Long's Bakery - Good on Any Day Ending in Y

Long’s Bakery – Good on Any Day Ending in Y


In our family, donuts are a tradition — from the very beginnings of our family. Not just for any day, but for weddings (yes, I had a donut cake), birthdays and National Donut Day. Some people need a reason for a donut. If the parking lot of Long’s Bakery is any indication, many people in Indianapolis just choose donuts1Saturday as a reason. Or any day ending in Y.

donutsWhen you come upon the super small parking lot with almost twice as many cars as spaces, don’t get too frustrated, wait it out, the donuts are good! Long’s Bakery is a long time part of the Indianapolis community and has even outlived the Krispy Kreme stores. Don’t forget to bring cash, Long’s does not accept any other form of payment. I’ve seen desperate people offer up their first born to no avail.

Long’s Bakery Locations

2301 E Southport Rd
(317) 783-1442

1453 N Tremont St
(317) 632-3741

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