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Independence Park  (2450 South Morgantown Road, Greenwood) is a very special place in Indiana. I have never been to a park like it and I am so thankful that there is a park like Independence Park. In 2000, a woman named Edwina was trying to find a park that had a place for her son and his friends to play — her son is disabled. When she couldn’t find one, she set out on a journey to create a place where all children could play together. After a lot of hard work, grant writing and fundraising, Independence Park was born.

This beautiful place has accessible playground equipment, a basketball court, swings and now a music center specifically installed for the benefit of children with autism but to be enjoyed by all children. Independence Park is a place that you have to see and experience to understand. Please take your children! This park has activities and amenities that children and adults of most ages will enjoy.

At this time, the park needs $250,000 for the additional improvements including a corporate shelter, new steel ramps for existing equipment, new ADA bucket swings, a large scale glider that will hold 4 wheelchairs and up to 12 children, an X-Wave II motion bench, several balancing activities as well as 2 accessible spring riders that children can sit IN rather than ON making them accessible for children with no upper body support and control.

Also to be added is a teen playground for children ages 13 and over (the first of its kind in the whole country). The teen playground will use bluetooth enabled technology for teens to be able to listen to music. A custom piece made by a playground company in Fort Wayne — that will have seating, climbing, games and a huge huge slide. There will also be a sky surfer and several other spinning activities for older kids.

Parks that allow kids of all abilities to play together are so needed in our communities. 

2450 South Morgantown Road

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