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When people talk about a park or a place being a “treasure,” I always think of Holliday Park in Indiana. Sometimes referred to people visiting Indiana as “the Spring Mill Park,” Holliday Park has a rich history and very rich land.

A giant treasure chest full of trees, architecture, play and fun nestled into a community, surrounded on one side by the White River, Holliday Park in Indianapolis is a space you must explore. Plan on taking a few trips to see it all, you won’t believe how much space there is to explore. Holliday Park in Indianapolis has 94 acres of green space with over 3.5 miles of hiking trails. You’ll find a set of playgrounds for various age groups, a water table at the giant Ruins area and a spectacular nature center with an indoor play area for children. Holliday Park is home to many of the most popular Indy Parks programming for families and children.

About Holliday Park

The giant playground with three different sections is perfect for all ages! There are small slides, medium slides and tall slides 20 feet in the air. The fenced in playground is great for young children and the large playground is a fantastic fun time for older kids.

Hiking trails in to the woods, creeks for creek stomping and the big White River are all a part of the whole Holliday Park experience. The Nature Center is the envy of other parks — a water table, bird watching area and other live creatures are just a few of the draws.

The restored ruins and their shimmer water table, an architectural spin on the traditional splash pad, are a huge hit with kids and adults in the warmer months and always a point of curiosity throughout the year. Beautiful gardens, labeled trees and plenty of open fields are a big reason many families love Holliday Park.

The Ruins at Holliday Park

The Ruins, once beautiful pieces or art had fallen into disrepair and were roped off for 20 years. They are now restored and absolutely unique and gorgeous. Surrounding the Ruins gardens that greet park-goers, with beautiful trees lining the path from the Ruins to the rain garden. Fountains, benches, and more adorn the area and on warm days, you can’t miss the delighted squeals of laughter coming from the Shimmer Fountain and Water Table — think splash pad meets reflection pool.

Holliday Park Nature Center: Habitat Hall

Habitat Hall is the indoor nature center that connects children with the Indiana forest and wetland habitats. Children of all ages will find things they love about Habitat Hall. They’ll be drawn to some of the animal cases and other activities that are down low at their level. Children will be entranced by the White River water table experience. Kids and their adults can play instruments resembling different animal sounds and feel animal pelts. There are activities for make animal tracks and dress up as an insect, mammal, or reptile. Visitors can crawl through a log, hear the sounds of the wetlands and so much more.. There are truly so many different ways to enjoy this space.

Here’s a Map of Holliday Park

FAQ’s About Holliday Park

Where do I enter or park my car?

Holliday Park address is 6363 Spring Mill Road Indianapolis. Enter the south gate off of Spring Mill Road for easy access to the playground, the Ruins/water table and the Nature Center. While you are welcome to park in any of the parking lots, there are separate parking lots near each of these amenities.

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  1. Is that really a confederate monument in the park? So many stories are flying around. I’ve googled but can’t find anything.

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