37 Things to do in the Snow

It looks like we may have a few snow days in the forecast this winter. Bundle up and have some good old fashioned fun in the snow. Some of these will work best for climates that are below freezing multiple days in a row or places that get a LOT of snow. Here in Central Indiana we have days (and weeks) like that too; it’s just not as consistent. Have no fear, most of these will provide hours of snow day fun for the little and big kids in your life.

Snowball toss

Snowball toss Bozo bucket style… dust off those beach buckets and set them up in a line then toss snowballs in. See who can make the most buckets. This is perfect for j kids of all ages. Make it more challenging with smaller buckets, the toss line further away or spin around and get dizzy before tossing.

Make a Snow Road

Make a snow road for your Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars… Dig out a road for them to follow. Incorporate different sites to stop at along the way; a forest of trees, a pile of leaves, mulch or dirt for “muddin”.

Snow Construction Site

While you’re building a road, why not add a snow construction site. Dig, fill, dump, repeat. Easy peasy.

Paint the Snow

Mix water with food coloring and fill squirt bottles, turkey basters or droppers to emulate Jackson Pollack. Use paint brushes in your mixture to paint a colorful scene.

Create a Snow Kitchen

Use your mud kitchen as a snow kitchen or create a snow kitchen with an old cart, picnic table, or plastic play kitchen. Gather some small scale pots, pans, utensils and see what snow creations your kiddo can create.

Snow Stew

No “kitchen” necessary! Gather grass, dirt, rocks, branches, leaves, and obviously snow in a big pot or bucket. Stir it up and serve to your loved ones. Yum!

Build a Snowman

You can’t go wrong with a traditional snowman–button eyes, carrot nose, and scarf around the neck. Try branching out a bit and give your snowman some personality. Try a floppy beach hat, bikini top, and flip flops. Maybe an old jacket or button up top with a fedora and bushy eyebrows.

Build a Snow Family

Use a pacifier and onesie for the baby, a dress and wig (or ornamental grass) for the mom, and a tie and hat for the dad.

Have a Snowman Building Competition

Schedule a friendly competition between neighboring houses. See who can be the most creative or extravagant. Winner gets their driveway shoveled!

Snow Angels

The timeless tradition of laying on your back and waving your arms and legs back and forth will never disappoint.

Snow Faces on Tree Trunks

Smash snow balls of different sizes onto a tree trunk to construct silly faces. Bonus if you have a grouping of trunks in your yard.

Build a Fort

Building a fort is best when the snow is wet and can pack easily. Use Tupperware or buckets to make bricks and construct walls and doorways. Or try your hand at an igloo. Check out the how-to’s here.

Make Snow Luminaries

Fill balloons with water and freeze. Once the balloon is frozen, remove latex and set directly on top of a battery operated tea light… Make snow marbles when you add food coloring. Takes about a day or so for the water to freeze but adds such a pretty effect to an empty flower pot, a fairy garden, a walkway or porch.

Make a Snow Maze

You can build but if you don’t have the patience make walls then wait for a good, heavy two feet of snowfall and just walk around creating a path. Planning out a maze prior would be helpful but just winging it while you’re in the backyard is a challenge as well. Shovel or stomp out your path then let the littles race through.

Sun Catchers

Place a drop of food coloring and snow in empty yogurt containers and drop a long string into each essentially connecting them to each other. When they freeze solid, gently pull off the container and hang colorful ice strings from branches or overhangs.

Natural Sun Catchers

Find winter berries and pretty twigs to freeze in  shallow ice then create natural sun catchers.

Shovel Snow

A good workout, and oddly enough kids usually want to help. Driveways, sidewalks, and walkways to the front door are solid options. Don’t forget around the mailbox. Have the kids help sprinkle salt to keep the paths from getting slippery. Help out the neighbors and do their driveways too.

Snowball Fight

A friendly game with the kids verses parents or grab the neighbors and launch them across the street at each other.

Make a Hopscotch Path

Use spray chalk to make your marks. Plot points of movement in addition to numbered squares; jumping jacks, spinning, snow angels, one legged hopping.

Track Animals Prints

Get close to the ground and look for foot prints from our furry and feathers friends. Find a print but not sure what it is? Snap a picture and help the kids research it online.


Even without a hilly yard, getting pulled around while on a sled is a thrill, especially for the younger kids.

Tug of War

Build up a soft pile of snow between the two “teams”. Grab a rope, cord or long length of jute. Ready, set, pull.

Snow Dodgeball

Like a snowball fight but with a preset & premade “ball” limit. Line the balls through the center of both teams and countdown to start. Great for older kids or even adults, grab some like minded neighbors for a friendly battle.

Relay Races

Set obstacles such as jumping over snow piles, climbing up and going down a slide, run around a lawn chair or tree–be creative and use what you have in your yard.

Snow Mini Golf

Dig a path from the snow and set “holes” at the end. Use an empty wrapping paper roll (or golf putter) and a ping pong ball to play through.

Glow in the Dark Snow Hunt

Use glow sticks and plastic balls (or easter eggs). Read how to do in our Christmas Ball Hunt article!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

An outdoor take on a traditional party game. Build a snowman and have the kids take turns “pinning the nose” on him while blind folded. A skinny carrot or a bottle cap would work great.

Football in the Snow

Bundle up and toss around a football. No reason playing catch in the backyard has to end just because there’s snow on the ground.

Snow baseball

With the same mindset as playing football in the snow bring out the mitts and baseballs. Stay loose for Spring training.

Footprint Tag

Like regular tag but the “it” person or chaser can only step in the footprints of others. Harder than it sounds.

Hide and seek

Take an item and hide it in the yard. Have the kiddos seek it out. It’s really easy with colorful balls or big items, and more challenging with white golf or ping pong balls.

Pretend Play

Barbie and GI Joe can go skiing or sledding with Popsicle stick skis or plastic lid sled. They deserve a winter holiday, right?

Make a Bird Feeder

Mix snow with cranberries and birdseed and freeze. Then hang for our feathered friends on tree branches.

Snow Tea Party

Gather your tea party cups and saucers. Make some finger sandwiches and spread a table cloth on the picnic table. Raise a pinky to “snow day memories.”

Snow Volcano

Teach the kids about chemical reactions and watch the lava flow when you make a snow volcano. Extra awesome because you will be outside and who cares if the ground gets messy.  Follow these easy directions: littlebinsforlittlehands.com.

Target Practice

Set up a target and practice your aim with snowballs.

Snow Potato Head

Grab the Mr. Potato Head accessories and play with them in the snow. Build a body and add on the colorful, plastic pieces.

Bundle Up and Head Outdoors.

Have fun and make some memories. Whether you’re outside for 10 minutes or three hours have a hot cup of cocoa ready for everyone when the outdoor fun ends. Serve with popcorn and you’ll have some happy kiddos. Check out these fun popcorn recipes to change things up a bit.

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