A Parent’s Guide to Holliday Park | Indianapolis

When people talk about a park or a place being a “treasure,” I always think of Holliday Park. A giant treasure of trees, architecture, play and fun nestled into a community, surrounded on one side by the White River, Holliday Park in Indianapolis is a space you must explore. Plan on taking a few trips to see it all, you won’t believe how much space there is to explore.

About Holliday Park

The giant playground with three different sections is perfect for all ages! There are small slides, medium slides and tall slides 20 feet in the air. The fenced in playground is great for young children and the large playground is a fantastic fun time for older kids.

Hiking trails in to the woods, creeks and the big White River are all a part of the whole Holliday Park experience. The Nature Center is the envy of other parks — a water table, bird watching area and other live creatures are just a few of the draws.

The restored ruins and their shimmer water table are a huge hit with kids and adults in the warmer months and always a point of curiosity throughout the year. Beautiful gardens, labeled trees and plenty of open fields are a big reason many families love Holliday Park.

FAQ’s About Holliday Park


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  1. Is that really a confederate monument in the park? So many stories are flying around. I’ve googled but can’t find anything.

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