Go Ape Zip-Line and Ropes Course at Eagle Creek

My first exposure to a zip line was in the Home Alone movie and it was fabulous. Right away, our family friends built a treehouse complete with a zip line and as cool as it was, it never quite lived up to the Hollywood version. From what I understand, the zip line that was downtown for the Super Bowl was Hollywood all the way, but I missed the opportunity because I was pregnant. Clearly zip-lining has become very popular because it seems like they are popping up everywhere! The newest experience is very, very close by at Eagle Creek Park.

Go Ape has been talked about in many of my circles of friends ever since it opened, but I was the first one of my friends to actually do it! And do it I did! Five weeks after baby Scout was born, Jay and I left the kids with my parents (kids 10 and up are invited to be a part of Go Ape — my kids were 2 years old and 5 weeks old so they were left behind) and took off to climb trees and swing and zip between them. Heights are not my thing so I was a little bit fearful but never hesitant.

Our adventure began with signing our life away (standard liability release). We were then led to an area where we were harnessed up and given instruction and demonstration. From there we tried out our new education on a course that put us just a couple of feet off of the ground. I felt very safe and confident after our instruction and so I wasn’t really afraid of the fun ahead. This is a good thing because once you get off the ground, there aren’t staff members or guides up high with you, but periodically and when you need them, they will encourage you and give you pointers from below.
Jay and I spent the next two hours in the treetops with several other fun Indianapolis Women Bloggers. We climbed rope ladders up to platforms, balanced on logs, stepped our way across rings, swinging platforms and other challenging activities. Nothing was impossible and although it was thrilling, I was never filled with mind-numbing, knee-knocking fear. I LOVED IT! I will admit that I bypassed the second tarzan swing in order to try a different obstacle, but that was more exhaustion than fear (five weeks postpartum, friends). Despite the water missing from below the final flight through the trees (we were in a drought during this experience), I still loved the final zip line the most.

The best way I’ve found to summarize my experience is to say that it was a lot more hard work than fear inducing. I was sweaty, red faced and tired but the end result and how I felt during the experience, reminded me a lot of how I felt when I was playing when I was a kid. Go Ape zip-lining is waaaay more Hollywood than that silly treehouse zip line our friends had. Woooo hooooo!

Go Ape is located inside of Eagle Creek Park  (5901 Delong Road, Indianapolis). Gate admission is $5 per vehicle for Marion County residents and $6 for all others. Go Ape is $58 for ages 18 and up and $35 for ages 10-15. The experience will take about 2-3 hours including training. Free drinking water stations are available throughout the course. Any cameras, hats, sunglasses or phones that you expect to take with you on the course must have a lanyard attached to your person. Participant requirements: Minimum age is 10 years old, Minimum Height 4 ft 7 in (55 inches), Maximum Weight 285 ibs (subject to harness fit).

Spectators can watch from below and take pictures but kids under 18 must be supervised by an adult that is participated on the course with them. One adult can supervise two kids 15 and under or up to five kid who are 15 and up. Our Eagle Creek course is typically open April through November. They recommend that you use their online booking system to check formal availability by month, day and time. Booking ahead is also recommended. You can book your adventure online via the Go Ape website or by calling 888.520.7322. Check out my video below!

5901 Delong Road

Visit Go Ape Zip-Line and Ropes Course at Eagle Creek

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