50 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rain rain go away, come again another day! This is a phrase we hear to wish the rain away, but what if we want it to stay? There is so much beauty that comes from the rain and much fun to be had during it, indoors and out. Kids can have so much energy, and we parents need to have ideas ready to keep them from bouncing off the walls. Here is a awesome list of ways to beat boredom and enjoy the rainy day:

Ideas for Rainy Day Play

Run, Jump, and Play Inside

Run, jump, and play inside of one of Indy’s many trampoline parks or inflatable play centers. There is a wide variety of entertainment venues to choose from–for infants to teens. We love to play at Urban Air Adventure Park, which has multiple locations in the Indianapolis area.

Indoor Swimming

Swimming isn’t just for sunny summer days! Enjoy one of the many indoor pools around town, and get out all of the built-up energy. From day passes to family swim options, you will have a splashing good time playing inside.


Painting pottery is a great way to spend a rainy day, no matter your age. Kids love exploring their creative side, and parents love to see what they come up with. Pottery shops offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any budget.

Visit a Park

Indy Parks aren’t just for sunny days. You can take your kids inside Garfield Park’s Conservatory and view exotic plants from the world’s tropical regions. Or, hit up Eagle Creek’s Ornithology Center to bird watch or even see a bird of prey up close. Younger children will love the Habitat Hall at Holliday Park, where they can enjoy interactive play, feel various animal pelts, dress up as animals and insects, and view displays at their level. Each center has general operating hours daily, as well as periodical educational events for kids.

Science Experiment

What a perfect day to dig in and have some educational fun! Enjoy fun science experiments such as volcano eruptions, fake snow, or skittles in hot water. Science is the perfect way to play on a rainy day. Check out our Five Easy At-Home Science Experiments Your Kids will Love!


Time to get creative! Enjoy your artistic side and create something beautiful to display in your home with the kids. From canvas painting to jewelry making, your kids will love spending the day creating.

Puddle Jumping

Who says we just have to play inside? Enjoy the unique activities that come with rain. Puddle jumping is one of my kids favorite activities. Boots or barefoot, your kids will love making a splash in the rain puddles.

Spa Day

Time to get pampered and relax! Pull out all of your self care items, for a fun day of rest and relaxation. Massages, nails, hair, and make up can make for fun, rainy day activities.

Try a New Recipe

Roll up your sleeves and head to the kitchen for a delicious meal. You know that recipe book you don’t have time to use? This is the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe you’ve been wanting to cook. The kids will love learning and cooking in the kitchen.

Movie Marathon

This classic activity is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. Enjoy your family favorites, or introduce your kiddos to a classic they haven’t seen before.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for the missing treasure in this exciting game to keep the kids busy. My kids love going on a treasure hunt, and it’s a great way to pass the time on a rainy day.

Create with Cardboard Boxes

You know those Amazon boxes that are piling up in the recycling? Well, today’s the day to put them to use. You can make a fort, sled, house, and so much more with cardboard boxes. You could also color or paint them with the kids to add some flair to your creations.

Blanket Fort

A classic activity that everyone will love is a blanket fort! Use the couch, table, or whatever else you have to create a fun space for the kids. They will love playing in their fort, and it’s great family time as a bonus.

Play With Water Toys

Water play is so fun to take advantage of on a rainy day. Take your water toys outside to play in the puddles. Your kids will love floating their toy boats or plastic balls across the puddles.

Mattress Surfing

Are you ready to get some major cool points with your kids? If you have a two-story house and a safe place to land at the bottom of the stairs, mattress surfing will be a huge hit. If the mattress is too big, you can also use a flattened cardboard box and a pillowcase to slide in style.

Dance Party

The kids will love a dance party on a rainy day. Pump up the jams, add in some fun lights or props, and have a good old fashioned dance party right in the living room.

Paint Rocks

A fun way to spread some cheer! Write positive messages on rocks, and leave them on a trail to be found by a fellow neighbor. A rainy day is the perfect time to prep your kindness rocks and allow them to dry, so you can have them ready for your next walk.

Play Dress Up

If you have little ones who like to dress up, a rainy day is the perfect time to try on all of their outfits. We can be a doctor, princess, pirate, and firefighter all in the same day.

Board Games

Board Games are a perfect activity for a rainy day. Enjoy cards, interactive games, cooperative games, and more to help pass the time inside. Our personal favorite to do with the little ones is Yeti in My Spaghetti!

Build a Family Puzzle

Have you ever tried to conquer a 1000 piece puzzle? Maybe a 5000? Well today’s the day to start. Enjoy a family bonding activity with a challenging puzzle.

No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Prepare for rainy weather. Outside of inclement weather, our family follows the mantra that if you have the right clothes, the weather is great. Invest in a good pair of rainboots and a rain jacket. Get kids excited to be out in the rain and join them out there.

