100+ Best Indoor Activities For Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

Regardless of the weather, sometimes you just want to hang out indoors. We have the cure for cabin fever, the rainy day blues, or when it’s too hot to play outside. With our list of 100+ Indoor Activities for Kids, you’re sure to find something for everyone’s personality and style. Don’t forget to bookmark this page–you want to be sure to catch updates and new ideas.

Written by Stephanie Greenwald, Angie Teed, & Ashely Toler

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Aluminum Foil Art

For this masterpiece, you need cardboard, glue, thick yarn, scissors, aluminum foil, and permanent markers. Glue your yarn to the cardboard in any design you want and cover it with the foil, making sure to trace the edges of the yarn with your finger to make sure it produces. Wear some old clothes, while you use permanent markers to give your design some final touches!

Faux Fashion Design

Gather up scraps of fabric, ribbon, rubber bands, pipe cleaners- anything goes in fashion! Have your kids create a whole new outfit or costume for their favorite stuffed animals.

Paint like Picasso

Find your watercolors, acrylics, or even paint pens and let the kids channel their inner Picasso. Give them all different sizes of brushes or maybe even stamps. Be sure to have them put old t-shirts or smocks over their clothes and cover your table with newspaper to keep things from getting too messy.

Make An Art Show

Do your kids have designs that they’ve made and now have nowhere to go? Make them into a show. They can display their art, or even lego designs, around a room. Have them create invitations to share with family and neighbors and host a virtual art exhibit. They’ll have a blast taking visitors on tours to explain their designs. Maybe they’ll even send some art home as a souvenir.

Shake Marble Art

For this activity, you need acrylic paint, marbles, tape, heavy paper, and a container. (We usually use a cardboard box lid.) You can cut your paper into shapes (hearts for Valentine’s Day, trees or stars for Christmas) or leave whole. Tape your paper to the box lid, drop a few dollops of paint sporadically, and drop in the marbles. While holding it level, shake your box lid from side to side. (Littles may need a helping hand with this step.) Keep shaking side-to-side and top-to-bottom until you have your desired design. The finished product will look very Jackson Pollock-esque. (After you finish, maybe introduce the kids to some of his work.)

Shaving Cream Art

This artwork is almost like magic. You need a container, shaving cream, food coloring, card stock, something to stir (a toothpick or kabob stick work great), and something to swipe. (I usually use a stiff piece of cardboard or a used up gift card for this last part.) Squirt your shaving cream into your container, sprinkle a few drops of food coloring on top, swirl with your stick, then lay your cardstock over top and push into the shaving cream. Pull it up and swipe all the shaving cream off. The pigments that are captured on the cardstock will be a swirling beauty!

Salt and Glue Art

Squeeze some glue onto construction paper into a word or design of your choosing. Sprinkle salt, covering the glue. Use a wet brush and watercolor paints to tap color into the salt and create a masterpiece.

Face or Body Painting

Grab some finger paint and paint a belly, arms and legs. Get creative and paint monsters on bellies and flowers down an arm, or paint their faces into their favorite character. Get brave and make memories- pass over the paint and let them doodle designs on you!

Write A Book

Do your kids always have a story to tell? Is there something they want to teach someone else how to do? Have them write a book about it. They can use paper and crayons, or even create with an app such as Book Creator or a website like Shutterfly. Their creations are sure to be one of a kind.

Washable Marker Tattoos

Lay down on your stomach and let the kids tattoo you with washable markers. They’ll think it’s fun coloring on you, and you get to lay still. Win-win! Just remember to hide the sharpies. Brave enough to be doodled where you (and others) can see? Try out a sleeve tattoo instead!

Drawing Videos

There are so many videos available on social media to teach kids to draw. Grab paper, pencils, and markers or crayons and work on those drawing skills. We love The Art Room with Mrs. Salee for super easy to draw pictures and Mo Willems to get our creative juices flowing

Alternative Paint Brushes

Paint with something other than a traditional paint brush. Grab anything other than a paintbrush and see how difficult the “brushes” are. The kids will enjoy the alternative to regular painting. Options are endless: leaves, q-tips, sticks, sponges, celery sticks, or whatever you have laying around the house.

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Athletics & Sports

Set Up a Bowling Alley

If you don’t happen to have a play set of bowling pins, you can make your own using any cardboard tube. Cut paper towel rolls in half and set them up like bowling pins. Use any ball to “bowl” with or make one from a pair of rolled up socks.

