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Goldfish Swim Ribbon Wall
We have our eyes on the prize — literally! These ribbons are VERY motivating for Lulu.

When Goldfish Swim School opened in Carmel and Fishers a couple of years ago, our family took an introductory class. WE LOVED IT! At the time I had a three year old, a one year old and another one due any day, plus it was a really long drive for us from the far south side of town. Would it have been worth it? FOR SURE! But we three kids under the age of three, we couldn’t make swim lessons so far away fit into our schedule.

Goldfish Swim Fish Bowl
The parent viewing area is perfect!

Fast forward, two kids later, we’ve moved to the north-west side of town and the 35 minute drive works for us. We travel a bit during the year and spend a lot of time near pools, lakes and the ocean. I am committed to making sure that my kids are safe in these settings and that they can have fun at the same time. We’ve started our first month of lessons at Goldfish Swim School and we’re all having fun! Lulu (6 years old) and Scout (4 years old) both love being in the water but they cannot play independently. James (age 2) has only ever been carried around in the water or sat on the steps to wait his turn — have you ever tried to play in a pool with four children who cannot swim? IT’S NOT FUN! Baby Quinn (8 months old) loves baths but hasn’t spent time in a body of water larger than the bathtub or kitchen sink.

Week One: Everyone in the water! No tears.

Showers and blow-dry bar are perfect! Makes everything easier later!
Showers and blow-dry bar are perfect! Makes everything easier later!

– Lulu is really pushing herself and has even put her head underwater. Her instructor says she needs to work on holding her breath longer and keeping her body vertical.
– Scout is like a little princess. She’s loving the water, loving her class, but won’t put her head or face in the water. She loves when her instructor holds her while she floats.
– James is so cute. His instructor is working on getting him underwater. He did it twice! He isn’t able to hold on to the side of the pool and scoot down the side yet. His teacher is helping him learn that.
– Baby Quinn and daddy are in the baby/parent class. She’s so cute and the youngest in her class. They are even working on holding on to the side of the pool with the babies. She is getting her head and her face wet. There’s lots of back and forth and songs and working on water safety and self-rescue.

Week Two: Everyone in the water! Some tears but lots of hard work.
– Lulu cried today. She was frustrated that she’s not doing as well as other kids in the class. She may move down a level so that she can work on getting more comfortable. I think this is a good idea.
– Scout is still our happy little camper. She loves floating on her back. Other than that, she’s not interested in getting her hair or face wet. She’s way comfortable with the water and now there are more kids in her class, I think this will get her moving a bit more towards her goals. Time to practice blowing bubbles and holding breath in the bathtub.
– James is still working on holding on to the side of the pool and scooting down. He’s so happy to be in class and loves when it’s his turn to swim.
– Baby Quinn is loving the water. She isn’t a fan of getting out of the pool for the end of class or for learning water safety and rescue. She’s having fun with daddy. It’s a great bonding time for them.

This is part one of a series of sponsored posts with Goldfish Swim School. Check out part two to see where we are in our progress one month later.

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