Read Out Loud Together

Every night, I cherish the reading time we have as a family, snuggled together before bed. Kids love cuddles and reading together! Whether it’s a chapter book or a story book, you are sure to create some fun memories.

Write a Letter

I know my kids have not written many letters, but it’s a fun way to send a surprise to a friend or family member. Enjoy some time writing and decorating a letter to send to someone special. Everyone loves getting a thoughtful note in the mail!

Open Mic Night

Have a fun time as a family with a comedy day. The kids will love creating material and telling jokes with a play microphone. This activity is sure to bring lots of laughs!

Make Homemade Pizzas

One of our favorite family traditions is homemade pizza night. The kids love having ownership of how much sauce, cheese, and toppings go on their own personal pizzas. This is a perfect way to share time together on a rainy day.

Create Your Own Sensory Bins

Kids love sensory bins, and they are surprisingly easy and fun to make. Often the sensory items are commonly found around the house–fill them with beans, rice, play sand, and anything else you can find. A great rainy day activity to keep little hands busy.

Open Gym

If you have energetic kids that love to climb and tumble, head out to one of the city’s gymnastics studios to burn off some of that energy. You can typically find balance beams, trampolines, tumbling mats, and climbing walls for the kids to try out. Most gymnastic studios offer some sort of open gym time where non-members can come in and enjoy the equipment. Wright’s Gymnastics and NinjaZone have locations throughout the Indianapolis area. Here you can try out the very popular NinjaZone equipment which is sure to keep your kids entertained and challenged.  Other gymnastics studios around town offering open gym times on a weekly basis include (but are not limited to) Hamilton County Sports Complex (Noblesville) and  The Flip Zone (Plainfield).

Go Swimming in Your Bathtub

When the day seems to drag on and on, don’t balk at the idea of a swimsuit bath. Switch things up and have the kids put on swimsuits and go swimming in the bathtub. Add some pool or beach toys to switch it up. Bring out the swimming goggles even! This is a great way to beat the rainy day blues.

Tour Your City

Even as an adult, I realize there are historical and educational things around the city I have not yet checked out. The same is true for the kids. On your next rainy day, get out of the house and visit one of the many historical locations around the city. Climb to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument or enjoy a guided tour of Lucas Oil Stadium or the Lily House. For those who want to get a bit outside the city, head to Martinsville for a tour and tasting at Hunter’s Honey Farm or visit the Johnson County History Museum. Kids are free!

Go to a Free Indoor Playground

This is a resource you definitely need to have in your back pocket for the next rainy day. When your kids are bouncing off the walls check out one of the FREE indoor playgrounds around town. Our personal favorite is at The Well in Brownsburg. There is a huge indoor playground structure, plenty of toys, and even ride-on toys for kids to have fun with. This is a great way to meet other parents or meet up for a playdate.

Visit a Museum

Indy has no shortage of amazing museums like the world-renowned Children’s Museum. But there’s so much more than that. Families with younger kids would also love visiting the Eiteljorg’s RB Annis Western Family Experience, where kids can take a ride in a stagecoach, dress in 1800s era clothing, build a sod house wall, and much more. While older kids might enjoy the Indiana Experience at Indiana History Center, where they can step right into 3D recreations of historic photos, complete with characters who come to life. And Conner Prairie’s indoor play center is a place for kids of all ages to enjoy pretend play, hand-on science exploration, and work with tools and materials related to textiles, woodworking, metalsmithing, pottery and more.

Grab a Bite to Eat

While you are out braving the elements, stop by one of Indy’s great restaurants to enjoy some delicious food to round out your day. If you are feeling chilled from the rain, head to one of these great eateries specializing in amazing bowls of soup. There are also plenty of restaurants that offer free kids meals. Click the link to see the list we have put together!

Photo Collage

A rainy day is a great chance to catch up on projects you have been putting off. We all have tons of photos sitting on our phones. Gather the kids and look through them, picking out favorites to have printed, framed, or formatted into photo books. If you have a photo book, have the kids help with the captions and layout.

Send Postcards

You can find blank postcards on Amazon for a very affordable price. You can also print off your own template on cardstock. Gather up some art supplies and create beautiful art to send to unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors. A surprise postcard is a sure way to brighten someone’s day.

Bake Cookies

Teach the kids how to make your family’s signature cookie. Filling your home with the smell of warm cookies will make everyone feel cozy while the rain comes down outside. You could also look up recipes that are brand new to try and have a cookie bake-off.

The Floor is Lava!

Pretending the floor is lava is a rite of passage as a child. We have likely all played it. Saving this fun activity for a rainy day, gives you a surefire way to beat boredom. Scatter pillows, blankets, foot stools, and other items around on the floor for kids to jump on. Kids jump around the room making sure they do not touch the floor because of course it is lava and you will be out. Pull up YouTube while you play for songs and videos to add an extra layer of fun to this one.

