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If you’re looking for winter fun, Arctic Blast snow tubing park at Paoli Peaks is the place to be! Paoli Peaks is your one stop for all of the fun with winter sports; skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. This snow tube mountain at Paoli is a lot of high speed fun for most ages. Generally, we can be found on the slopes but we wanted to take a break and try something new that was a little bit easier with young children. Arctic Blast and Paoli Peaks Ski Resort are about a two and a half hour drive from Indianapolis, perfect for a day trip or a long weekend.

What is Arctic Blast?

Remember when you used to have to hike to the top of a hill, maybe climb some steps, all while carrying your oversize awkward inner tube or sled? NOT ANYMORE! At Arctic Blast there is an inner tube escalator that helps you make your way up to the top of the hill so you can save all of your energy squealing as you slip down the hill.

You’ll start at the top of the hill, jump in a tube, slide down a HUGE hill where you can hit speeds of 30-40 miles per hour. Afterwards, you and your tube will hop aboard an upwards climbing, people mover – conveyor belt! Other than the long line to get back up the hill, this is awesome! On weekends, plan on a long round trip from the top of the hill to the bottom and back up but only about an 18 second ride to the bottom of the 700 foot slope.

This attraction area also has an outdoor fireplace to help you keep warm or to thaw out your nose from your high speed race down the hill.

What’s the appropriate age for snow tubing at Arctic Blast? Well, AB says that it’s at the parent’s discretion but they don’t always allow you to hold on to your child’s tube going down the hill if the surface is not in any condition for that AND you can never share a tube. I would take my 4 year old, but you be the judge for your child. The only reason I would hesitate to take her or my 2 year old is that they would likely tire quickly and spending money on a child that only wants to go down the hill once or twice is out of the question for me.

When is Arctic Blast at Paoli Open?

Arctic Blast is open Friday-Sunday during ski season as well as some weekdays during winter break and holidays such as MLK and Presidents Day. A three hour session is $25 and an all day pass (check site for details) will cost you $50. We found that a three hour pass was plenty, especially since we started later in the day. Arctic Blast has varying hours so PLEASE be sure to check their website for hours and closings.

Friday, New Year’s Day/Opening Day: 10am – 11pm
Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Monday – Thursday during the month of January: Closed except for MLK Day
February: Open daily

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How Much is Snow Tubing at Arctic Blast?

A two hour time block is $28 per person, all ages. This includes your tube rental and your “lift ticket” for the hill.

Where to Stay Near Paoli

We love staying at the French Lick Resort, especially during the holidays. Our favorite place to stay with our kids is at the Big Splash Adventure Hotel and Water Park. We spend all day on the slopes and then late afternoon and evening at the waterpark. If you have a large group, consider the fantastic Wilstem Ranch property. There are a lot of things for kids to do in French Lick year round.

Discounts for Paoli Peaks

If you stay overnight at the Big Splash Waterpark, look for package deals that include the ski resort.

What to Wear for Arctic Blast

If possible, wear waterproof pants and jacket, gloves and sunglasses. If you didn’t bring sufficient clothing to go tubing, that’s not a problem, clothing is available for rental and purchase on site!

Where to Park for Arctic Blast Snow Tubing

Free parking is available in a designated lot near the Arctic Blast Lodge. This area is separate from the Paoli Peaks Ski Resort Parking and Lodge.

Looking for more snow tubing in Indiana? We love Koteewi Run Seasonal Slopes for snow tubing near Indy. We’re also sharing all of the best places to ski near Indianapolis.

2798 West County Road 25 South

Visit Arctic Blast Snow Tubing at Paoli Peaks Ski Resort | Paoli, Indiana

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