Indoor Ice Skating

Ask your kids to put on their thickest socks along with a few more pairs. When they have plenty of cushions, turn on the figure skating music and have them ice skate across your hardwood or tile floor. Maybe they’ll decide to dress in costume and make it a themed show, like Disney on Ice. It may also turn into a hockey game with a soft ball and cardboard hockey sticks!

Nerf Battle

Test out those nerf guns, then choose yours for battle. Give each person plenty of ammo and possibly some protective glasses, then hide around your house. Run room to room searching for family members and dodging hits. Everyone can pitch in for a bullet cleanup when the battle’s been won.

Hide and Seek

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest member of your family will enjoy this game. Make your ground rules (only hide in certain rooms), then choose the “Seeker.” The Seeker will count to a number while everyone else hides. Then, he or she will find each person. The last one found wins and earns the Seeker spot for the next game.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Grab a large plastic tote and create an indoor swimming pool. Lay towels under the tote, grab some action figures or Barbie dolls and “go swimming”. The kids can wear their bathing suits and sunglasses to pretend play.

Indoor Basketball

Pull out the Little Tikes basketball hoop, hoops on your bedroom doors, or even laundry baskets. Grab a small plastic basketball and make your family rules. Mom and Dad or older siblings may need to play on their knees or shoot only from the outside. No matter how you dribble, the whole family is guaranteed to have fun!

Family Workout

Have each family member choose an exercise and do each for one minute. Repeat as many times as you want. You can also follow a YouTube workout such as PE with Joe.

Floor is Lava

Strategically place pillows and blankets on the floor so you can walk, hop,or jump and never actually touch the floor. See how long the kids can stay off the carpet.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Make snowballs out of tissue paper or use any soft balls you can find. Then, take your positions behind chairs, the couch, etc. Countdown to the start of the snowball fight together. See how many snowballs you can dodge!

Mini Golf

Make obstacles out of pillows or toys around the house. Use plastic cups as the holes. Then, find your putters and golf balls and make your own scorecard as you wander from hole to hole.

Pillow Fight

Grab the bed pillows and start swinging. Set some ground rules if necessary. Make sure breakables are tucked away. We suggest a safe word that indicates the “fight” must stop. It’s a great way to get out aggression and burn some energy.

Relay Races

Split into teams and grab some clothes that can fit everyone–a large shirt, shoes, shorts, and hat. Put the shirt and hat on one end of a room and the shorts and shoes on the other end. The teams can take turns to see how long it takes to go from one end of the room to the other getting dressed, then crossing the finish line.

Dance Party

Turn up the music and get everybody moving! Take turns playing each kid’s favorite songs. Maybe even dress up like a recital. Got a shy kid? Give everyone glow sticks and turn off the lights!

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Cooking & Food

Work Through a Cookbook

Grab one off the shelf, order a special one online, or check out a kids’ cookbook at the library. Work your way through from start to finish. Try one that sharpens your kids’ kitchen skills or broadens their horizons with cuisine from around the world.

Bake a Treat Together

You don’t have to be a Master Chef. It can be as simple as a Mug cake in the microwave or as extravagant as a cupcake decorating contest. The best part is the time spent together. (And eating the goodies, of course!)

Cook Off Challenge

Challenge everyone to make a dish, taste test the results, and declare a winner! You can make anything from a pot of chili to the best peanut butter sandwich.

Make Popcorn on the Stove

My kids love watching the kernels explode! We use our cast iron skillet, a bit of oil in the bottom, a handful of popcorn kernels, and a lid. Once things get going, be sure to vent the lid to avoid burning. Top with your favorite toppings or check out some of our favorite recipes.

Rock Candy Experiment

Rock candy is super easy to make. A few ingredients and some patience is all you need.

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Paper Mâché

All it takes is equal parts flour and water to create just about anything. Take a stab at masks, bowls, animals, balloons, or go with the classic science fair experiment; a volcano!

Paint Rocks

Rocks of any shape, size or texture are super easy and fun to paint. If you’re up for it, paint faces, rainbows, and phrases on them or keep it basic with bright colors. Hide them around your neighborhood or parks when the weather warms up again.

Cardboard Box Mask

Cut off the side of a cardboard box. Make different cuts for “hair” or face shape. Don’t forget eye holes. Then paint and decorate with glitter, rhinestones, and ribbons.

