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Dallara (4)HOT TIP: Kids 6 and under are always free!

Tommy is really into race cars. At age 4, race cars are all he talks about and (nearly) plays with. When we heard about an active race car factory, we couldn’t wait to have a visit and take a tour at the Dallara Indycar Factory!

Located in the heart of Speedway’s newly re-developed Main Street (1201 Main St., Speedway, IN 46224), is the Dallara Indycar Factory. The area now hosts a mix of new retail, along with the some of the older industrial buildings. For die-hard race car fans, Sarah Fisher’s race shop is currently being built next door to Dallara!

Inside the factory is an exhibit area where several race cars are on display. In addition, there were engines, transmissions and a chassis to look at. There were not many hands-on exhibits for young children; most of the exhibits were display only. One of the hands-on exhibits was a carbon fiber weight and stiffness display. Many exhibits featured short videos alongside the display.

Dallara (3)

We first got there a little before the tour started at 11 a.m. The tour lasts about 1 hour. It involved a decent amount of walking so bring your walking shoes, and keep in mind that there is nowhere to sit during the tour. On Saturday, the factory is not fully staffed so there are many workbenches but no staff working them. A better day to see the full activity of the factory would be to go on a weekday (they are closed on Sunday).

Tommy was the youngest kid there. Most of the children at the tour and exhibit area were elementary school aged. Although he loved the tour and the race car simulator, most of the activities were geared towards older kids. No matter, the tour certainly made an effect on him; he talked about it and asked questions after we got home!

Dallara Factory is open from Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The first tour was at 11 a.m. Be sure to check out details before you go on the website, Facebook page or call (317) 243-7171 to make sure they are not closed for a private event.

Adults are $5, but the garage tour is an extra $5. Seniors and children under 12 are $5. Children age 6 and under are free (so Tommy was Dallara (2)free). This would also be a great place to take a grandparent! There is plenty of free angled parking on the street.

Although we didn’t take a stroller or see anyone with one, the factory and exhibit area is all one level and they seem to allow for it. All in all, it’s worth the trip for the race car enthusiast, even at age 4, but I would recommend leaving baby (like our Lily, who is 1) with Grandma!

1201 Main Street

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