Flat Fork Creek Park

Flat Fork Creek Park is a glimpse at the return of real “retro play”. You know, when kids ran out into the woods, build forts, climbed trees, poked at things with sticks, tossed stones and ran free into the brush.

This year round park offers outdoor recreation like nothing else in Central Indiana. With two miles of progressive mountain bike courses, a 50 foot sledding hill that makes it the highest point in Hamilton County, a stocked fishing pond, 59 acres of green space and three tree houses connected by a paved trail system, free play is king!

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You won’t find your typical park playground at Flat Fork, what you will find is acre after acre of woods, trees, trails and other natural spaces to run, explore and interact with. Three wooden tree houses of varying styles provide “forts” for kids to stake out, call base or use pulleys and levers to raise a flag. One of these tree houses is fully ADA accessible and the other two have ADA paths that get very close.

progressive mountain bike trails flat fork creek park fishers indiana indianapolis indy kids
The two miles of mountain biking trails make a perfect launch pad for bikers learning the ropes and progressively provide a challenge for more skilled riders.

A fully stocked pond is available for fishing at the front of the park. This space will be monitored and stocked by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
flat fork creek fishers 50 Foot Sledding Hill hamilton county indy indiana

When the snow hits Central Indiana, you can bet that Flat Fork Creek Park will be buzzing with sleds, sleighs, tubes and disks — the zigzagged, paved path takes you 50 feet to the top of the hill, likely they highest hill you’ll find for sledding in these parts!

The covered shelter area features picnic tables, including wheel chair ready tables, and heated bathrooms. Parking is located in the park.

16141 East 101 St.

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