Wax Resist Leaf Prints

Grab a fallen leaf from outside, put it under a piece of printer paper, and rub a white candle over top. After you are pleased with your rubbing, use water colors (or make your own with a bit of food coloring and water) to paint over top. The parts of the leaf that protruded will resist the paint. Voila! Masterpiece!

Stained Glass

Use painter’s or masking tape to create a design on a large glass window or door. Add a bit of dish soap to acrylic paint and create your masterpiece. No worries, it will clean right off glass with a wet cloth when you’re ready, but you’ll probably want to leave this masterpiece up for a bit.

Neighbor Craft Kits

Did you find an easy craft that your kids loved? Have them make it for your neighbors, then include supplies and directions for them to do it, too. Here are the Coffee Filter Flowers we shared.

Natural Dye

Instead of store bought dye to make a funky tie dye shirt, try experimenting with nature’s dyes. Use beets for pink, black beans for blue, and spinach for green. Use what you’d normally discard while prepping dinner and create something beautiful.


Whether you are an avid seamstress, or both beginners, you can work together with your kids to make something special and develop a skill that may come in handy in the future. Try a simple cross stitch to get started, like this one.

Salt Dough Ornaments

These are fun any time of year. If you have table salt, flour, and water, you have the fixings for salt dough. Salt dough is simple to make and can be formed into numerous shapes. Go traditional with handprints, or get creative; find cookie cutters or cut with a dull knife.

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DIY at Home

DIY Squishies

This homemade toy always turns out so neat! With littles, you may want to have them describe or sketch out their design before getting started. You will need a variety of duct tape colors (depending on design), pillow fluff, push pin, scissors, and a plastic shopping sack for this activity. You are going to take a handful of fluff, put it in the corner of your plastic bag, wad the bag up into a ball shape, and begin taping your design. Once you are pleased with how it is decorated, use the push pin to poke several holes in the squishy. You have enough holes when you give it a squeeze and it quickly inflates!

Make Bath Bombs

Do your babes live for bath time? Bring life and play back to tiny toys by hiding them in diy bath bombs. Double the fun here, getting to help make them and then putting them to use! On a roll with tub fun? Try this simple recipe for jelly soaps.

DIY Lava Lamp

Bring back memories for you and make some new ones for your kids with this fun science experiment. There are a few varieties you can make, depending on what ingredients you have handy. This one uses AlkaSeltzer and this one uses salt to create the oil bubbles.

Homemade Playdough

Your kids can help with this easy playdough recipe. All you need is flour, salt, boiling water, oil, food coloring (optional), and cream of tartar. (If you don’t have cream of tartar on hand, no worries! You can still follow this recipe. The dough just won’t last as long.) Add the specified quantities together and allow to cool. Once cool, color can be added, if desired. Then break out your playdough toys. When they’re done playing, just store the playdough in zip lock bags.

Try Out DIY Slime Recipes

There are so many ways to make slime. SO. MANY. WAYS. My kids want to do “slime school”, where we test out a different recipe every day. (I’m thinking every few days, but we’ll see who wins out here.) The types on our syllabus include Snow Slime, Floam, Hot Chocolate Slime, Glow in the Dark, Magnetic Slime, Color Changing Slime, Erupting Slime, Butter Slime, and even Edible Slime.

DIY Popper

This fun activity can use marshmallows, little pom pom balls, or even small wads of paper. All you need is a paper or plastic cup, scissors, and a balloon. First, tie a knot in an empty balloon. Then, cut a bit off the top of the balloon and the bottom of the cup. Stretch the balloon over the bottom of the cup. Fill the cup with your chosen objects from above, gently pull back on the tied part of the balloon, and let them fly!

DIY Wings

Grab a couple wire hangers and some old stockings or tights. Any color will work. Add sparkle with glued on rhinestones or glitter.

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Feel Good Fun

Spa Treatments

Look up the recipe for a natural (and safe for Littles) face mask, make a sugar scrub, cut up cucumbers, turn on some relaxing music, and have some spa time. Everyone loves some pampering!


Meditation provides kids of all ages tools to combat negative energy and act with respect and appreciation. Have the kids lay down and close their eyes. Tell them to take a few deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth), then ask them to focus all their energy on their right foot; noticing how it feels and then releasing the tension. Take a deep breath and move onto another body part. Work your way up the body until they are relaxed.


