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The Music Playhouse in Carmel | Music Education for Children

Written by Audrey Walters

The Music Playhouse is an early childhood musical company that is sure to impress all the young children in your life. They provide music education from infancy through the elementary years. Classes introduce students to the joy of music through instruments, rhythm, dance, and singing.

The Music Playhouse

We visited The Music Playhouse to check out Music Pups, a class for the littlest learners.

The Music Playhouse is a music education program with locations in various cities across the United States, including the Music Playhouse in Carmel, Indiana. The Music Playhouse offers classes and programs that aim to foster children’s love for music and their musical abilities. The classes are designed to be engaging and interactive, with a focus on fun and enjoyment.

The Music Playhouse Carmel

Safe and Inspiring Class Space

The Carmel location is in the heart of the city, just west of downtown. When you enter the building and head downstairs, you can hear all the music and fun as students prepare for the class. Arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to remove your shoes and hang up your belongings. Be sure to wear or bring socks for class! The entry area has hooks for coats and purses, benches for seating, and cubbies below to store shoes and diaper bags.

A half wall with a door separates the entry from the classroom, which is helpful for keeping toddlers corralled. Head to the carpeted room and allow your child time to greet friends and explore the instruments. The environment is very clean and organized. Once in the classroom, there is no furniture or clutter on the floor, and the entire space is safe for children to explore. A shelf along one wall houses the needed materials and small instruments, while a closet contains larger items such as a keyboard.

The Music Playhouse Carmel

Music Pups is Perfect for Families with Multiple Children

The Music Pups class is geared toward children from birth to age 4. Unlike sports or swimming classes, which have a small group of students of similar age and ability, the children in this class range from babies in their parent’s arms to kids about to start kindergarten. This inclusive environment means that no matter your child’s age or ability level, they will fit in with the flow of the class.

The Music Playhouse Carmel

This format is perfect for parents of multiple children. Both your toddler and your preschooler will be happy and engaged at the same time and sibling discounts are available. Siblings and guests 7 years and under of registered children who would like to attend the occasional class are always welcome and pay the $15 guest fee.

Music from Throughout Time and Around the World

As the formal class is about to begin, the dynamic instructor will have the children clean up the small instruments. Many children have participated for months or even years and so the routine of the class is very fluid. Parents should expect to participate in singing and playing instruments and will be moving and dancing along with the children.

The Music Playhouse Carmel

The center is part of a chain and the curriculum is well-researched. Based in Atlanta, the parent company has locations all over the United States and the world. In our area, both Carmel and the JCC on Hoover Road host classes. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes in 10-week sessions. The Music Playhouse’s library of 12 song collections allows your family to enjoy class for three years with all new music each session. You won’t hear just basic Wheels on the Bus-type songs. The music encompasses all genres. Your kids will be exposed to rock, opera, jazz, and music from all over the world. CDs are available for purchase.

A Variety of Classes to Fit Your Student

The Music Playhouse also has other class options at the Carmel location. Classes include The Singing Village for ages 4-12 which focuses on voice skills and performing, and Keyboard classes for ages 5-7. In addition, they have a unique class called Power Pups, which is for the same ages and curriculum as Music Pups but is geared toward little ones with special needs. Power Pups works with children with a variety of needs, including physical/motor, visual impairments, sensory, emotional, cognitive, body awareness, and self-regulation difficulties.

The Music Playhouse Carmel

Interested in trying out a class first? They offer free trial classes, based on availability. Looking for a place to host a birthday party? TMP offers 90-minute get-togethers which accommodate up to 18 children. Add time to your party package for an additional cost. They have a party room with tables so children can socialize and snack after they practice their musical skills.

Classes at The Music Playhouse offer so many benefits to children and caregivers. Spend quality time with your child and watch as their appreciation for music grows through the engaging activities offered. Meet new friends and gain new skills all while having the best time singing and playing together. Learn more and register for classes online. 

The Music Class uses a research-based approach that integrates a variety of musical styles and instruments to create a diverse and engaging musical experience for children. The Music Playhouse also offers birthday party packages, music-themed merchandise, and online resources for parents and caregivers.

The Music Playhouse Carmel The Music Playhouse Carmel

The Music Playhouse is one of our Indy with Kids top places for infant music classes.

755 West Carmel Drive

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