Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe

Written by Stephanie Greenwald

The Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe opened the last week of January 2023. Hamilton County’s first cat cafe is a dream come true for owner Holly Moss. Working alongside the Hamilton County Humane Society, Holly and her team at the Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe welcome everyone to come in for a coffee, fall in love with a cat, and make a difference in the lives of those most special to them.

Delicious Treats and Beverages for the Humans

When you walk in the front doors, you will be greeted by the aroma of fresh ground coffee, lovely cat-tastic gifts, a counter to order human food and drinks, and an array of tables and chairs.

Visitors may hang out in the cafe enjoying sweet treats from local bakers and full-of-flavor brews from Noble Coffee Company. You will find goodies from Tina’s Traditional, Generations Pie Company, and even delicious vegan and gluten-free options from Sea Salt and Cinnamon!

The best part of the cafe is the wall of windows lined with a counter and stools. Sit back and watch the action in the next room: the cat lounge. Finish up your snack and head towards the back of the cafe to enter the lounge.

Meet Adorable Feline Friends

You will find a set of airlock doors to get into the cat lounge. Make sure the far door isn’t open before you open your door. Fully close the door behind you before opening the second door and entering the cat lounge. You will exit the cat area the same way. We hear the cafe has a couple of kitties that try to escape, so be mindful of anyone sneaking between your feet and trying to make a break for it as you leave.

Once you are on the cat side of the Smitten Kitten, you will find free-roaming cats high and low. The residents change based on adoption, so you may encounter shy kitties hiding under couches or inside dark cubbies. You may spy some in the tree limbs or on a cat shelf high upon the wall. Other cats are fairly friendly and outgoing. There are plenty of toys, scratch pads, and brushes for guests to use while they interact with the cats.

Guests are welcome to bring their cafe drinks into the cat side of the Smitten Kitten but no food is allowed. There are a few lockers at the front of the cat lounge for guests to put drinks, coats, or purses in while they play with the residents.

Kids Welcome, But Be Kind to the Kitties

The Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe offers visitors young and old the chance to interact with cats and while there is no age limit for guests to enter the lounge, you will want to make sure everyone in your group can follow the rules. Don’t pick up the cats. No running, jumping, or screaming while in the cat lounge. Throwing toys and climbing the furniture are also not allowed. Kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult inside the cat lounge.

Reservations are strongly recommended. The cat lounge prices are $10/person for 30 minutes and $18/person for one hour. The fees for the cat lounge help cover staffing, food, and personal care items for the cats.

Cat and Kitten Adoptions

If you become smitten with a kitten and you want to adopt, you will need to complete the application on the Hamilton County Humane Society website. After you complete the application, call the cafe and let them know so they can continue the process. The HCHS sets the adoption fees and at the time of publishing these are as follows:

Under the age of 1: $100
1-4 years old: $65
5-9 years old: $35
10 years old and over: $25

Host a Party

Did you know you can host a birthday party at the cafe? Reserve enough spots for you and your guests in the lounge, then bring in some simple decor, cake, and presents! What a fun and unique way to celebrate.


Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 10 am-6 pm
Friday-Saturday: 10 am-8 pm
Sunday: 12-6 pm
Closed Tuesdays

*Subject to change. Please verify hours by calling ahead or checking the business’ website.

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7852 E. 96th Street

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