Yoga has tons of benefits for everyone, but especially for kids. These include stress management with breathing and centering techniques, increased flexibility and strength, and improved concentration. Plus, some of the positions are sure to induce some giggles. (My kids think happy baby poses are hilarious.) Grab a yoga mat, or a towel if you don’t have one, and do this alongside them. One of our favorite yoga channels to watch is Cosmic Kids.


PIck up some cheap makeup or grab stuff you’re about to toss and let the kids give you a makeover. Definitely take pictures to preserve their artistry forever. We are sure you’ll be beautiful!

Get Out the Holiday Decor

There always seems to be another holiday around the corner. Why not decorate? Cut out paper snowflakes, hearts, shamrocks, or pumpkins. Pull out the holiday bins. Use window markers, window clings, or paper signs and garlands to show the outside world your next celebration.

Do Some Good

You can make a difference in someone’s day without stepping out the front door. Using supplies around the house you can create postcards for cancer patients with Send Kids The World, drawings for nursing home residents with Color>Give>Smile, or send letters or cards to deployed soldiers with Support Our Troops.

Teach a Life Skill

Teach your kids how to do laundry, wash dishes, load the dishwasher, or sweep and vacuum the floor. These things will help get things done around the house and prepare them for one day living on their own.

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Games & Challenges

Ask Questions

Play 20 questions, take turns with “This or That” questions, or have a Would You Rather? scenario round. You can print or write out questions ahead of time, or come up with them on the fly. This is a great activity to connect with your kids and learn some surprising facts (like that they would rather have their own personal robot instead of a magical carpet that could fly them anywhere. Who knew?)

Lego Build Challenge

Try creating different things only using 25 bricks or only using 2×2 bricks. Design an aircraft, create a monster, or make something that can float. The options are endless! Get creative and start building.

Minute to Win It Games

These fun, quick games will have everyone in on the competition. You can try to do any challenge in one minute, from blowing ping pong balls with a straw across the floor to stacking donuts on your forehead. Pick up supplies on the cheap at your local dollar store and let the games begin.

Video or Board Game Battle Royale

Raid the game closet or your video game stash, break out your competitive side, and put up a scoreboard. Challenge the kids to see who is really the best at Mario Kart, or play through a variety of games to find the ultimate champion.

Escape Room

Become a super sleuth, a cracker of clues, when you put your problem solving skills to use and break out of an escape room. You can print clues and create your own real-life escape room, or look up a virtual escape room to try.

Scavenger Hunt

Write out clues that hint to items or locations around your house. For example, “Go where we wash dishes.” Then, hide the clues so your kids find a new one at each spot. (I like writing on the front of each clue where I need to hide it!) Your kids will look forward to a possible hidden treasure at the end. I have heard that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy also do this.

Card Games

Go Fish, Crazy 8s, and Old Maid are great for the younger kiddos while older kids may enjoy Solitaire, Rummy, and Euchre. Bonus: All you need is a deck of cards, nothing fancy.

Old School Games

Eye spy, Simon says, Follow the Leader, Leap Frog… Channel your inner child and teach your kids the games you used to play at recess. These are great ways to learn how to follow directions and work on physical and mental health.

Eye Spy

Put several items from around the house on a tray, show everyone for a set time (maybe one minute or less, depending on ages), then cover and have everyone list as many things as can remember on a sheet of paper or whisper in your ear. Parent bonus: Maybe use items for the tray you find out of place. Then when the game is over, kids put the items back where they belong.

TV Bingo

Make your own or download a bingo card. Pick a show or cartoon your kids love or an educational (Discovery Kids) type show and let the games begin. Make the game easier for kids using simple to spot things… a dog, a bike, a red shirt, balloons…


Give new life to the ones stashed in your game closet or create your own unique puzzle. Draw a picture on a cereal box and cut into puzzle pieces

Interactive Movie Night

Try this movie night with a twist, most easily done with a movie you’ve already seen. Find some things around the house that go along with the movie and look up some of its most popular quotes. For example, if you are watching Toy Story, you could have your kids take a bite of a potato chip every time they see Mr. Potato Head, or march each time they see a Toy Soldier. Every time Buzz says “To infinity and beyond,” have your kids put their arms out like they’re flying.

