Tuttle Orchards

At Tuttle Orchards, space is not a worry at all. The accessibility is wonderful and the apple picking rows are very spacious, allowing for strollers, wheelchairs, etc. They even offer an area for you to sit on a porch-like swing and watch your child play and run.

Upon arrival, the first thing that you notice is space and the big huge slides up on the hill. Your kid’s eyes will light up! Parking at Tuttle Orchards is not only adequate but it’s guided and clearly marked so that you don’t forget where your car is located. Parking is free! The staff at Tuttle is very friendly and will help you navigate to all the different areas that Tuttle has to offer.

Hands-On Educational Games

The area where you first walk in after purchasing tickets offers some educational and fun hands on games. The games to choose from were learning about which apple you might like best, to the traditional Connect Four with a Tuttle spin! When at Tuttle Orchards you get to choose what your family does and that is what you pay for so there’s no flat price.

Apple Picking

{Update for 2021: U-pick apples are limited, plan on picking early in the apple orchard season if you would like to pick your own apples.}

The blossoms were plentiful, and the rows of apple trees were LONG. Some of the apples that we had to choose from were Red Delicious, Ida red, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, and Cortland. This wasn’t your average mediocre apple picking experience. We had rows and rows to choose from and we could barely walk the entire row. Every apple tree had a plentiful harvest and a wide variety of sizes. We opted to look for the smaller apples so that we could fit more in our bag. Upon arriving at the beginning of the trees, you are greeted by someone who can assist you with a wide variety of bags, pricing of each bag. From there you choose and start the picking. Bag sizes and prices vary starting at about $7 for the smallest bag. Just to give you an idea we picked one of the smaller bags and we had at least 10 smaller apples to bring home.

Tractor Ride

The tractor rides run from 10 am-7 pm on weekdays only. The lines appear to be long when waiting with excited little ones, but there’s about 5 tractors that are arriving in 15-minute increments. We had the option to choose from a trailer that had a canopy that provided some nice shade from the sun, and a tractor that was just open, we opted for the shaded. The tractor ride provides a close look and tour to all the local produce grown here at Tuttle’s. Emphasis was on the pumpkin patch, the rows upon rows of pumpkins made it hard to choose from when deciding on which ones were coming home.


Pumpkin Patch

**New for 2021! The pumpkin patch is across the street from Tractor Town and the main parking lot, behind the grill and eating area. This is the first year Tuttle Orchards has planted on this particular 20 acre space. When approaching Tuttle Orchards, we were able to see on both sides of us the growing pumpkins which really sparked excitement for the kids! No matter where they looked there was something fun to do. It made it hard to choose which activity should come next. So, after we took our tractor ride through Tuttle, we were able to scout out where we’d want to find our pumpkin to pick and take home. Just like the apples, the pumpkins were plentiful and in different shapes and colors. If you don’t want to go through and look for a pumpkin to pick yourself there are hundreds of pumpkins to choose from that you can take home!

Corn Maze

This corn maze is not like any other that you’ve experienced. Its family friendly aka not scary or super hard to wander through. My initial thought of Corn Mazes is scary and difficult to get through. Plan to carve out 30-45 minutes for you and your children to make your way through and come out on the other side.

Tractor Town Play Area

The play area has a well thought out structure that keeps everyone in mind. There’s a designated area with big porch swings where parents, grandparents or caretakers can sit and easily see their children. They have everything in this play area from HUGE slides (closed for the 2021 season), tiny mazes, little playgrounds, a huge sandbox, obstacle courses, hay bales to climb, corn hole and a designated area for children under 5 years old in which they’ve added four animal pens with cows, horse, dog and unicorn hippity-hops to bounce on in addition to the mini play house, tractor rides, swings and sandbox.

Bathrooms at Tuttle Orchards

A set of restrooms is located just outside tractor town, behind the play area entrance, so as your kiddo is walking out of the playland you can stop at the restrooms to wash off and get ready for the next activity. The restrooms are equipped with baby changing tables and the stalls are roomy for those caretakers that may have to take a toddler with them. The other set of restrooms located over by the café and produce store are a little roomier.

What should I bring to Tuttle Orchards?

  • Wipes for hands, although there were restrooms in the area, keep in mind this is a farm so there’s not a lot of stalls and there isn’t a hand sanitizing station where the pumpkin patch, kid area and apple picking are located.
  • Strollers and wagons are permitted, keeping in mind there are areas to park them for the tractor ride and also lots of open area in the play area to store them without worrying if they are in the way of others.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes. Get ready for a day of walking, running, crawling, getting dirty and being active.
  • Early arrival is suggested so that you can maximize your time at Tuttle.
  • Prepare to indulge in a treat. Their apple cider slushies and pumpkin donuts are fantastic.
  • Tuttle Orchards is a wheelchair friendly apple farm and pumpkin patch.

5717 North 300 West

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