busy day. Buy a Funpix photo pass and smile for the camera. Every photo taken of your family in the park is yours to download and share or print, for one low price.

Kings Island is perfect for kids of all ages.

In addition to having over nine miles of roller coaster track throughout the park, Planet Snoopy has been voted “Best Kids’ Area in the World” for 17 consecutive years by Amusement Today. With rides for littles, shows for the whole family and thrill rides for the bigs, everyone is going to have an amazing day.

Nostalgia from your childhood will take you back to the good old days.

Characters you can’t forget from when you were a kid, roller coasters you took a ride on when you were little, it’s all a part of that magical moment when you get to relive your time as a kid and see it through your child’s eyes. My husband remembers riding the Vortex and The Beast roller coasters with his dad, and was thrilled to take our daughter on them during our first visit.

Kings Island has families in mind.

With a huge collection of family rides that you can all enjoy together and the parent swap pass for rides that some children aren’t able to ride, there’s no reason the adults have to miss out on the fun. One adult waits in line with kids that meet the height requirements and the other adult stays behind with smaller kids. When the first adult is finished on the ride, the second adult skips the line and takes his or her turn on the ride and the kids get to ride again!

If you have small children with you, check out the Family Care Center where you’ll find large family restrooms, changing areas, nursing areas and a kitchen and dining space.

Take advantage of the special KidTrack wristbands that will help reunite you with your kiddos should you become separated.

It’s these small details that will make a big impact on your amazing day!

Kings Island offers a huge value when it comes to amusement parks.

You’ll get access to TWO parks for one price. Soak City water park has more than 50 water activities and is easily accessible from the main park. Spend your time in either park, or both! As if the rides and activities weren’t enough, you’ll love the foodie options, classic Kings Island favorites like the Blue Ice cream, live shows and more!

If you’re planning your trip now, be sure to look online at VisitKingsIsland.com for the latest deals. I found several great deals on the Funpix photo pass, souvenir cups and more online. You can also find the Indy Ultimate Saver at Indianapolis area Kroger locations, which includes admission, parking and free drinks for $39.99, a savings of $60.

Have a great time and maybe we’ll see you there!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kings Island.

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