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While driving on Interstate 65 in Indianapolis, you may notice some bright orange chairs watching over the highway where it meets I-70. This isn’t a joke. When I asked my friends for some help coming up with a title for this article, they had various responses, but most asked if it was real. It’s a real thing! This roadside attraction in Indianapolis is pretty cool!

A while back I saw a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for this special park that people could go to and watch the traffic drive by on the highway below. The park would be named the Idle and would reunite or reconnect neighborhoods that were divided because of the construction of the highways.

Visitors can park their cars on Virginia Avenue, between McCarty and Leonard, walk down a short gravel trail surrounded by bushes and trees. Several symbolic pieces of art line the path, including a quote in the pavement from the John Lennon Song, Watching The Wheels: “Sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.” Orange chairs from Bush Stadium sit in rows, covered by a blue canopy.

This would be a neat place to show your kids and just sit and watch, but it really depends on your kids and the kids of things they like to do. We meet a couple while we were there, they were walking across the U.S. with their two dogs. Indy was one stop along the way and they were two months in to their journey.

There’s a short chain-link fence barrier but you are advised to enter at your own risk.

I love this idea, but I’ve never liked “normal” things. Let me know what you think!

The address for the Idle Park to watch the highway is 800 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis


800 Virginia Avenue

Visit Idle Park | Watch Traffic on the Highway

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  • 1 thought on “Idle Park | Watch Traffic on the Highway”

    1. Very interesting. Are some of those trees Ailanthus (Tree from Heaven)? If so, do those have some noise reduction property. I have a Certified Tree Farm in Ripley, Ohio and I spend a lot of time trying to eliminate Ailanthus, since it is invasive. Interested to know.

      Very neat idea by the way.

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