Strawtown Koteewi Park in Noblesville

Where can you find zip-lining, archery, horseback riding, creek stomping, and a Native American Village all in one place? Strawtown Koteewi Park! Koteewi is the largest park in Hamilton County and has no shortage of fun and adventure for all.

Strawtown Koteewi Park in Hamilton County

With over 800 acres, 8 miles of multi use trails, and 3 miles of White River access, you won’t run out of places to explore. Koteewi means “fire” in the Miami-Peoria language, and pays tribute to the Indians that called this very same land their home over the centuries.

This park is packed with history, you can learn so much about the Indians that lived there, as well as view different artifacts uncovered over the years, in the Natural History Center.

Parking at Koteewi Park

When you arrive for your visit, there are two main parking sections. One section will take you to the “Adventure Area” where you will find some of the area’s best horseback riding, archery, seasonal snow tubing, and an aerial adventure trail. The other parking lot, about a mile from the Adventure Area, will give you access to the Natural History Center, 8 miles of trails, and a replica of a Native American home.

Things to do at Koteewi Park

The Adventure Area at Koteewi will not disappoint! The Aerial Trails offer five different treetop courses, ranging from 16’ to 60’ high! There are different courses that provide a challenge to all skill sets, and range between 2-3 hours to complete. The hours vary, and reservations are highly encouraged, and can be made here.

The equestrian center offers a plethora of horseback riding experiences, with the most popular option being a 90-minute family trail ride. Guests must be 7 years old for this experience, however they do have pony rides, for smaller children, or those with special needs. You can make reservations, or request a longer trail ride at K Trails Equestrian Adventures.

Koteewi Range is where you can go to test your archery skills, and channel your inner Merida. 

Koteewi Seasonal Slopes is Central Indiana’s only specialized snow tubing hill, and is a must do this winter. They offer man made snow, as well as a tow line to take you back to the top of the 700 ft tubing hill.

The next section of this massive 800 acre park is located about a mile from the adventure section. My family and I had so much fun on the hiking trails available. There are maps conveniently located throughout the trails, that mark your location so you can keep track of your progress. In addition, there are countless entries off of the trail, with direct access to the White River. You’ll find so many great spots for creek stomping, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

Koteewi is a pet friendly park, just make sure your dog is on a leash. The trails are not paved, however the gravel is very finely processed, my husband and I are even able to push our 10 year old in his wheelchair, with very minimal effort. I recommend bringing a pair of closed toed shoes, and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. The trail is beautiful, but on a dry summer day, the gravel is quite dusty! We washed up quickly, while skipping rocks on the bank of the White River.

Native American History

Our favorite thing we did on our visit to Strawtown Koteewi Park, was explore Koteewi Trace, which is a replicated Native American village site. There you will find life sized structures and American Indian housing, which guests are encouraged to enter and explore. There is also a mock set up of an archaeological dig, where your child will learn about how archeologists study and recover artifacts from the past. The entire space is hands on and fully immersive, our kids could have spent the entire day there checking out the amazing homes.

Natural History Center

Just to the left of Koteewi Trace, you will find Taylor Center of Natural History. The building is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, and offers several spots to sit and enjoy the scenery. Here, you can learn about all the incredible artifacts and archaeological findings that have been discovered at the park. Taking time to look at the artifacts displayed is a great educational opportunity. Visitors will be reminded of the rich Native American history at Strawtown Koteewi Park.  Interested in learning more about the history of the park? Sign up for a field trip or tour. There are multiple different tour options, ranging from archery to archeology.

This space is so impressive and gives families countless options on ways to play and make memories. Believe it or not, they have plans to add more activities! Koteewi Lake is coming soon, as well as a water recreation area. In addition, there are plans to add a lodge and campgrounds for the perfect family weekend away.

We’ve also enjoyed visiting Pokagon State Park, another park with Native American historical ties.

12302 Strawtown Ave

Visit Strawtown Koteewi Park in Noblesville

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