Independence Park Greenwood | Modern, Accessible South-Side Playground

Written by Angie Teed

The most well-known park in the Center Grove area got a fantastic makeover back in 2020 and remains a beautiful, inclusive park for residents and visitors to enjoy. Independence Park Greenwood, located at 2100 Morgantown Road, is a local favorite for a reason. First built in 2000, it is known as Indiana’s first all-accessible playground for people with all abilities.

A modern climbing gym at Independence Park Greenwood.

A Blend of Old and New at Independence Park

You will notice a few pre-renovation staples still at the park. There is one large picnic shelter and two smaller ones available for rent. The full-court basketball court and smaller court near the playground, which is wheelchair accessible, have not changed and neither has the SoundPlay music area. You can still walk the ½ mile asphalt trail and read the Johnson County Library’s StoryWalk along the way.

A page from a featured book in Independence Park Greenwood's StoryWalk.

Kids of All Ages Can Play at Independence Park Greenwood

There’s something for all ages at Independence Park. The first thing you’ll notice, in the middle of the park, is the Unity climber. It features hanging hoops and netting connected together. My daughter took it as a challenge to get from one end to the other without touching the ground, and it soon became her favorite part of the park.

A colorful, geometric climbing structure made of rope and metal circles at Independence Park Greenwood.

Kids will also find the Accessible Whirl, like an updated playground merry-go-round. It is a spinning carousel flush to the ground to accommodate two wheelchairs plus more kids either standing or seated. The Unity Dome in the same area is fun for kids to climb on, around, and inside. There is a climbing net “chimney” in the middle for kids to climb up and down, too.

A girl sits on a circular swing while another pushes her at Independence Park Greenwood.

Climbing & More at Independence Park Greenwood

The playground has ramps and webbing, slides, and climbing galore. There are also stepping stones and learning panels scattered throughout.

One feature we’d never seen before was the Drop Zone Tower. It’s similar to a fire pole, but instead of sliding down, you step onto a platform and “drop” to the ground. Then, it automatically rises for kids to ride again and again.

A girl prepares to go down the drop zone tower feature at Independence Park Greenwood.

Accessible Playground Options

The climbing squares at the north end of the playground are fun for all ages to climb up and around. The bubble-looking chair, also on the north end, is a Cozy Cocoon and meant for all kids to relax, but especially those with autism disorders to block out over-stimulation. There are different textures for tactile exploration and windows so parents can watch the child from outside. 

A toddler explores colorful sensory toys and fidgets on a section of the playset at Independence Park Greenwood.

The Aeroglider, located towards the back of the playground, has benches at each end for children and adults, room for two wheelchairs, and stepping platforms on the outside of each end for more people to join the fun. There’s a table to hold onto once onboard in case it’s a wild ride.

The AeroGlider at Independence Park Greenwood allows all children to play together.

Swings at Independence Park Greenwood

At the south end of the park is the swing area. There is a Hoopla swing which fits up to four kids at one time. On the large swing set, there are two black belt swing seats, one baby seat, two Swing Along swings, and one Accessible Swing. The Swing Along swings have a seat for a child under the age of five and a seat for a sibling or parent to face them. The Accessible Swing Seat has a harness and accommodates kids up to age 12.

The swing set at Independence Park Greenwood includes an accessible swing, an infant swing, swing-along swings, and traditional swings.

There is also a spin cup and a cabasa musical wheel in the swing area. Kids can take a spin while waiting their turn for the swings or turn the cabasa to make rattling sounds, which my toddler loved.

A toddler at Independence Park Greenwood spins a wheel full of beads to create a fun sound.

Music and Games with the Yalp SONA Arch

Kids who love a mental and physical challenge will have a blast with the Yalp SONA Play Arch. The Arch is accessible to all and fun for all ages. It features games like Musical Chairs and Animal Dance along with learning activities such as rhyming, addition, and reading at the touch of a button. Even with games contained in a small area, it’s an awesome workout!

Independence Park Greenwood features a double slide for toddlers and preschoolers.

Know Before You Go

The Johnson County Parks Department has a few guidelines on their website for you to be aware of when you visit the park. First of all, there are no longer trash cans at the park, so they ask that you take your trash with you or put it in the dumpster by the restrooms. They also may have areas roped off because those will be seeded when the weather cools down. Please respect these barriers when they are in place.

The playset at Independence Park Greenwood is designed for accessibility and inclusivity. Ramps and walkways can accommodate a wheelchair.

While in Johnson County, read and play at the Clark Pleasant Library Branch.

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2450 South Morgantown Road

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