Best Places to Play in the Snow with Kids

Growing up my little sister and I bundled up and climbed the snow mountain to the ladder that led to the slide on the old metal swing set in my backyard. We had so much fun sliding straight into the snow and then climbing out and doing it over and over.  At the time, it seemed that the snow went up to my ears and I couldn’t walk through it.

Now I have the pleasure of being a snowmom and experiencing the snow with my son. Though the snow may not be up to his ears, it may feel like that to him with his active imagination similar to my memories as a child.

Where to Play in the Snow in Indy

While playing in your own backyard is fun, there are more adventurous places in Indy to get out and explore when we are covered with the cold white stuff.  Be sure to pack plenty of towels or blankets and a warm change of clothes for when your snow adventure comes to an end.

Play in the Snow at a Park

Local parks are great for snow play because of the wide open spaces and of course, the playgrounds! Playgrounds can be lots of fun in the snow. Some of my personal favorites parks are Holliday Park and Broad Ripple Park.

Play in the Snow at Your Local School

These are especially great on snow days or weekends when school is not in session.  Get out and explore the snow right near your home.

Play in the Snow on the Monon

The Monon Trail may not seem like a place to play in the snow but its great because it is one of the first places that gets plowed so it’s safe to walk on plus the plows leave great mounds of snow on the sides of the trail.  There are also plenty of open areas on certain parts of the trail to stop for a quick snowball fight.

Play in the Snow at the 100 Acres Park at Newfields

There are trails and open areas that allow for fantastic snow play.  According to the IMA website, there are some areas of the trail that are currently closed so please stay out of the areas that are fenced off.

Play in the Snow in Your Backyard

The easiest way to get out and play in the snow is right out your front (or back) door.  Bundle up and enjoy!
I personally think the best part about getting outside in the snow is coming back inside and warming up with delicious hot chocolate or hearty soup and then wrapping up with a blanket and snuggling on the couch.  For those of you who prefer to stay indoors, there are still ways to enjoy the snow from the warmth of your home.  If you still haven’t had enough fun in the snow, check out our great list of  local sledding hills near you.

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