Sub Zero Ice Cream – Food Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

sub zero ice cream indianapolisI may have mentioned it in quite a few summer themed posts but it’s worth repeating. I LOVE DIPPIN’ DOTS! I’m especially fond of the banana split flavored ones. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…well, I have no words. These tiny morsels of flavor of cryogenically frozen ice cream are flash frozen (freezed?) and then scooped up into a cup at zoos and pool and amusement parks, typically places that require an admission fee…which brings your cup of dots to about a $20 price tag. I say it’s worth it.

Indianapolis is now home to Sub Zero, an ice cream concept that was made famous on the ABC show, Shark Tank. Sub Zero tastes just like Dippin’ Dots but has soooo much more to offer. AND, it’s made right before your eyes — science and yumminess all in one place!IMG_1023

Natural ingredients are placed into a bowl for your base (we chose premium ice cream but you can choose, yogurt, custard, non dairy, soy/rice or lowfat) and then your flavors are

added to the same bowl. You can choose as many as you like for no extra charge! THEN you select your mix-ins and the fun begins — andends. In fifteen seconds or less, your goopy bowl of ingredients is blasted with liquid nitrogen and frozen right before your eyes! Well, the cloud of nitrogen covers up what’s really going on but I’m certain that it’s science.

Instead of creating our own we opted for a Sensational Combinations which is already dreamed up for you. The Cherry Charge is a delicious mix of cherry flavoring with chocolate flakes and maraschino cherries.

Sub Zero is located downtown on Massachusetts Avenue near Mass Ave Toys. There is seating available indoors. They have warm beverages and soda available too. Prices are about $4 for a kids cup of ice cream to about $8 for a large specialty. It can be more expensive depending on how many mix-ins you get.

427 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Mon-Sat 11-11, Sun 11-10

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