Flat Fork Creek Park for Adventure Seekers | Spectacular Tree Houses, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Sledding Hill

Flat Fork Creek Park for Adventure Seekers | Spectacular Tree Houses, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Sledding Hill

Flat Fork Creek Park is a glimpse at the return of real “retro play.” You know, when kids ran out into the woods, built forts, climbed trees, poked at things with sticks, tossed stones, and ran free into the brush.

This year-round park offers outdoor recreation like nowhere else in Central Indiana. With two miles of progressive mountain bike courses, a 60-foot sledding hill that makes it the highest point in Hamilton County, a stocked fishing pond, 60 acres of green space, a creek for stomping in, nature trails, and three tree houses connected by a paved trail system, free play is king!

Flat Fork Creek Park

Located at 101st Street and Cyntheanne Road on the East side of Fishers, Flat Fork Creek Park boasts over 60 acres of unique and diverse amenities for every age, ability, and interest. You won’t find your typical park playground at Flat Fork Creek Park. What you will find is acre after acre of woods, trees, trails, creeks, and other natural spaces to run, explore, and interact with.

Climb Tree Houses

Three wooden tree houses of varying styles soar high into the sky and provide “forts” for kids to stake out, call base, or use pulleys and levers to raise a flag. One of these tree houses is fully ADA accessible and the other two have ADA paths that get very close. The tree houses are a perfect place for observing wildlife and enjoying a scenic view overlooking Flat Fork Creek.

My kids loved climbing up the stairs, ladders, and ramps to each tree house. Each tree house was unique and offered a different view of the park. If your kids are really into tree houses, check out tree house cabins in Mohican State Park for an unforgettable overnight stay!

a boy and his mom look down from a treehouse in the woods surrounded by lush green leaves on trees

Explore Mountain Biking Trails

The two miles of mountain biking trails make a perfect launch pad for bikers learning the ropes and progressively provide a challenge for more skilled riders. The trail winds throughout the woods and includes various ramps and technical features for both beginning and advanced bikers.

When my little guy was just four years old, he was able to stay on the flat dirt path with little hills. It was thrilling for him as it took him through tall fields of grass and on paths passing parts of nature he’d never seen before. Some of the ramps and paths through the woods were very steep and looked very exciting for skilled bikers. I’m sure my boys will love coming back year after year to try more advanced routes.

a bike trail winds through a grassy park in the background. in the foreground, a dog, child, and adult walk down the hill towards the path.

Play in the Creek

While there is so much to do at Flat Fork Creek Park, we always end up at the creek. My kids love creek stomping on a hot summer day. They splash around in the water, skip stones, hunt for crawfish, and build little ponds for the minnows they find. Flat Fork Creek usually has trees that hang over the water or logs that have fallen into the water, so there is always something to hang off of or balance on.

We usually end our time with creek stomping so the kids aren’t all wet for the rest of the visit. Once they’ve run around and climbed and biked to their hearts’ desire, they are usually ready to be cooled off in the creek. They love bringing little fishing nets to catch minnows and crawfish with as well as shovels and buckets for digging ponds. Water shoes are best for this activity. And don’t forget a change of clothes!

a boy in green crouches down on the side of the creek pointing to his brother playing in the creek. a tree has fallen and lays in the creek and a dog explores in the creek.

Catch Fish in the Stocked Pond

A fully stocked pond is available for fishing at the front of the park. This space will be monitored and stocked by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. A state fishing license is required to fish in the pond (ages 17 and under do not need a license). The pond is a favorite spot for residents to come and drop a line and enjoy a day of fishing.

Sled Down the Tallest Hill in Hamilton County

When the snow hits Central Indiana, you can bet that Flat Fork Creek Park will be buzzing with sleds, sleighs, tubes, and disks. The zigzagged, paved path takes you up 60 feet to the top of the tallest hill in Hamilton County and the highest hill you’ll find for sledding anywhere around here! The best part about the sledding hill at Flat Fork Creek Park is that it is right next to the parking lot and restrooms! So there is no long walk to the hill from the car or the bathroom!

3 children stand with saucer sleds at the bottom of a snow covered sledding hill in the background with many children going down the hill

Enjoy Paved and Dirt Trails

The paved multi-use trails and boardwalk that loops around the park are ADA accessible. The ramp that leads to the top of the sledding hill is also paved, allowing visitors of all abilities to enjoy one of the best views in all of Fishers.

I let my boys ride their bikes on the boardwalk around the park while I walk with my dog along the path into the woods. We then meet in the middle and leave the bikes while we explore. We usually spend time hiking in the woods on dirt paths, climbing tree houses, playing in the creek, and being all-in with nature. There’s never a time when we’ve taken the same route and that is something that I love about this park.

Flat Fork Creek Park Amenities

The covered shelter area features picnic tables, including wheelchair-ready tables, and heated bathrooms. Shelters with picnic tables can be rented for birthday parties and family get-togethers year-round. Parking is located in the park right next to the sledding hill and picnic shelters.

several children stand behind a fallen log in the woods. the sun shines through the woods and under a bridge directly behind the group.

Flat Fork Creek Park is a great place to run, bike, hike, and exercise if you’re trying to get fit. Adults will get their workout in trying to keep up with their kids. It’s also a great place to come without the kids to make the most of the exhilarating and difficult terrain on a bike or by foot.

I started coming here with my kids when they were little but I know we will continue to make the trek out to Fishers for this park. There is so much to do if you’ve got an adventurer and the progressively thrilling ramps, hills, and trails will continue to interest my kids for years to come. If you’ve got a brave child with a never-ending thirst for thrills, you might think about introducing them to BMX racing. Or for more excitement in the winter, try snow tubing at Kotweei Seasonal Slopes!

a boy in a red shirt balances on a fallen log over a tiny creek in a wooded park. a boy in a blue shirt is at the end of the log jumping off and onto the dirt path ahead. a dog is in the foreground in the shallow creek.

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Visit Flat Fork Creek Park for Adventure Seekers | Spectacular Tree Houses, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Sledding Hill

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