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stout field swings park indy indianapolis city kidsWhen we started seeing photos on Instagram of Stout Field park on the west side of Indianapolis (thanks, @Christan82) we knew we had to go see what all of the buzz was about. Stout Field park is one of the Indy Parks that received grant money for a facelift, improvements and additions.

My children haven’t been to Stout Field Park in the past but we’re excited about the project and can’t wait to return when it is complete.

For the time being, we parked in the parking lot of Stout Field elementary and ran straight to the playground. It’s the perfect space for kids who love to climb up and down, and swing across bars. There is a set of basic exercise equipment (lat pull, elliptical) for those looking for an alternative to a gym membership.

stout electronic park indy city indianapolis kids mom childMy children enjoyed trying out the very cool electronic game that gets kids moving around and chasing after the lights. It has eight different modes for one or two players.

The splash pad was a favorite space for my five year old and it looked like everyone else was

stout field splash pad spray sprinkler city park indy kids indianapolis

having a great time too. The restroom is a single bathroom in a small brick building. There’s a covered picnic area with lots of tables.

We’ll see you on the playground!


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3820 W Bradbury Ave

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