Pizza King Station – A Train at Your Table

I feel like 50% of the things we do revolve around trains. Does this tell you anything about Indiana’s rich train history? Sure does grab my attention a little bit! If you’re looking for things to do with kids who love trains, we have tons of ideas for you. Pizza King Station is tops on the list for my kids.

Pizza King Station with Trains

Before we had kids, I became a fan of Pizza King Station. My Pizza King Station groupie status did not come because I thought they had scrumptious pizza, but it is pretty good. I didn’t think that their booths that are made to feel like you are sitting in your own personal train car were the most comfortable seats in Indy. I was amazed that our drinks were delivered to our table via train! Yes! A model train comes around the restaurant on train tracks. It arrives at your table and then you open a little window and reach into the train world to take your soda off the train and put it on the table!

Sometimes we order our food via intercom as if we were speaking to the train station to let them know what was needed for our trains to be adequately fueled so we can be on our way. However, the last time we visited the Stop 11 location, we didn’t use the intercom at all.

Trains at Your Table

Our Pizza King offers individual televisions at your table. We aren’t into that sort of thing — we go for the trains. Although, when we visit with another family, we typically have an adult table and kid table and we let the kids watch cartoons if they want.

Pizza King Birthday Party

Pizza King Station is a fantastic place to have a kids birthday party! There’s food, drink and trains! Some locations have a party room but the trains don’t go there. So, if your kiddo loves trains, make it a small group at a table or two. Our friends rented out the party room once and said it was a really good deal.

These Pizza King Locations Have Trains

The Pizza King Station locations have trains. If it doesn’t say “Station” it probably doesn’t have a train. Our closest Pizza King Station locations are on the Southside of Indianapolis (7045 Bluff Road) and Pizza King in Avon (8100 E US Hwy 36, Avon). All of these locations have the train to table delivery. If you have other locations in Indiana that you love, let us know!


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