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Pretend Play

Indoor Picnic

Grab the picnic blanket and pack your sandwiches and water bottles. Eat in the comfort of your living room with no chance for a bug invasion. Enjoy the scenery, or maybe even a movie.

Sock or Paper Bag Puppets

Everyone has a few mismatched socks, so why not put them to good use and make puppets with them? Glue on hair, eyes and a mouth. Use paper, felt, buttons and ribbons. Let the kids get creative, then have them put on a puppet show for everyone; Skype or Zoom extended family for the show!

Make a Fairy House

Grab a vessel to start, like a bucket, pot, or bowl. Find craft sticks, twigs, leaves, moss and flowers. Glue and decorate. Find tiny twinkle lights and make itty bitty furniture from acorn caps and stones. There really is no wrong way to make a fairy house.

Write a Skit

Has somebody in the family been bitten by the acting bug? Let them get creative by writing and directing a skit for the whole family to act out. Find props and costumes then record it to share.

Build A Fort

Take the cushions off your couch or pillows off your bed. Grab a few sheets or some blankets and get building! Chip clips or clamps work great at holding things together, and kitchen chairs turned backward add a stable frame. Get a couple flashlights and explore your new hideout.

Family Talent Show

You can host your very own AGT in your home. Have everyone practice a talent (maybe one the rest of the family wouldn’t even guess), then choose a start time. Everyone meets at the start time and the show begins. The kids will love showing off their talents and laughing at yours.

Go on a Safari

Do you have several stuffed animals around your house? Magically turn them into “wild” animals by hiding them in different rooms and asking your kids to search for them. You can even give each kid a notepad and pencil to write their field study notes.

Indoor Camping

Pitch a tent in the living room. Make a campfire from craft materials. Grab a flashlight and tell stories and sing songs around the campfire. Make s’mores in the microwave.

Fashion Show

Let the kids raid their closets, turn on some jams, and let them WORK. IT. White you’re at it, see what no longer fits and talk to your kids about donating to worthy causes. They may be enticed to make some room in their toy box, too!

Car Wash

Fill a long tray or bucket with water and dish soap. Find your Hot Wheels cars, or even your rock collection or play dishes, and let the kids get to work. Set them loose with brushes and washcloths and let them scrub until their toys sparkle.

Construction Zone

Get out those legos, train tracks, blocks, k’nex, or snap circuits and build! See what creations your family construction team can design. If everyone contributes a part, it’s sure to be unique.

Make Instruments

Look for some empty paper towel tubes, string, rubberbands, and shoe boxes. Then, let your kids design some musical instruments. Have a band concert to show off their work when they’re done.

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Sensory Play

Grow Something

Whether it’s a Chia pet or you are getting a jump on a garden, what’s more fun (for kids) than bringing dirt inside?

Kinetic Sand

Bring the beach into your house, but without all the mess. Kinetic sand is sand coated with silicone oil, so it sticks to other pieces of sand but not your floor. Use cookie cutters, small shovels, rakes, trucks, or cars and then push all the sand scraps together for easy clean up.

Magic Sand

Use just four ingredients and create your own “magic” sand. Play sand, corn starch, water and dish soap are all the fixings for soft and crumbly sand that’ll hold it’s shape when molded. No play sand on hand? Try a mixture of cornmeal, oil and corn syrup instead!

Make Moon Dough or Cloud Dough

These are great for fine motor skills and strengthening little hands, plus they both only require two ingredients you likely have on hand. Moon dough is made with flour and cooking oil, while cloud dough uses hair conditioner and cornstarch. Mix them up and get to playing!

Loose Parts Play

Enter the world of “what if” when you hand your child a pile of random parts. You will enhance their ability to think imaginatively and see solutions. With loose parts play, there are no directions; grab cardboard tubes, bottle caps, buttons, blocks, string, broken jewelry, acorns and anything else and see what they create.

Play in the Snow

Want to bring the outdoors inside? Find a shallow tub or large bowl and fill with freshly fallen snow. Set towels on the floor and grab some mittens for the kids. Build a snowman, use watercolors and brushes to paint the snow, or grab some plastic toys. Your kids will enjoy the playtime without the cold!

Pop Bubble Wrap

De-stress quickly by stomping, jumping or squeezing bubble wrap. Kids of all ages will have fun and while it is loud, it doesn’t usually last long.

