Best Trails in Greenwood & Center Grove

Whether you are looking to take a two mile bike ride with your kids, or a half-mile walk, there are many places here with several paved trails to meet your needs.  Some of our favorite locations are housed in Greenwood, Center Grove, and Bargersville.  From heavily shaded with picnic shelters, to those with playgrounds nearby or art embedded within, there are trails for all ages and stages.

Greenwood, Center Grove, and Bargersville’s Best Trails

Play Pocket Trail

100 Surina Way, Greenwood

Wind through Surina Square Park, which stretches from Craig Park to Fire Station 91, and you will find a half-mile paved trail and four pocket playgrounds with different themes.  When entering this trail, it is best to park either at Greenwood Fire Station 91, or near the Craig Park Shelter (closest to the tennis courts), since the pocket playgrounds are located at the ends of the trail.  Closest to Craig Park is the Bee Playground, with hives to climb in and a giant bee to sit on.  There is also a Butterfly Playground with a caterpillar tunnel and butterfly wings made of nets.  The Trees Playground has several trees with steps to climb.  The best-kept secret in Greenwood is the Fire Station Playground behind Fire Station 91.  Designed to look like a Firehouse, your firefighter fan will enjoy the car and firetruck to drive, as well as the lookout to spy a fire far away.  You may want to accompany your little ones to the top of the firehouse, as there is a firepole that may be difficult for them to navigate.

Freedom Trail

850 W. Stop 18 Road, Greenwood

Located in Freedom Park, this 1.5 mile paved trail loops around the entire park.  As you enjoy the trail, you’ll see  two playgrounds, disc golfers, basketball games, and even the fishing pond.  There is a small tunnel at the south end of the park that my kids especially love because their voices echo.  There is not much shade along this trail, but there is a shelter to take a break from the sun, so plan your day accordingly.


Windisch Park Trail

248 N. West Street, Bargersville

The new playground at this park is totally visible from all sections of the .2 mile paved trail, making it a great place for your kids to play once they tire of the path.  You can finish up your workout and keep an eye on them at the same time.  There is also a story walk, changed quarterly, sponsored by Johnson County Public Library.  Read the story and do the actions it says as you walk from one page to the next.  Bring your picnic lunch and sit at one of the tables or inside the gazebo when you’re done.  


Tracy Trail

275 W. Worthsville Road, Greenwood

Park at Summerfield Park, at the southern end of this 1.5 mile paved trail.  It follows a small stream and ends at Woodman Park, near Smith Valley and 31.  There are a couple of road crossings, so be sure to use caution.  This is the perfect trail to get a healthy dose of sunshine, as there is not much shade on this route.

Polk Hill Trail

10 E. Smith Valley Road, Greenwood

This two-mile paved trail starts at Craig Park and follows along Smith Valley Road, to Main Street and Emerson Avenue.  Nearest to Craig Park, your kids will enjoy crossing over the bridge and looking down as cars pass beneath them.  Known for Art on the Trailway, every two years there are four new sculptures added to the trail.  Current pieces include “Community Windows,” “Two Becomes One,”  “Bright Days,” and “Pod Stop,” which looks like two intersecting stop signs.  There are also benches along the trail to take a rest.


Independence Park Trail

2100 S. Morgantown Road, Greenwood

This ¾ mile paved trail loops around the entire Independence Park.  There are a couple of hills, so it provides a good cardio workout, especially when pushing a stroller.   Just be careful, as part of the trail loops across the road where cars enter the park.  Your kids will gravitate towards the newly-renovated playground when they are done with their ride or walk.  There are restrooms and picnic shelters if you need them. 


Northwest Park Annex Trail

1576 W. Fry Road, Greenwood

Past the small playground and over the bridge, you’ll find a half mile looping trail.  The paved path takes you along Pleasant Creek and is heavily shaded.  Be sure to stop at the creek to admire the water flowing over the rocks and maybe throw a leaf in, like my toddler enjoys.  There is an open grassy area to explore in the middle of the loop.  Restrooms and a picnic shelter are located near the parking lot.

University Park Trails

200 Legacy Boulevard, Greenwood

At this park, you can choose from three paved trails, or choose to do all of them.  Benjamin Trail is .39 mile, Mayapple Trail is .34 mile, and the Hackberry Trail is .46 mile.  Walking through these heavily-wooded trails, you’ll find plenty of squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife running along.  Whichever trail you choose, be sure to stop by the forest-themed playground before you leave, or pack a picnic and sit in the picnic shelter to enjoy your lunch. 


Northwest Park Trails 

1300 W. Fry Road, Greenwood

The trademark of this park is the trail system.  Your kids will love crossing the bridge and exploring the several short paved trails meandering around Pleasant Run Creek.  Let them run under the mature trees and through the greenspace.  They can also explore the playground with tunnels, slides, and climbing structures, or play on the basketball courts.  Relax in the gazebo or large picnic shelter when you’re done with your walk or ride.


Westside Park Trail 

820 W. Main Street, Greenwood

Drive to the second parking lot to find this hidden gem.  This trail is a scenic wooded trail just beyond the bridge.  The paved mile-long path follows along Pleasant Creek.  Be sure to allow time to explore the playground when you’re done.

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