The 25 Best Snow Sledding Hills in Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas | Includes Map

Does a snowy forecast have your kids dreaming of winter days on a sledding hill? Once those winter snowflakes really start falling, everyone can get excited and start digging out their cold-weather gear. Sledding will happen in Indianapolis! Here’s our list of the best snow sledding hills in Indianapolis.

You will have to bring all of your own equipment when you visit these locations (unless noted otherwise) and for the love of Frosty, please don’t forget your warm clothes (waterproof clothing is best) and GLOVES! Seriously! Keep in mind that you will typically need sunblock and chapstick, even when it’s not warm out or the sun seems to be hiding.

Sledding is only allowed during daylight hours at the following locations. Please practice safe sledding. See the interactive map below to find sledding hills near you.

Sledding Hills Near Me

Sledding Hills Inside the Indianapolis Loop

Brookside Park Indianapolis

3500 Brookside Pkwy S. Drive, Indianapolis

Park at the top of the hill and slide down! Sledding at Brookside Park gives you lots of space to spread out and avoid others. Clear of trees and bushes.

Brookside Park Sledding Hill, Indianapolis
Sledding Hill at Brookside Park, Indianapolis

Christian Park Indianapolis

4200 English Ave., Indianapolis

There’s a fun sledding hill available behind the swimming pool at Christian Park. Varying levels of slope angles give a great sledding experience for many ages.

Christian Park Sledding Hills, Indianapolis
Sledding Hill at Christian Park, Indianapolis

Ellenberger Park Indy

5301 East St Clair Street, Indianapolis

This Indy Park sledding hill is a lot of fun for everyone. Sledding hills of different sizes allow for younger ones to enjoy a less fierce sled ride and older kids can select a bigger slope to go down.

Garfield Park Indianapolis

2450 S. Shelby St, Indianapolis

Find the perfect sledding hill right off Garfield Drive. There are two hills near the Garfield Arts Center.

Holliday Park Indianapolis

6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis

This hidden gem of a sledding hill is a favorite for families with little ones. While it’s not an official Indy Parks sledding site and we’ve been sworn to secrecy when it comes to location, if you park near the Habitat Hall Nature Center, you’ll find it pretty quickly. Through the end of February, you can also go ice skating while you’re there!

Rhodius Park Indy

1001 S. Belmont St., Indianapolis

The southwest corner of Rhodius Park has a sledding hill.

Park Tudor Indianapolis

7200 N. College Ave, Indianapolis

The sledding hills at Park Tudor are fun for many ages and thrill levels. Park in the lot near the football stadium and use the shorter hill near the stadium or the bigger hills behind the buildings.

Sledding Hill at Park Tudor, Indianapolis
Sledding Hill at Park Tudor, Indianapolis

Snow Sledding Hills on the North Side of Indianapolis (Hamilton County)

Simon Moon Park in Westfield

2710 E 171st St, Westfield

Slide down “the hill” on the east side or the south side.

Heritage Park in Fishers

10595 Eller Rd, Fishers

Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers

16141 East 101 St., Fishers

The 50-foot sledding hill is ADA-compliant and a favorite with locals.

Sledding Hill at Flat Fork Creek Park, Fishers

West Park in Carmel

2700 W 116th St, Carmel

Northview Church Sledding Hill in Carmel

12900 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel

The sloping lawns surrounding Northview Church turn into a massive sledding hill with the arrival of snow. Bring your own sled!

Sledding Hill at Northview Church, Carmel

Koteewi Run in Noblesville

11800 Koteewi Dr, Noblesville
Admission Charged

Machine-made snow keeps the hill at Koteewi Run open even when other options are done for the season. You’ll pay to use this snow tubing hill, but innertubes are provided and a tow line will take you and your snow tube back up the hill. Nighttime and daytime hours make the Koteewi slope a viable option for many families.

Forest Park in Noblesville

701 Cicero Road, Noblesville

The tubing hill at Forest Park is found near the lodge.

Find all the best sledding hills near Indianapolis. Forest Park Sledding Hill, Noblesville.
Sledding Hill at Forest Park, Noblesville

Snow Sledding Hills on the East Side of Indianapolis

Paul Ruster Park in Indy

11300 E. Prospect St., Indianapolis

The Paul Ruster Park sledding hill is near the parking lot. It’s a great option for many ages since its incline is just right to pick up a little speed without losing control. Without trees and obstacles, it’s okay to embrace that speed!

Southeastway Park in New Pal

5624 S Carroll Rd, New Palestine

Fort Harrison State Park in Indy

6000 N. Post Road, Indianapolis
$7 per vehicle

Fort Ben has the largest sledding hill in Indy. This popular place to go sledding is beloved by many families.

Christ Presbyterian Church Sledding Hill

7879 Carroll Road, McCordsville

This church has a sledding hill that’s popular in the community.

Christ Presbyterian Church, Lawrence

Lawrence Soccer Complex

5301 North Franklin Road, Lawrence

City of Lawrence Soccer Complex
City of Lawrence Soccer Complex

Riley Park in Greenfield

1002 East 2nd Street, Greenfield

Riley Park has a few different sizes of hills to choose from

Memorial Park in Fortville

400 W Church St, Fortville

There’s a sledding hill behind the skate park on the east side of the park. This hill is popular for families with younger kiddos who might not be ready to brave the hills at Flat Fork Creek Park.

Snow Sledding Hills on the West Side of Indianapolis

Washington Township Park in Avon

115 S. County Rd 575, Avon

The best sledding spot is near the large shelter.

sledding hill at Washington Township Park, Avon, Indiana
Washington Township Park, Avon

Hummel Park in Plainfield

1500 S. Center St., Plainfield

The Hummel Park sledding hill can be found near the parking lot.

Sledding on the South Side of Indianapolis

Freedom Park Greenwood

850 Stop 18 Rd, Greenwood

Find a large sledding hill that’s perfect for many ages. It’s not too steep but provides a good ride. When they’re cleared, the steps to the top of the hill make it easier to get back up with your sled.
See more info and photos here for the Freedom Park sledding hill.

Freedom Park sledding hill, Greenwood
Sledding Hill at Freedom Park, Greenwood

Glenn’s Valley Park Indianapolis

8015 Bluff Road, Indianapolis

Be aware that there are very few parking spots available during busy times.

Jimmy Nash City Park Martinsville

360 N. Home Avenue, Martinsville

This is a very steep, 400-foot-long sledding hill! When Martinsville schools are out for snow, Martinsville Parks & Recreation provides hot cocoa and a fire in the Family Pavilion!

Providence Park Franklin

396 Branigin Blvd, Franklin

Find many daring areas throughout the park.

Warm up with some hot cocoa at one of these cozy spots.

Ice skating is another favorite winter pastime!

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