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First it was slime, then it was bath bombs, now we’re into a whole new level of do it yourself bath and beauty products in our house. My kids love mixing and creating — add that to a little DIY spa day and we’re all in! We found the perfect place to take your kiddos who love lotions and bath bombs and bubble bath.

Make Your Own Lotions and Bath Stuff at Bath Junkie

Bath Junkie is a perfect little shop in Carmel for the person who wants to be pampered and also wants choices. I first started buying Bath Junkie products at the Junior League Holiday Mart a few years ago. I finally visited Bath Junkie in person with my friend Sierra when we did a tour of Hamilton County. We had so much fun making our own fragrances for custom bath salts and lotions, I just knew my kids would love Bath Junkie too.

Bath Junkie in Carmel with Kids

When you arrive, you will decide which products you would like to create. Select from items like lotions, salt scrubs, bath crystals, body mist, shower gel and others. Then you begin smelling the fragrances. You’ll create your own blend and the team at Bath Junkie will mix it up for you while you watch. You can even add color and some items have shimmer.

When your custom product is complete, you can name it and it will be bottled and labeled for you to take home. I’ve been loving my pink bath salts and matching lotion. I fragranced them to smell like one of my favorite perfumes from college: pink sugar.

Birthday Parties at Bath Junkie

Bath Junkie offers some fantastic party packages that are great for bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties for children and adults. Guests will create their own custom products and take them home! Parties take place in the store, or for larger parties, they can bring the fun to you! You’ll bring your own refreshments and take over the place. It’s a lot of fun!

More DIY Spa Items

We recently checked out Penn & Beech when we spent the day exploring Mass Ave. with our children. My kids made custom fragranced candles and it was a really fun project. Couple this with our Bath Junkie items and we have a complete set of pampering tools.

741 Hanover Place

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