If you have never played paintball, it’s certainly something worth trying at least once with your kids who are 10 or older.

Paintball at Indy Acres

Paintball is by far the biggest adrenaline rush you can get for just a couple of hours in one day. It’s a great way to promote teamwork and communication, while putting the player in situations that require quick thinking, concentration, and agility.

If you have never played paintball, it’s certainly something worth trying at least once. Different fields have different rules and regulations, but Indy Acres Paintball (East side of Indianapolis) allows players to start once they are 10 years old and I think that this is a pretty good rule of thumb to go by.

Indy Acres has a variety of game packages available, and some really diverse fields to play in. I liked Indy Acres because I have only ever played indoors and I loved the open areas to run around and I appreciated that it wasn’t dark the way it is at indoor arenas. Players are guided in games that range from capture the flag, to search and rescue missions taking place in their trailer-house city. They have two forest fields in addition to the open fields that can be seen from 465.

The most asked question is of course, does it hurt?


But not too much. They describe it as worse than a rubber band snap, and less than a line drive. The amount of pain you experience will also depend on how you dress. Shorts and a T-shirt will ensure a long, painful day. Wear layers, jeans, and gloves. This makes it hurt much much less. But overall, does it hurt? Not too much- 10 year olds can play!

Indy Acres uses .50cal paint “markers” — which are smaller than normal paintballs. This means if you own your own gun, it probably isn’t compatible. You can rent a gun, mask, and unlimited C02 starting at just over $20. The paint that comes with that package won’t last long, and you can not bring your own. So plan to spend more, or plan to be frugal. There are also group rates available. Call ahead to get pricing on paint, and other deals they might have for larger groups.

Indy Acres is located at 7225 E Raymond St, Indianapolis, 46239
317-356-INDY www.indyacrespaintball.com

Other fields to investigate include: (prices are for entry level gun rental, mask & minimal # of paintballs)
Dark Armies (indoor paintball) – 2525 N. Shadeland Ave., Indy – www.darkarmies.com – $26 & up
White River Paintball – 5211 S. New Columbus Rd., Anderson – www.whiteriverpaintball.com – $32 & up
Paintball Indiana – 3291 Indiana 67, Martinsville – www.paintballindiana.com – $26 & up
Proving Grounds – 4440 W. State Road 47, Sheridan – www.pgpaintball.net – ~$30 & up

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