Get Your House Ready for Fall

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Sponsored by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I do something super weird. There’s been a lot of discussion in my parenting circles lately about how our children are obsessed with the “unboxing” and “haul” videos on YouTube. Now, for the weird thing I do. In our house, the person watching other people on YouTube do things they wish they could do, is me. I watch other people clean and decorate their homes.

There’s nothing like a clean floor, empty sink, perfectly folded laundry and precisely placed fall decorations. Watching other people achieve this in their “normal” homes motivates me. This year I don’t have the excuse of having an infant to keep me from making my home look like the ones I admire on YouTube.

First, I de-cluttered a lot so I could start with a beautiful space for décor. When I really looked at my home, I was horrified by what I saw. I have no idea how it got this bad, I swear I use a feather duster occasionally… Can you even imagine what the inside must look like? Spoiler Alert: No imagination needed, I’m going to show you.

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Next, I called One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® technicians to have our vents and air ducts cleaned. We’ve lived here for three years now, and I haven’t given a second thought to it, but when I saw inside, I knew they HAD to be cleaned. I really want to go into the holiday season ready to entertain, so making sure that the air we’re all breathing is as clean as possible is important to me. I also don’t need my furnace to quit in the middle of all of the fun.

You know that we’re all about local here on Indy with Kids — I love that the One Hour franchise has independently owned and operated locations all around the country, backed by a national brand.

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After the “bones” of my home we cleaned (did you see how bad it was?!), my kids and I went to the backyard for some decorations. We found some twigs that we spray painted, some greenery from our bushes, some dried blooms, and when we visited the pumpkin patch, we purchased some gourds. A trip to the dollar store completed the arrangement.

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Now that we’re ready for fall and winter from the inside out, we can take some time to enjoy the rest of the treasures that fall brings for families.

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During the fall and winter seasons, so many of us spend time and money making everything look just right, but we don’t pay any attention to the spaces in our home that we don’t see. Here’s my pre-winter check list to make sure I do my part to keep my family comfortable once it gets chilly outside;

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  1. Change air filters
  2. Have furnace checked
  3. Get air ducts cleaned if necessary
  4. Winterize air conditioning unit

To find the One Hour location near you, visit their website or call 855-One-Hour.

Sponsored by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® technicians. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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