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We are a creek stomping family. If you need information on where to find the best place to go creek stomping in Indy, I’ve got that on speed dial in my brain. But my friend Jennifer told me about this hidden gem that I had no idea about. She’s going to be so angry that I’m telling all of you, but she had to know, it’s my job to share all of the best places to play with your kids!

Please remember to exercise caution and good judgement when visiting any of these places. Swimming lessons, yes please. Life jackets, another good idea. An attentive adult or two, yep. Also, please note that this isn’t a “swimming” area, my kids are just really in to full immersion creek stomping.

Hague Road Nature Haven

This slice of heaven is set to be the most amazing outdoor education destination in all of Indiana, and it will be so neat to see it come

to fruition. In the meantime, it’s a gorgeous destination for creek stomping, fishing and exploring nature in the water. In addition, there are great hiking trails too. Someday in the not too far off future, there will be campsites, a natural playground, botanical gardens, a calendar garden, a nature center, nature and wildlife study areas and other nature focused areas.

Creek Stomping at Hague Road Nature Haven

When you arrive and park in the parking lot and then head to the river! My friends have told us that you can walk along Cicero River throughout the park, but we took Trail C and it led us right where we found the best spot! It was shaded, private and there was plenty of space for the kids to build dams, catch tadpoles, float sticks and splash around.

What to Bring Creek Stomping

We wore shoes and water shoes in the water most of the time, plus for the hike to and from the car (just a few minutes away). Everyone brought a water bottle. The littlest kids loved playing with buckets and cups in the water. We left the towels at the car and that was the perfect decision for us. While most of this area was shaded during our visit, we still wore an environmentally friendly sunscreen.

I hope you enjoy this hidden gem as much as we do. I can’t wait to see this park as it matures, but in the meantime, I love it just the way it is!

9 S 8th St

Visit Hague Road Nature Haven | Noblesville

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