Free Friday Night Outdoor Movies in Noblesville

Watch free movies from your car, projected on a screen outdoors at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Looking for opportunities to have outdoor family fun this summer? We expect to see a rise in popularity of drive-in movies, like Tibbs Drive In Theater and others.

Free Outdoor Movies in Noblesville

Thanks to Wafford Theater Outdoor Movies, this social distancing activity is being offered on Friday nights throughout June at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds (2003 Pleasant St, Noblesville, IN 46060). Everyone is invited to bring their own carry-out dinner to the fairgrounds at 8pm for dinner and a movie night. The movies will start at 9pm. Attendees can tune in on their car radios to hear the movie. Space to spread out a blanket will also be available.

2022 Noblesville Outdoor Movie Schedule

June 3rd – Encanto (2021)
June 10th – Groundhog Day (1993)
June 17th – Uncle Buck (1989)
June 24th – Beetlejuice (1983)

For other ideas that get you out and about, look for places to hike with kids.

31 thoughts on “Free Friday Night Outdoor Movies in Noblesville”

    1. Karen Brannum-Schoettmer

      What an awesome idea! Now lets pray people don’t ruin it by throwing trash etc. everywhere! Please respect Ms. Mann for offering something so nice. Thank you!!

  1. That is wonderful! That will give families something fun to do and still social distance ! Kids will say, I wish we could do this more often and the grandparents will respond, we used to do this all the time!

    1. Because it’s a night time move outside… needs to be dark. Perfect time … and kids can fall asleep and parents enjoy or they watch all the way thru and then tired and fall asleep. All good either way, can’t wait! Love drive ins… always wished there were more of them =)

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