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Mossy Acres Flower Farm is permanently closed for business. Looking for more places where you can pick your own flowers? See our list of u-pick farms near Indy.

Summer is well and truly in the air, one of the best parts of summer is the flowers! They are so pretty with so many different varieties, colors and not to mention the smells! U-Pick flower farms are blooming everywhere. It’s a time when you can allow yourself to be at one with nature and surround yourself with the prettiest things.

Mossy Acres U-Pick Farm

There is a brand-new U-Pick farm that has just opened in Columbus, Indiana. Just a few miles out of downtown Columbus, Mossy Acres is the new career path and lifestyle for a former 1st grade teacher and 100% family run, including their 2-year-old son.

Arriving at Mossy Acres you will notice the wagon by the gorgeous chic farm sign. This is where the farm owner sells her products such as seedlings and flowers. Cast your eye a little further and you are greeted with rows upon rows of stunning colors and nestled in between is a little Wendy house. I immediately thought, phew! Fantastic, something for my daughter to do, keep occupied and I do not need to rush, I can pick my flowers and we can have some time to play together too. As you continue up the gravel driveway to the parking lot, keep your eyes out for the roaming animals. You might see the chickens and rooster wondering around the farm, one of the barn cats keeping the mice at bay or you might see the ducks splashing in the paddling pool and if you are really lucky, you may even see the resident calf! Who I am told is just like family.

Picking Flowers at Mossy Acres

As we enter the farm building we were welcomed with a warm smile and a brief explanation of how the farm works and the different zones that are available for harvesting. I was offered two types of containers, a gallon or a 3.5 gallon bucket. You are not charged by stem here, instead it is the size of container you choose to fill. Also available for purchase is a large array of vases.

Before we venture outside we were shown where the coffee and water areas are and were encouraged to take a seat before we leave, there was also a toy bucket. This place is so family friendly. So off we go, and I set about cutting my treasures.

Exploring Mossy Acres Farm

You are welcome to explore the whole farm during your time. You will find so many treasures; flowers, a vegetable patch, a developing pumpkin patch, a sun flower patch (not for picking as they drop pollen but instead it is for gorgeous summer photos) and more. This place is definitely the good life.

One thing that should be noted is that Mossy Acres is not stroller friendly right now, but the flower field is completely grass so safe for walking little ones. It also does not have bathrooms. Please do note that Mossy Acres is a very new farm and has lots of plans for the future and is working chinks out as they develop.

Plan Your Trip To Mossy Acres

What do you need to make it a successful trip? Morning to evening you will need sunscreen as you will be in a wide-open field and not to mention some water to keep hydrated. For that all-important stem cutting you will need a really good pair of sharp scissors but if you happen to forget yours they do have spares, just in case! And finally, try not to wear your best shoes. This is a farm with free range animals and mud. It was quite dry when we went so it was dusty but imagine what it could be like after the rain but that just adds to the ambiance, right? Do not worry about having to bring a container with you because the one you use for collecting is the one you take home with you, although as mentioned earlier, there are some vases for sale.

Some very exciting things they have going on at the moment is monthly subscriptions and floral events.

There are subscriptions for three out of the four seasons, spring-fall and range from 4 weeks to eight weeks right up until September. What’s great is that they are delivered right to your door.

Remember that wagon I spoke of earlier? Well its here that you can buy specially made arrangements. These arrangements are posted on Facebook, so you know what’s there. The amount left is constantly updated so you will not have to make the travel unnecessarily. The wagon is a great addition to keep up with social distancing during this COVID-19 period as you are able to pay via PayPal.

More About Mossy Acres

Please check Facebook for updated opening hours. They are located at 15651 North 600 East, Flat Rock, IN 47234. Contact them at (812) 374-2682 or 

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