Creek Stomping in Indy with Kids

Two summers ago my husband introduced us to “creek stomping” at Marott Park and Nature Preserve. We’ve had a great time exploring waterways ever since. Here are the top picks for places to play in the creek in Indianapolis. I’ll update you with more information as we complete our tour de creeks this month.

What is creek stomping? Well, you find a creek, and you stomp in it. You can wear rain boots, water shoes, strap on sandals or even go barefoot in some cases. My daughter wears an old pair of tennis shoes. We toss sticks in the water, build dams with rocks, skip stones and search for crawdads. This year Lulu wants a net so she can try to capture small fish.

Places to try:

  1. Marott Park: This nice creek isn’t too far from the parking lot. You’ll find sandy banks most of the time.
  2. Cool Creek Park: There are several ways to get to creek stomping spots at Cool Creek. Our favorite place to splash around is a short distance down the trail from the trailhead between the Nature Center and the restrooms. There’s even a paved trail for those who need it!

    Flowing Well Park in Carmel
    Flowing Well Park in Carmel
  3. Southeastway Park
  4. Riley Park, Greenfield
  5. Washington Park, Avon
  6. Flowing Well Park Carmel: An artesian well is the centerpiece of this park, fill your water bottles and then take a hike. You’ll find marshland and finally a perfect place for stomping in the creek!<
  7. Holliday Park
  8. Fort Ben
  9. Northwest Park, Greenwood

Do you have a favorite place to splash and play?

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