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My family and I are coming up to our third year in the United States—having moved from England—and I was struggling to find a great petting zoo where we can touch, feed, and snuggle the animals to our hearts content. In fact I was beginning to think such a place did not exist. That is until I found Wondertree!

Nestled in Zionsville, this working animal farm was built from the ground up out of acres of overgrown land by a former Colts player, who’s own childhood was lived on a Texas farm.

Parking & Admission to Wondertree

Driving up the gravel driveway towards the entrance, you are greeted by a member of staff who will take your parking admission. It costs $10 to park, but it is given back to you as a gift voucher for the food market.

It’s a small parking lot that holds approximately 20 cars however, should there not be enough room when you arrive, there is a huge parking lot over the road.

Visiting Wondertree Farm

The first part of the farm is simple yet so inviting. You may be lucky and be greeted by a free-range chicken or even a teeny kitten-such an adorable welcome. Whilst petting them be sure to take in the scenery around you.

The Wondertree Petting Zoo

The main building you enter, houses a whole host of things to excite your senses, horses (big and small), chickens, kittens, pigs, piglets, and goats (animals may vary each week), as well as the farm shop where you can spend your voucher.

My daughter loved that she could pick up any kitten she wanted without limit. We even saw people carrying them around the farm whilst they toured the farm! The animals are so tame here, the only rule is to respect the animals.

There are staff members milling around who can answer any questions you may have as well as to dish out plastic cups of food to feed the animals, who of course never so no to the extra food!

Wondertree Farm Market

On the other side of the building is the market selling fresh lemonade, candy floss, and cakes. They also stock pumpkins (seasonally), raw milk, eggs and meat-all free range and chemical free. We bought some pork steaks and OH MY! They were delicious, absolutely nothing like what you get at the supermarket.

As you head out of the barn grab some more animal feed as there’s plenty more animals to feed when you get out into the pasture.

The Wondertree on the Farm

The focal point of the pasture is the huge 300-year-old tree and also the name sake of the farm, you will find it at the end of your stroll. The tree is a child’s (and adult’s) dream with a wooden rope swing hung from the highest branch so you can go really high and really far–I may or may not have tested it out.

We had to time our visit to the swing just right because it is a very popular attraction. However, if you don’t mind waiting there is plenty to keep you busy. The turkey pen is located right nearby as well as a wide open space that allows and encourages exploration.

Know Before You Go

The Wondertree Farm Market is open Tuesdays and Friday 10 am-1 pm and the farms days are generally Saturdays at the same time. However, if you are popping by on one of the market days you are still able to visit the animals who live at the farm though horse rides and animal feed will not be available.

One of our concerns was being able to bring our baby in a stroller. It was absolutely fine! We used a jogging stroller and traveled with ease, though a standard stroller will have more trouble as it’s quite rough terrain.

Precautions on Wondertree Farm

As we are going through this period of COVID, there are hand sanitizing stations and the wearing of masks whilst inside was required but once outside you are permitted to take them off.

There are restrooms (as of yet there is no changing table). We took a packed lunch with us to have a picnic though we decided it was a bit risky with all the hungry animals. If this is something you fancy doing its recommended you head to one of the nearby nature parks especially at fall and the beautiful changing of the leaves.

Wondertree has some exciting future plans to allow you to spend extra time at the farm. The farm is planning and currently working on Glamping! Think camping but without the mud and bugs instead you have a nice comfy bed with a roof over your head. Also, join the weekly newsletter on the website to find out information about Fall events.

2280 US 421 South

Visit Wondertree Farm | Farm & Petting Zoo in Zionsville

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    1. I brought two rambunctious little boys on a farm day in November. It was their last day in Indy, they were moving to Michigan the next day and I wanted them to have something special to remember. They were so excited to tell their mom when they got home. Thank you for having such a wonderful place!

    2. I like how you mentioned that it is wonderful to see a 300-year-old tree. My sister mentioned to me last night she is planning to have a vacation in the holidays and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do in choosing the best place for us. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell her that we can try to consult a well-known petting zoo.

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