Blow Bubbles in the Bathtub

One of our favorite outdoor activities can be just as fun inside. Grab some bubbles and head to the tub. Little ones will squeal with delight as the bubbles float through the air and they pop them. We recommend not standing up for this as it could get slippery. Or try this easy sock blower to create a bubble snake; all you’ll need is a water bottle, an old sock, water, and dish soap.

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Simple Fun

Tape it Down

Do you have masking or painter’s tape and an uncarpeted floor? You are all set. Use the tape just like you would sidewalk chalk: Make a hopscotch, pretend you are walking a tightrope, or create a jumping course. When my youngest was learning to spell her name, we would tape down the letters, and hop them in the correct order. (You could even do this for tricky spelling words, too!) The options are endless with a roll of tape.


Have a few things around the house that need organized? Maybe a quick 10 minute job? Write each task on a post-it note and have each kid pick one. In no time, your mudroom, utensil drawer, or water bottle cabinet will be the envy of the neighborhood.


My kids have always loved storytime at the local libraries. You can design it or have them design their own. Lay pillows on the floor as their carpet squares to sit on. Sing a hello song along with other favorites like “Popcorn Kernels” or “Zoom Zoom.” Read a couple of their favorite stories, then end with a simple craft.

Matching Socks

For some reason, we end up with at least one sock without a match coming out of the dryer daily. Dump out that lonesome sock collection and have your kids search for matches. Who knows, maybe there will be a reward for each match found?

Family Sleepover

Roll out the sleeping bags, blow up the air mattresses, or even bring the kids’ mattresses into your room. Read books together, then turn out the lights. Family sleepover night is a favorite request of our kids.

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Citizen Science

Did you know that you can be a scientist, just by looking out the window? Citizen scientists are normal people who help collect data. There are many ways to participate, from counting birds and bees, or even penguins in pictures on the computer. Find a project you and your family can participate in here.

STEAM with the Library

Follow The Greenwood Public Library on YouTube and you’ll find several easy STEAM projects you can do with items from around your house. From Pasta Sculptures and exploding books, to paper making and kitchen chemistry, your kids will have so much fun that they won’t realize they’re learning. Greenwood Public Library members can even sign up to receive free kits of the materials on their website.

Paper Airplanes

Give everyone some paper and see who can design the best airplane. Have contests for the furthest flying, highest flying, most creative flying, and more. Turn it into a science experiment by testing what kind of paper works best or if paper clips make a difference in how far it goes.


Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means it can behave like a liquid and a solid. It’s very easy to make, requiring only 1 cup of water and 1.5 cups of cornstarch. Mix them together and your liquid will be runny. When you grab it in your hand and apply force, the oobleck will react as a solid and hold its shape. Relax your hand and the oobleck will act as a liquid and drip out of your hand. This is a great activity for sensory seeking kids, and can get pretty messy… but it’s SO COOL! While you are playing with it, listen to the book that inspired the name for oobleck, Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess.

Feed the Birds

Kids can easily make bird feeders from just a sugar cone or pinecone, peanut butter, and birdseed. Have them smear peanut butter on the cone or pinecone, then roll it in birdseed. No birdseed? No problem. Simply put Cheerios on a pipe cleaner. Be sure to hang your feeder where the kids can watch the birds eating from it!

Marble Maze

Build your own marble maze out of things you already have at home. You can use straws, tape, and a paper plate or create a larger version on a wall or cabinet with empty toilet paper rolls and painters tape.


Try the art of origami to make designs from folded paper. If you don’t have origami paper, just cut paper around your house to size. Search for origami projects for beginners, such as my kids’ favorite, the origami heart. Your kids will be in awe of watching a piece of paper turn into a work of art.

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Virtual Fun

Try a Subscription Box

There are so many out there right now, from snacks and taste tests from around the world to coding activities, arts and crafts, and hands-on STEM. Find one your kids will enjoy and commit. My kids watch for the mailman when they know our shipment is on its way.

Virtual Museum Visits

When will you get a chance to visit the Louvre or MoMa? Go on a virtual visit and take in the incredible art. Start a discussion with your kids about their favorite pieces and styles. You can even try to recreate your favorite works with items found around the house.

Virtually Visit Faraway Places

Take a virtual tour, read a story, or watch a video about your desired destination. Expand your horizons as you listen to local music, and you can even plan a dish for dinner based on the local cuisine.

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