Make Play Dough

Have you ever made your own play dough? If not, you should really give it a try. The homemade stuff is softer and easier to smoosh into any shape. There are tons of recipes to make play dough, but essentially they all use a combination of flour, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and any food coloring you choose. You can use natural dyes and essential oils to make play dough that smells lovely.

Build with Blocks and Parts

If your house is anything like ours, there are bins and boxes of all sorts of blocks spread throughout the house. Gather them all up and get to work creating a huge skyscraper, castle, or farmstead. Bring in some loose parts like wood slices, rocks, and other natural elements to get the imagination really going. Finally, add in some plastic animals, vehicles, dinosaurs, or any other small toy to make the scene even more creative.


We love telling made up stories to pass the time. This is a great tool to keep in your back pocket if you are stuck waiting somewhere, as well. Make up a fun story about anything. Try to include topics or characters that are interesting to your children to draw in their attention. Make them the lead character in the story. Once you have done this a few times, invite the kids to add details or even make up their own story. On an especially overcast day, turn off the lights and grab flashlights to tell spooky stories.

Indoor S’mores

S’mores do not need to be reserved for outdoor camping and bonfires. Bring the fun indoors and set up a s’mores making station. Special burners can be purchased online or you can even just use your microwave or oven to achieve the melty goodness. Experiment with different ingredients to develop new and innovative s’mores combinations.

Virtual Field Trip

A quick Google search for virtual field trips will result in an amazing quantity of high quality virtual learning experiences for your kids. Ask your kids what they are curious about or have questions about. Then search for a virtual field trip to show them more about that place when you can’t be there in-person.

Go to the Library

I save the library for a rainy day if I can. It is the perfect place to go when the weather is less than ideal. Surrounded by the smell of books, it just feels cozy. I love the quiet and calmness of the library as well. I think my kids can sense that calmness, and act accordingly. We love to peruse the books and find old favorites. We stop in for storytime and special events, like Silly Safaris. Check out the event schedule for your local library and include this great resource into your routine.

Rearrange Bedrooms

My kids love a good room refresh. Switch up the position of the bed or change out some toys. Even just a different set of sheets and bedding can really spruce things up. If you don’t have a ton of space, consider creating an art gallery on one of the walls to showcase their masterpieces. Putting their creations in frames gives them a sense of pride and becomes a solution for what to do with all the artwork.

Listen to a New Style of Music

Play some music from another country to expose kids to the wide variety of styles and instruments that music has to offer. Ask them to relate their feelings about the music to you. Play some music that is fast and some that is slow. Break out any instruments that you may have around the house to add to the songs.

Pick an Interesting Topic to Research

If you have a child that asks a lot of questions, consider delving deeper into one of the questions. Gather some books from the library on the topic, look up articles on the internet, or find videos on a streaming service to provide you with more information. Learning how to research is a very worthwhile skill for kids to develop and is a great use of a rainy morning. The topic may just inspire them to create an art project or use what they learned in their play.

Car Ride and Drive Thru

Sometimes you just can’t stay home any longer. When everyone is experiencing cabin fever, load the kids up for a car ride. Take a drive out to the country to see the farms and horses or just drive past something interesting near your neighborhood like murals or sculptures. Play I Spy or Roadside Bingo if a game is more your style. To keep the kids on board and to save your sanity, stop by a drive thru to grab a coffee and some treats.

Try out Yoga

Kids can gain a lot of benefits from yoga. It improves concentration, flexibility, and coordination. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will show basic moves for kids to try, some are even completely geared toward kids. These will often have easier poses and will use animal names and sounds to keep the kids engaged. You can also find sets of dice to roll that have a different pose pictured on each side.

Play Keepy Uppy

Keepy Uppy has become a popular game in my household ever since the kids saw it on Bluey. This is quite simply, to keep the balloon from touching the ground. Set a timer and see how long you can keep the balloon in the air, or count how many hits you can get before it touches the floor. You could even divide into teams for some friendly competition.

Make Recycled Art

Turn your trash into treasures. Round up all of your recyclables. Grab old boxes, egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and plastic bottles to make something new out of something old. The options are endless; kids can make instruments, little towns, or collages from old pieces.

Paint with Water

This activity is a great one for process art and understanding how colors are mixed. For this you will need powdered tempera paint. This can be purchased online and at most craft stores. Place a thick paper on a cookie sheet.  Have your child sprinkle the paint all over the paper however they wish. Carefully carry outside and weigh the paper down with some rocks. After about 5 to 10 minutes, bring the paper in to dry. This is best done on a day with light rain.


Hopefully this list can inspire you to get creative on the next rainy day. Put these 50 ideas into your parent toolbox and break them out when you run out of your own ideas. Rainy days definitely do not have to be a bummer. What are some ways you spend a rainy day with your family?

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